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  1. 1. Graendal... SHE KILLED ASMODEAN! He was like my best pal ever! srsly when he died so suddenly for no reason at all I was sad :( He would have been the perfect example to show Lanfear and Moridin there is always a way back to the light. 2. Cadsuane. Madly disrespectful, never outwits anyone, simply using threats backed up by her power and (ter)angreals for all her accomplishments. "A warp in the Air" in TGS were really a satisfaction. When her threats and bad mouth couldnt help her she was helpless. + She admitts working against Rand!(last minute of the chapter)
  2. Zen Rand scenes in ToM still did give us signs that he is not so "Godlike". There was the " I would have returned those slaps with balefire" saying inside the guardian that (by the way made my heart jump first time) might tell us he let his feelings get the better of him. There is also as stated by Luckers, the Cyndane scene: Which just makes me jump up and down thinking about! I always thought Mierin asked the ail/eilfinns to make Rand love her (again?). She is definately my favourite "Rand storyline detour/problem". We know that he now at least desires her, which tells us that he isnt perfect at the very least. Generally throughout the books I like Rand when he outsmarts ppl, in conversation or action. Also like him while teaching or being honest / open, which I find to be a VERY rare trait throughout the series. Just about every character keep to much of the information to themselves in belief that it will gain them something or In fear of what everyone would start to believe.
  3. Rand to Cadsuane "...You can call me Rand Sedai." Talmanes to Mat during his ramblings about how it is to argue with a woman "I had presumed that it wouldn't be Mat" Those are just 2 of the better ones I can think of right now, but i generally like ppl showing some1 that they are smarter in a way that is just a little bit insulting, so that the person who just got owned might not realise the mockery. It's just my kind of humor, whilst the WoT books have all sorts of humor in them.
  4. I kind of got introduced to the fantasy genre before I could read... When I turned 7 or 8 (cant remember) I got a CD player for birthday present along with some CD's and some cassettes including the first Narina book. I loved the "Which and the White lion"? and my dad realised that, and so began to read the Belgarion books(Eddings)to me, instead of bedtime stories. I didnt think much about reading being so young, and forgot about fantasy for the time. Up until the time when I came of the age when you should start reading just to keep up practice... 13? and that is when I started reading fantasy for real. I read most popular ones in sweden, (that I could find in my school library) All the Narnia and Belgarion harry potter + the golden compass, even the eye of the world, not thinking about that it was really that good. Only some years after finishing tEotW did I realise that I constantly kept thinking about it, the world was so enigmatic! And I of course felt so connected with Rand being a tall teenager boy who obv doesnt get women... xD Only after the first reread of tEotW Was I stuck. They really do have a great reread, and greatthingtothinkaboutwhenudonthaveanythingtothinkabout-value. sry for the long word, but the sentance would not have had the same effect without it. ^^
  5. Oh right the cannons! totally forgot about those! Anyways worst case scenario a bunch of the strongest chanellers could just gather up the strongest angreal and make the biggest circle and do it the "Rand-way" (or what he was intenting anyways) Balefire away all the seanchan major cities and armies in a flash... Another simple solution would be "The forsaken way": one skilled chaneller going invisible hiding her chanelling ability and then sneak in and use compulsion on Tuon telling her to go back where the seanchan came from, or forcing peace + release of damane... weakness with 1 ruler who can not channel (or will not). There are just to many ways to easily overcome the seanchan, for me to believe that it would actually happen the way we saw it in Avi's vision.
  6. I don't think that it is very likely that the Seanchan would be able to conquer all of Randland, for the simple reason that they cant make circles + they have only access to the weaker half of Randlands chanellers, ie the women. To win a war with non linking women against enemies with access to both men and women who can chanell and link would be like a tribe using only stone weapons beating the Romans in war really.
  7. As a first read, EotW was quite the action packed book as to how characters evolved and all the small happenings during their quest towards the blight. Also the fact that you realise how little you know about the world makes it that more interesting. As to the start, the first 100 pages are seldom more then character introducing when reading fantasy epics... As a REREAD, when you have already read all the other books or at least 10, it starts to feel like nothing is really happening. I think it is because what is in the first read perceived as an amusing little detour, becomes a hinderance to the progression of the series during the reread, since you already have the general idea of what is going to happen. Also the fact that the infuence the main characters have on the world grows throughout the series makes all problems and actions seem petty and unimportant. My favourite books while I read them the first time are TOTALLY different from the books I enjoy rereading the most. And most of the people on this forum. (general wheel of time) I assume to have read the series at least once already
  8. Id say Aviendha. Taller, alot more fit + I like mindgames xD Her (4?) babies are bound to be IMBA channelers!(Ruidian visit showed us) I also like the Aiel sense of honor, hopefully taught to their kids... About the 3 all living after the last battle or not, we have Nicolas foretelling: "The lion sword, the dedicated spear, she who sees beyond. Three on the boat, and he who is dead yet lives." IMO this is quite certainly Elayne, Avi, Min. So we are if the world is not undone, probably going to see the sharing after all.
  9. I voted TGS, because of all the chapters I love (15, 22, 23 + last) but I also thought about 4 and 5 bcuz everytime I listen to those audiobooks I always let myself hope that Rand will take off with Lanfear lol xD.
  10. I actually havent read any book in english xD I think the audiobooks are great. For a person who does not have english as their native tongue (me being swedish) I HIGHLY recommend having all 13 books in your Media player at all times like I have had. It has helped me with pronounciation, listening comprehension aswell as extending my vocabulary more then my entire highschool english education ever did. I have also really come to love the narrotors interpretations of most of the characters, even though they might have had problems with name pronounciation during the first 5 books. I also FEEL more listening to the audiobooks then I ever did reading ( mayhap it was because I read them in swedish ). It has even come to the point that I let a WOT audio book run while going to sleep. It is really relaxing when you can go to sleep without having to think about the everyday problems of your life, but instead slowly nod off to the sound of a familiar voice! d(^^)b on the Mo gedd ee en mogge diin things btw xD I think the two narrators both had one original interpretation of the name and that they later on perhaps discussed and settled on a third option lol!
  11. I believe that the oathrod(s) in a near future once again only will be used for criminals, perhaps even for non-chanellers with an including weave (similar to the one used for Min bonding Rand) as in the AoL. I could not imagine that with the increase of number and influence of present times chanellers, that any group fully aware of the rods effects (which the WT is or will soon be, hopefully after FoM) would doom themselves with such a restriction. The advantage any other competing group of chanellers would gain after a few hundred years is uncopeable. Even with all of the books, or other advantages of the WT, they would eventually be overcome by other organizations. Egwene holds on to her beliefs strongly but when see realises this, im quite sure she will do the right thing, for the white tower and for the light. So my conclusion is 3oaths = DOOMED!
  12. What I find most disconcerting about this part is the fact that the "Lightbringers are VERY similar to the soldiers from Rands furthest vision in the past. Rands vision furthest back in the past let him see the time when the hole in the DO´s prison was drilled my Mierin, and then we saw soldiers with shocklances, just like we saw the lightbringers use. The Aiel serving the Aes sedai in the age of legends could decend from those wretched beasts who murdered merchants for their wastes we saw in Aviendha´s vision. If the "Lightbringers decided to take in the ael for servants making them swear to the covenant of never harming this makes some kind of sense to me. Connecting the end of this age with the beginning of the Age of legends is not entirely impossible. Am I the only one who got this twisted idea? I Would be really grateful to be proven wrong!
  13. Im walking around with all of the 13 audiobooksbooks (yes prequel) in my mp4 player at all times =)
  14. Mordeth for sure! To defeat the shadow you must become more evil then the shadow!!! Pure eviL! Genius!
  15. If Taim was one of the Chosen and protected from the taint or just protected as a dreadlord. Then how comes Rand could not see the black strings tied to him by the DO?
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