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  1. The Book Your thinking of is The Redemption Of Althalus its one of my fave books
  2. yea there wasnt really a fear of dying thats why the first book and the end of the 3rd were in my opinion the best. he has a new book coming out? is it in the night angel world?
  3. Just Wondering has anybody read it and if so wht did you think? Personally I loved it its second only to the wheel of time in my mind.
  4. Currently on a re-read of The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks its excellent I then am going to try get my hands on the Mistborn Books and then do a re-read of the wheel of time
  5. Some of my fave series that i would highly recommend are: The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks, His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini, The Saga Of Darren Shan by Darren Shan(lol), The Redemption of Althalus by David and Leigh Eddings(and all other books by them), The Abhorsen Trilogy by Garth Nix, The only thing that annoys me is that books from 3 of these series have been made into crap movies that really dont reflect the books so if you've seen the movies but not read the books at least give them a try my highest recommendation is for The Night Angel Trilogy its amazing I was totally glued to it.
  6. The question says it all. Whats your fave book title and why? My fave is The Gathering Storm. I thought this was a great title for the book because it not only signifies the approach of Tarmon Gaidan (spelling?) but also the growing madness going on in Rand's head leading up to the point on Dragonmount where he could have destroyed everything but didn't and we see the clouds above Dragonmount disperse signifying an end to Rand's madness and at least one of the dangers facing the world.
  7. dont be a trolloc this a discussion between sensible mature people about opinions on a book so just dont waste our time with your trash id rather not have to waste my time reading it
  8. Really??? Whats exciting about them I mean they're interesting yea but your favourite? As well say the world of the wheel of time is your fave book.
  9. I disagree I do believe it will fall to Logain and as far why have the Dragon Reborn perhaps Rand will deal a devastating blow to the DO but in doing so will sacrifice himself by drawing too much of the OP to do it and so will die but he will do this with Logain there with him knowing that Logain can finish the job now that the DO has been weakened whether this is killing him or just sealing him up. It is very plausible IMO
  10. I voted likely not because insofar as I remember there is nothing to point towards this though it has been quite some time since I read them and only just started my 1st re-read so i could be forgetting something but yea Rand has own versions of Ilyena with Elayne Avienda and moreso than the others Min I just dont see any indication of this having happened. Feel free to correct me if i've forgotten something.
  11. Just wondering what is everybodys favourite scene from tWoT in general it can be from any book including the prequel? Personally my favourite scene is the cleansing of saidin i just thought it was the most exciting part of all the books i was totally glued and couldnt put the book down until i finished despite the fact that as far as i remember it was about 4 or 5 in the morning and i had school in the morning at the time lol. i just started my 1st re-read of the series and am currently reading tEotW on the chapter where Egwene, Perrin and Elyas come across the Tuath'an just after they meet. Its strange reading all this and knowing how it effects everything in the future such as Min's visions in Baerlon and Mat with the dagger from Shadar Logoth all little things that you didnt really think anything of on your first read through but now reading it again your like ooohhhhhh so thats what that was all about lol.
  12. basically all of elaynes recent scenes have bored me to tears i was so happy she wasnt in TGS lol and also i really liked Perrin up until after his two rivers part then i dreaded coming to one of his PoV's because they just sucked donkey balls all because of bloody Faile Zarine Mandarb ("that horse over there, his name is Mandarb), lol whatever she wants to be called i really hope she gets offed in ToM or aMoL then Perrin can be interesting again
  13. To me the most touching moment in all the books is Ingtars last stand. I just thought it was amazing how after being a darkfriend he wanted to redeem himself by sacrificing himself to save those he cared about... Epic and not in the stupid internet slang way kinda epic I mean Epic as in just amazing plain and simple.
  14. Could you remind me what this dream entails I dont have the books to hand at this minute as I'm in college but I'm curious what it is.
  15. This is exactly what I was thinking thanks for agreeing im happy im not a demented psycho with mad theories lol though im sure others will disagree
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