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  1. i read the first six books, i got bored with them very easily. the first three i really enjoyed, but for me personally, it went down hill really quickly after that. i really have to agree with everything dice says. would much rather see the wot miniseries before i see this...
  2. Reds - hunt men who can channel Yellows - healers Greens - Battle ajah Greys - Negotiators Browns - Knowledge buffs Whites - The books say they are all 'cool logic', but thats they're personality, what is their role? Blues - ?
  3. i too would love to see 'the tales of jain farstrider'. it seems to be everyones favourite book. also, i wanna hear about artur hawkwing, and also his sons voyage to, and takeover of seanchan.[/i]
  4. i just had a thought, when the pattern spins out the next dragon, as it will eventually do, will that dragon end up hearing rands voice in their head?
  5. lets weigh the options...living with 3 women at the same time, so 3 lots of pms, at this point 6 kids, not including min(the way rands going, min will have sextuplets, so thatll be 12 kids). if he does live, he'll probably get very used to saying 'yes/no dear' 'in a minute dear', or he'll become a raging alcoholic. or an eternity of peace?
  6. being an aussie i have to disagree with you on the australia - italy match up. i wasnt that impressed with italy's performances in the group stages, and i think australia are in with a really good chance, and as you said, there's no real pressure on the aussies, they went to the cup not being favourites, and everyone expected them to go pretty badly, but italy came in as one of the favourites, and so far havent performed. I think Argentina will win the cup. I agree - penalties to decide sweeden/germany with sweeden through. i think the ecuador england match will be a great contest
  7. thats all well, and good, but how did they justify killing the warders?
  8. who cares what the odds are, its gonna be an absolute blinder. Italy havent been playing the greatest. we just need a decent ref for the match. imagine all the italians in sydney that are gonna turn out, the atmosphere on tuesday morning is going to be insane!!
  9. my memory isnt too clear so dont tear me up, but didnt she have a dream or something where she was the amyrlin, and she hadnt taken the oaths?
  10. Im not sure if this has been discussed yet. Do you guys think she will end up taking the three oaths?
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