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  1. The War of Power lasted ten years, but the Collapse lasted about a century, and there were likely armed conflicts before the big one. In the Rhuidean flashbacks, the soldiers were said to have been picked and trained from ten years of age, with the Aiel whose POV it was saying war had been going on since before he was born. Guns and conventional weapons would primarily be effective against channelers if they were caught unaware. Otherwise, there are barriers of the Power that can be erected to block such things: simple barriers of Air, the shields of Air and Fire used to block lightning attacks, Rand's near-invincible cocoon, perhaps even gateways to redirect attacks. The AoL also had limitless energy with the standing flows. Any channeler can send little flows of Fire into fuel tanks, or take out power grids if even a weak damane can make Sky Lights. They could even just Travel around blowing up oil tankers. Add to that the fact that they were certainly more advanced, with their hand-held energy weapons (we are quite a long way from that still), and whatever weapons they had that reached across "thousands of miles" and caused death on a huge scale (according to the gholam's thoughts), and pretty much anything our world could muster would be pretty pathetic in comparison. Even nukes could probably be intercepted by the Power or some sort of energy weapon before they ever reached their targets. A couple channelers with a few sa'angreal could travel around and lay waste to most major cities and bases, with absolutely nothing to stop them. Even if they scrambled jets in time, what would they shoot at? They don't have One Power-detectors, and they could be shot out of the sky by those particle beam-like lightning bolts the Forsaken were throwing around at the cleansing. Or they could just Travel to the other side of the country and destroy another city. In any case, it would never have to come down to all-out war, when all it takes is one channeler Traveling to a national leader's bedroom and Compelling them to do whatever they want. Or pulling them into a dream and Compelling them there.
  2. Semirhage wasting the Court of the Nine Moons has probably caused more grief, since apparently Seanchan is bigger than the entire wetlands. And she very nearly induced Rand to destroying everything himself. Graendal's kidnapping probably did its part in causing chaos in Shara, too. Though the damage Graendal and Asmodean caused, and the end result of Semirhage's torture, were all pretty inadvertent.
  3. In regards to TP badass-ery, Ishamael was very nearly able to counter Rand with Callandor during their last fight, with that ball of darkness. At least, I assume that was the True Power and not just him bending T'A'R to himself, since he was shouting "Aid me!" The balefire stream he crossed with Rand's was also apparently made of the True Power. And overall, Ishamael appears to be the Forsaken who has done the most on behalf of the Dark One, not only since they're on the same page, but because he was only partially sealed. Without him initiating the Trolloc Wars, the War of a Hundred Years, the Seanchan, the Black Ajah, Samma N'Sei, etc., things would probably look very different. The Forsaken might've stepped out into a world as or nearly as advanced as the one they left behind.
  4. Mat is supposed to survive Tarmon Gai'don, isn't he? He was supposed to be in the outriggers.
  5. When i consider the phrasing used in the past few books used in the Forsaken meetings regarding Demandred's status reports--namely, "we will be ready"--I had just assumed that it meant he must be behind the Black Tower or he had subverted one of the major channeling institutions like Semirhage and Mesaana. Which fit well with how Sammael had said Demandred's "friends" can carve out whatever he wants so long as they stay away from his territory. (If he were talking about normal Darkfriends, Sammael could just countermand them; channelers loyal to a rival Forsaken or unknowingly serving one might not be so easy to redirect.) With Moridin telling him his "playthings can wait," it still seems as if Demandred will bring to bear something unique or at least significant, either channelers or weapons of some sort. I immediately considered there might be some AoL weapons involved when I heard the "playthings" remark, but that seems pretty out there. Some of those armies or mercenary bands might be Shadowy, but I can't see them posing any real threat against far larger armies backed by hundreds of channelers, not to mention Rand himself. Unless the Samma N'Sei, Taim's Dreadlords, and/or the Black Ajah are coopted for the fight, that is. I know it's been stated that it's possible to figure out who he is from the information we already have, but has anyone asked if we can figure out what he's been doing from the earlier books?
  6. Sorilea. I liked her since that scene in LoC where they found out Rand was taken. But since the whole Domination Band thing, there's a cloud of suspicion over her. As for who's been somewhat disappointing, I'd have to say Narishma. For someone who gets mentioned in the prophecies, and given whom he's named after, I sort of expected more, and I had hoped that he'd be the one to take down Aran'gar. (Aran'gar was pretty damn disappointing, too.) Now he's hardly ever mentioned.
  7. The link between Moridin and Rand, at least as of yet, has never been seen to pass information between the two, a la Rand and Mat and Perrin's ta'veren link. Moridin was pissed at Semirhage because she blew off Rand's hand and messed with his eyes, which clearly affected Moridin, and for which I assume he is so adamantly opposed to any of the Forsaken going after him. There are undoubtedly other reasons. I remember immediately connecting Moridin's sha'ra scene in tPoD with Semirhage's LoC torture scene where she thought of the game and how she would refuse to be sacrificed to turn Rand. Seems that had been in the works for a while. In any case, Demandred appeared to be aware of what Moridin was doing in tGS. I can't remember any Graendal's points-of-view after their initial encounter in which she thinks anything of Cyndane not being Lanfear. No one besides Lanfear, Rand, and maybe Asmodean knew that she used nearly that exact phrase regarding the Choedan Kal and the Creator and Dark One that she uses as Cyndane. Moridin would have to be a vastly superior Compeller than even Graendal in order to completely rewrite a person's mind and not, as stated above, turn her into a vegetable or robot. It seems needlessly over-complicated to presume Moridin went looking for a really strong saidar channeler in order to deck her out mentally as Lanfear to fool the others, when the Dark One could just give him Lanfear herself to mindtrap, as seems evident. There's also the little thing where Cyndane is able to reverse her spinning, something Moridin would be unable to teach her. Unless he had Moghedien teach her, in which case she'd know for sure she wasn't Lanfear. If Demandred's master plan is basically Sammael's/Be'lal's/Rahvin's, except in Murandy, then that's going to be terribly anticlimactic. Mesaana has the White Tower, and Semirhage had the vast armies of the Return...and Demandred has Murandy. I don't remember Murandy figuring into Lord of Chaos, either. Same with Shara, Land of Madmen, etc.
  8. Demandred must have been Taim's Forsaken handler, at least at the inception of the Black Tower. The opening and closing chapters of LoC demand Demandred's heavy involvement in what transpired in between, and the only available significant player that served a critical role is the Black Tower. Nothing else meshes well with that. And I've always thought Demandred's pondering where Mesaana and Semirhage had placed themselves seemed to be placed in context, as together the three would effectively be in control of the three major channeling institutions. (Of course, Aran'gar would come to influence the rebel Aes Sedai, but it's indicated in KoD that Aran'gar was moving according to some scheme that was ultimately authored by Mesaana.) Demandred was physically hanging out around Caemlyn as of LoC, as he was seen stepping into the real-world reflection of the Royal Palace after spying on Elayne. To me, this also points to him being the instigator of the attack on Demira, which set everything in motion, and it seems far-fetched that that single event would be his sole accomplishment for that entire book. There's also Sammael's comment on what transpired at Dumai's Wells, in which he suspected Semirhage or Demandred may have had a hand in it in addition to Mesaana "despite how it ended." My interpretation: The Shaido (courtesy of Sammael) had thrown a wrench into the Aes Sedai's (Mesaana's) plan, and so in order to salvage the situation for themselves to some degree and to let the Lord of Chaos rule, Demandred dispatched Taim. He may have been involved with Masema at some point, but since he's been axed (and had a rag-tag mob of an army to boot), it's unlikely that was Demandred's master plan. Murandy might've been an option several books ago if it had been consolidated, but it's military strength is out-matched by most of its neighbors, let alone the hordes of channeling and hundred-thousand-strong armies running around. The most he could hope for with the Borderlanders, I think, is to try to keep them from their stations, as it's horribly unlikely they'd fight alongside Shadowspawn or against Aes Sedai. And I don't know how Demandred would convince the Ayyad to suddenly invade the west. The Seanchan: I admit I kept looking askance at Galgan in paranoia, but if he was even a Darkfriend, it probably would've been much easier for Semirhage to seize complete control of the Return. As for Osan'gar and violating Forsaken interpersonal space, I always figured his was a sort of parallel to Aran'gar's role with the Aes Sedai, as in one of the 'gars would be installed with some sub-group within each organization to hedge the Shadow's bets--the rebels and those Asha'man not in Taim's clique--to carry out some function that serves the ultimate plan. It's only by luck (good or bad) that Osan'gar was chosen for Rand's entourage.
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