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  1. Okay, take it from someone who, before WoT, was obsessed with RedWall. I have EVERY MAJOR book in that series. It Goes (By order of release, not timeline): Redwall Mossflower (My FAV) Mattimeo Mariel of Redwall Salamanastron (My hard Second-fav) Martin the Warrior (Thirdly so) The Bellmaker Outcast of Redwall (A BLOODY GOOD SECOND TIE!!) Pearls of Lutra (Based more on the otters, twas kinda nice) The Long PAtrol (Based on the Hares, again, nice) Marlfox (my least fav...really odd) The Legend of Luke (Another 2nd Tie) Lord Broktree (GOOD tie for 3rd) Taggerung (2nd least fav...again, odd) Triss (Funky, 3rd least fav) Loamhedge (Good book) Rakkety Tam High Rhulain As to chronology...hrmm...VERY Hard...but.. I'd say: Mossflower Loamhedge The Legend of Luke (based on luke) Martin the Warrior Salamandastron The Legend of Luke (based on visitors) Mattimeo Mariel of Redwall The Bell Maker Outcast of Redwall Lord Broktree PoL TLP MarlFox Tagg Triss There, I'm done ^_^ Only now do I see that Kadere also posted it :) and I havent read Rakkety Tam, High Rhulain
  2. Jade

    Where are you from?

    Nope' date=' lol! they are all in BC for Summer Hollidays! :D :P :lol:[/quote'] Hmm is that why the roads seem so empty in the summer (that is except during the Stampede). So THATS why they disappear for like a week or two and then flood back...and ehre I always thought they were jsut taunting us ;) :P KIDDING! :D
  3. hehe, I can give you some interesting stories about them :P ;) Thanks for the welcome! :D
  4. Jade

    Where are you from?

    Nope, lol! they are all in BC for Summer Hollidays! :D :P :lol:
  5. Jade

    Where are you from?

    Them Dam frogs always croaknig when I'm tryin to snooze!!! Grr. Beautiful British Columbia, Canada is my homeland :D Tis always where I'll reside too! :D YAY FOR NEWFIES AND BAD ALBERTAN DRIVERS!!! :D :P 8)
  6. Weren't there only something like 5 Istari though? Gandalf and Sauroman came to the continent while the other three stayed on the mainland to help out there. When Sauroman went to Sauron's Side, Gandalf was given the Power's of the White Wizard to counter, and Sauroman eventually was destroyed... Thats what my buddy Danny tiold me, and you wont find a bigger LOTR fanatic within a few thousand miles. :)
  7. Hey everyone! How's it going? It's been a LONG time! About... 2...3 years now? Man oh man, there have been SO many changes, it's like the DM I remember at the core with al lthis fanciness added on! My my, the site has gone far! :D Anyways, after a few years of dealing with sites such as Mirrors, Reflections, Dark Ages, and some others, I've decided that it's about darn time that I make a re-appearance here. Some of you might remember me.. Matalina for one, Coran, if he's still around, Ata, Jason, Derryk, Jasin, and some others that I can't think of, lol. I was known as Jason Somara.... a Gaidin... ringing any bells? hehe. Or else MoonShadow, a Wolf.... lol. Anywho, I've been gone for a long time! What I miss everyone??!?!?!?!????? Peace, John-Allan aka Jade Malkeiri
  8. Hey all. Jade here. I'm an (Old) New member... I was a memebr a long time back, and after a good few years of running my own sites, I've decided to make a re-appearance. Some may remember me as Jason Somara. Well, I've had a lot of English and Writing improvements since my RP'ing days back then, and I am ready to put them to good use :) I love the new site look BTW, Jason. Lookin Good :D
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