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    Heavy Metal?

    Nightwish is a marketing masterpiece. About the new singer, she is also a marketing masterpiece and I like her voice. The problem is, they didn't get a new singer with the main idea of having a fitting singer to sing the old songs, but they got a marketable singer with a completely different style. People always fall into this mistake. Singer shouldn't fit into the music, music should accord itself with the singer. You can downtune a guitar or transpose a song. You cannot transpose the vocal chords or body of a singer. What Nightwish did was a choice and I guess it was the fitting one. If they did pick a classical singer like Tarja, she would be under Tarja's shadow even if she was better. So, they decided to change the way of things and show something alternate. The consequence of this is Anette not being able to fit into the original tracks as they weren't meant for her voice.
  2. I sing. Also played guitar for many many years, also played drums, some other stuff as well. Now, I only sing though
  3. ophidian

    Heavy Metal?

    If you want it, its the whole point. You have to ask yourselves whether you want to be professional musicians or simply stick at keeping it as a hobby. Both have ups and downs. I won't lie to you, there are times where you have to pick one and sacrifice the other if you pick the professional career. Like I sacrificed my opportunity of becoming a bank branch manager and even a higher career but this was my dream and I am happy that it is going on somehow hehe. About your singer, you can get him/her take singing lessons.
  4. ophidian

    Heavy Metal?

    It takes time. First year 2-3 gigs, second year more, third year more and more and so... You have to stick to your ideals and never give up, sooner or later, the networking starts to give fruits. We haven't announced this year's tourdates still, it will be the most crowded. Also, you constantly need to give out new products or something to keep people updated and interested. These are what I saw over the years :)
  5. ophidian

    Heavy Metal?

    www.neverlandofficial.com is the website :) Thank you for your interest.
  6. I just realized its been a while since anyone posted a photo, so here I do :) I am "not" the reaper :D
  7. ophidian

    Heavy Metal?

    Hello :) a long time metal head here. Grew up with metal and into most sub genres of it. Though I have several favorites of course. Blind Guardian, Shadow Gallery, Evergrey are some. Though my archive has all kinds of stuff, from Suffocation to Bon Jovi. I am also a singer in a professional metal band :D
  8. Heya, Its Oganalp, a looong time fan of the series! I was following Dragonmount blogs and stuff for a long time but felt down when we lost Mr. Jordan and went back to my cacoon. Anyway, as I am done with Book 12 now, I decided its time to be back here. I am a singer and a composer, even having some tracks about WoT. So... hello :D
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