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  1. There have been a number of good chapters throughout the entire series. The comments above were all excellent as well. I thought that Verin's revelation that she was BA was a shock (at least to me). Stopped me dead in my tracks and gave me a "whoa, didn't see that coming" moment.
  2. I kinda thought that his lack of concern stemmed from him knowing the pattern would bend to his will rather than his mega-channeling powers. Just my take. In my mind I always thought his lack of concern for a stilling circle was because he knew he had access to the TP.
  3. Yeah, I did read those words but I was figuring that the "gong effect" was sort of a resonance from the TP and OP coming in contact. I was specifically trying to imply that the link was established due to the physical contact they had while they were both channeling each power. Splitting hairs here but if the "gong effect" was going to happen I would have expected it to have happened before the balefire streams crossed...actually when each man seized his respective power. So by being physically connected they linked. Sort of a mini circle but with the TP and OP instead of a mix of male and female Aes Sedai. On a side note...I wonder if a TP angreal or sangreal is possible. Just a random thought.
  4. Been doing a bit of re-reading. Just an observation here but I'm theorizing that Rand will utilize Moridin in a circle as the necessary buffer to reseal the DO. In CoS, chapter 41, Rand and Moridin became linked...I think we all agree on that. However, I'm convinced that they aren't linked because their balefire streams crossed. I think it was because they were physically touching while Rand was channeling saidin and Moridin was using the true power. See below: So what we could see at the end is Rand channeling saidin and using callandor while in a circle with at least two female Aes Sedai (channeling saidir of course) as well as Moridin being present using the true power as a buffer.
  5. Hello all. Been lurking for a while and finally decided to chime in on the BUT. Going by memory I seem to recall that Rand's sickness when he seizes saidin started somewhere between books 4 and 6 when he used Callandor for the first time in Tear (by all means correct me if I'm wrong). Could the BUT be that the flaw in Callandor has affected Rand's ability to seize saidin resulting in a physical reaction for him...i.e. throwing up. I theorize that he'll need to use Callandor with two AS to "correct" what is wrong with him. Just my thoughts...don't hesitate to shoot this theory down if my recollection of timing is wrong.
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