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  1. I'm in the middle of my first reread of book 10 COT, and in the beginning of ch 12, Elane makes a comment that Galad had a thing for Nynaeve. Was he ever interested in Nynaeve or is Elayne just under the misconception that he liked Nynaeve? I just remember him being interested in Egwene until he meets Berlaine? "Galad fancied Nynaeve or had for a time, it was hard to imagine he still felt that way, with him a whitecloak"
  2. {raises hand} Perrin & Mat are my favorite characters and during my first read of the books in the series I was always happy when I would turn the page to find it was one of their POV chapters starting. However, there was a period of books during my first read of the series that I dreaded Rand's POV chapters, go figure. I'm on book 10 of my first reread and I find that I'm enjoying Rand more the second time around but I still love Perrin & Mat more.
  3. Since Rand was bonded by Alanna and then by Elayne, Avienda, Min. If one of these ladies were to die, would he suffer the same type of depression that other Warders do when their Aes Sedai dies and they lose their will to live?
  4. I, suppose, it would be Elayne. I know there were several books where Rand was right up there in my least favorite column, lol. I'm in the midst of my first reread and I'm up to LoC, and I haven't found him to be annoying yet. So either, I haven't reached that point in the series or I'm finding that I'm liking him more the second time around, lmao.
  5. I thought that there was a drop off but I can't recall which book, I'm in the middle of my first reread and have reached book 6 LofC, and I haven't found any drop off point yet, lmao.
  6. I've noticed that Perrin when in Telaranrhiod,he will often see visions up in the sky, but I can't remember does Egwene or anyone else ever see anything like that when in Telanrhiod? Is Perrin a male dreamer or have some kind of fortelling that he see's these things? Or does it have to do with his wolf talking? Do they ever mention it in the books, (I can't remember) and does he ever actually use those visions to good use or does he always simply dismiss them.
  7. Question in bk 4 TSR, shouldn't Siuan have felt when Alric, her warder, was stabbed? She had no idea until she saw him on the floor but I thought they were linked so that she would have known instantly that he was dead?
  8. There are too many moments to really even begin to pick a favorite, but I'm in the middle of rereading the Shadow Rising and I love the dialogue between Matt & Rand when Rand is eyeing the peddlers and Matt is worrying about Rand going mad, lol especially the part where he askes him "what snares" and then thinks in his mind "Light let him give me an answer that isnt crazy"
  9. Ok clearly you've never had a bossy meddling older brother. It IS annoying. Galad constantly nags her into doing what he thinks she should do, and because he has no authority to force her to do what he wants, goes to mother and tattles on her constantly. Then they grow up and he does the same thing, only whitecloaks are the mother. Well, similar anyway. Anyway, it's constant nagging. Constant trying to impose his will on her. And by just another dude that she doesn't see as his brother, takes it to someone elses authority to force her to do what he wants. It would annoy the bejebus out of anyone. I have no problem with her finding him annoying, lol. Its the level of disgust that she seems to give off and the constant insistence that he is not her brother. To me, he would have needed to do something much worse than simply tattling on her to reach that level of hate for her half brother, who saved her brothers life and obviously cares for her as a sister. Mat has POV in either book 3 or 4 regarding his annoying sisters and how they tattled on him, etc but how worried he is for their safety, you can feel the love that he has for them even though they are annoying and I never get that from Elayne, which I find odd since she has never really given any reason for her not to feel any brotherly love for him at all even though he is irritating, jmho.
  10. I'm rereading The Shadow Rising, (I wanted to reread all the books before the release of the final book this year) and I just came upon the moment when Perrin finds out that his family is dead and killed by Trollocs, I had totally forgotton this scene (it has been awhile since I've read them) and I was wondering does Perrin ever find out that it was Fain that killed his family?
  11. Just curious, if anyone else got a little confused while reading Ch 9/Decision on The Shadow Rising. Normally a chapter is written by a certain persons POV, I know sometimes there is a switch of POV within the chapters but usually it is very defined, end of one and new paragraph starts off a new POV. However, I don't know if it was cause I was up really late reading or my battle with my head cold, but when I began reading this chapter I thought I was reading from Matt's POV then suddenly it seemed to be Perrin and just as suddenly Egwene, then maybe Elayne until it ended up Rand.
  12. I think it would have been epic if Rand & Egwene had found a way back to each other and fell in love at the end. I love Perrin & Faile and Mat & Tuon so I wouldn't change their pairings. Perhaps Min could hook up with Gawyn, lol.
  13. This thread has me wondering, why is Moraine able to tell people that her name is something different, that is an obvious outright lie, yet she does it often? Or does she make Lan do the introductions, I forget, lol.
  14. I guess that is the problem that I have with her constant statements, because unless I'm not remembering something she never mentions anything specific, I could understand her bitterness more, if she told of something that he did that caused her extreme grief. But she just consistantly seems to give off the same blanket speech about how he always does what was right, even Min says the exact same words in one of her chapters. He seems to be pretty much a loving brother, albeit an annoying one if you don't want to be tattled on, lmao.
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