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  1. I haven’t reread it since the last book was released. Been waiting for it to be fresh.
  2. I have this Forum bookmarked on my iPhone since I do a lot of surfing from my mobile device. Anyways it's been the Mobile version for the longest time then yesterday i think it's switched to the actual online version one would see from a PC. Did something happen on Dragonmounts end because surfing through the threads is a lot tougher now.
  3. Strictly out of morbid fascination I decided to look back into this thread. Without reading Sunnys blog and only the excerpts here I am baffled as to why any self respecting WOT fan would continue reading these summaries. Sunny clearly cannot separate reality from fantasy, her modern views flow out at every opportunity, she basically does not have a clue about the characters in the slightest. And yet here you are reading this drivel. Fucking Hereos! Wow! And here I go for good this time.
  4. Ive been reading this series from the beginning and I never once thought Rand = The Lord of Chaos.
  5. At the very end of KOD Pevara and Tarna have an audience with Taim and his Ashaman. Taim agrees to let them bond his men as Warders. He then says "Let the Lord Of Chaos Rule" the room erupts in laughter that sends chills through Pevara. Nothing came if this in TGS and then in TOM Pevara and Javindra are walking and talking with Taim discussing that they want to bond full ashaman. Taim refuses and P and J go on their own. I'm not a genius but I think that even I could determine that Taim is evil and that The Lord of Chaos is The Dark One. Even if you had never heard that term before I don't think that it's that big of a leap and put two and two together and figure out Taim is a darkfriend. Come on you are Aes Sedai in a room full of maniacally laughing Ashaman and you aren't trying to get your ass out of there at the first opportunity!
  6. Just finished reading all the Posts. Teutonic Titwillow I would be receptive if you laid a bridal wreath at my feet. Your analysis of the characters were great, especially about Egwene. You'll have to speak to my wife first though.
  7. Male 39, Hater of Death, Lover of Life! Fav characters: Nynaeve, Lan, Perrin, Rand, Cadsuane (awesome), Aviendha, Faile (love her), Siuan, Morainne, Rhuarc, Bashere. Least liked: Egwene ( Gathering Storm Arc excluded, girl was awesome then quickly turned back to sucking in TOM), Lelaine (I actually kinda like Romanda), Tuon ( extreme suckage).
  8. Who made a rude or derogatory comment after your last warning?
  9. I'm gonna chime in here and suggest that Sunny just doesn't understand subtext. She's read into book two and still insists that all the men hold down the important jobs. From her point of view the Womens Circle has not been stated clear enough that it is in fact in control of their respective Villages. Sunny cannot seem to wrap her brain around the fact that the women really are in charge. I don't think she's going to be satisfied even after we return to The Two Rivers in Book 4 and 5. I just don't think she should be reading this series. Subtext is everything in this series. How the characters relate to one another tells you everything you need to know about this world. So up to where she's read she's already been introduced to the Queen of Andor and The Amyrlin Seat who are arguably two of the three most powerful positions women hold thus far. She hasn't been introduced to the Aiel Wise Ones not to mention Avi and Sorilea. The Seafolks Mistress of the Ships or The Panarch and let's not forget about the First of Mayene. I wonder how she'll feel about good 'ol Cads? I don't think she'll make it that far. iPhone post so I didn't proof read
  10. Then how can they go by False names like Moraine does with Lady Alys. Verin also used an alias in Far Madding but I think her excuse is pretty good. But I do recall Cadsuane seemed a little suspicious.
  11. I also thought Aran'gar, the fact the Tarna made mention of Theodrin helping Nynaeve with her block cements it for me.
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