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  1. No. Sorry, but no. Callandor (sp?) will be the blade of light. My guess is that the 3 becoming one will be the TP, saidar, and saidin. Thus Rand, Alivia (who is supposed to help him die, which Rand will probably do while defeating the dark one), and Moridin (for the TP, and Rand will be able to link with him through their balefire link) will be in the circle. This was already mentioned on the first page, minus the Moridin part, but it seems like (IMO) the only logical explanation. To me, this is the only problem with the body swap theory, I don't know where the 3 becoming one thing comes in. Perhaps they will be in the circle and the link combined with the balefire link will cause the swap? Not sure... RAFO, i guess. xD Rand, Mat, and Perrin cannot "become one," cause that would be kinda awkward, and the 3 powers seems much more likely.
  2. I always thought the "something odd" was that her children would be able to channel... But I guess it might be from the whole Rand after he died (perhaps body swap) theory thingymabobber... RAFO xD
  3. I keep seeing this around, but when did this actually happen? On Topic: Ermmm... well there was one part in TGS so I can't talk about it. So nevermind.
  4. Removed. Spoilers. (Hints at meetings and other such specific things :))
  5. I say Egg-wen-ee (i know, its weird). I also say Nin-eve and See-you-in (Thats Siuan btw)
  6. I know that many more relationships are unlikely because we are nearing the end of the series, but there might be a few that I think would be just great. Main thought: I think Tam and Cadsuane are going to get together. Tam totally has the personality to override Cadsuane when she's being a jerk (which is a lot of the time). Any other ideas? Edit. Still no TGS talk on this board.
  7. I hope that in the end, Avi knifes Elayne and Min and then she and Rand go off together. Rand and Mat are like my favorite characters (originally I didn't like Mat, but now he's like... legit (couldn't think of a better word). So I pretty much agree with everything the TS said... except I kept reading the books, and I like the 12th book quite a bit... Mostly cause stuff actually happened in it. Sorry if this is like reviving an old thread or anything, but his post was so inspiring I had to respond xD.
  8. I don't think Rand will be linked with Elayne and Aviendha. In TGS, Min found a part of the prophecies that said he would use callandor and, "the three shall be one." (from memory, not straight from the book, so I could be wrong). Also, Alivia is supposed to "help Rand die." So I think Alivia will be in the circle with him, because (IMO) he will die destroying/sealing/trapping/whatevering the dark one. So I think that Rand, Alivia, and (wait for it) Moridin/Ishamael will be in a circle. Reason for Moridin? Well, "the three shall be one" could be the 3 powers, TP, saidin, and saidar. And we know from the black ajah there is a way to force someone into a circle... And if the TP was used as a sort of "shield" in the weave, saidar and saidin wouldn't be tainted. Well theres my 2 cents, but I pretty much agreed with everything else you said. Nice theory ;D
  9. I like the idea, but I can't believe its true. When Rand first met Min, she had a vision of 3 women on a boat with him in a coffin. If he was pulled from the wheel, he wouldn't be in a coffin.
  10. When Rand first met Min, one of the visions that she said she didn't understand about him was a vision of 3 women in a boat with him in a coffin.... Sounds similer, eh? :D
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