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  1. There are not fair comparisons. WoT is a more mainstream epic fantasy series. The Song is very much about challenging fantasy tropes...he called books where the main protagonists survive 'comfort fiction', please note he wasn't being critical of it - just that he wanted to challenge the cliches. We are blessed to live in such times that two great series have come out.
  2. One I noticed but you can shoot me down if you wish... Perrin's rescue of the Whitecloaks in ToM was suspiciously like the Rohirrim at Helm's Deep. Thoughts?
  3. Aes Sidhe were the fairies. I think you might know what RJ did with these legends in his books lol
  4. I would say it is 'fishing expedition' to see if it sells around the Commonwealth. If it does, they'll 'leatherise' the rest, I reckon.
  5. It is good but a bit Harry Potter for my tastes. Like it, though.
  6. I've applied for the Tote bag. A nice Christmas present for someone, I reckon lol It will definitely be November 2012 as most WoT books have come out then for sales reasons.
  7. The Darkness that Comes Before, by R Scott Bakker. I guarantee you'll love it. Bakker is the philosopher-fantasist writer. Brilliant.
  8. I think you're right about Nynaeve and it does highlight that our likes of specific characters highlights our own world-view. Nynaeve, to me, has something of the Kate from the Taming of the Shrew about her - except RJ takes it off in a different direction altogether! I do think readers complain way more about female characters in WoT than male ones but I think that shows how brilliant a writer RJ was. Take Faile for instance, the bête noire of WoT. She who is most loathed of all light characters, and why is she so disliked? She has different opinions, she has her husband's and her own self-interest at heart and she is ruthless. She can be arrogant, but tell me a teenager (and that is what she is) who doesnt know everything? I would argue that these 'unfeminine' traits are what people dislike about her. Because it is not a common trope in fantasy in general people instinctively dislike her. Live a little, and you see that the character types that RJ uses all the time. As a man in my 30s, I can testify that I've dated more than my fair share of Faile's in my time. And one or two Nynaeves and an Elayne. I ended up with an Egwene...but then, all wives end up as Amyrlin *sigh*
  9. I would also recommend this series, although I would say it is very different to WoT. Very different.
  10. Now that Nicola has kicked the bucket. What of Areina?
  11. I also think that Fain is the 'conduit' between the dark one and Rand. He will be the means to seal the bore and reimprison the dark one. If Fain really is the new thing in the pattern, perhaps this could mean the destruction of the dark one permanently??? (naah probably not, it wouldnt be much of a wheel, then)
  12. ASBOs, Blackpool, Wordsworth, The Kinks, Turner skies, Adam Smith (You Americans liked his ideas a lot), Redcoats, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, The Battle of Waterloo, Regimental army system, Canterbury Tales (the first novel in English), Shakespeare/Stratford-upon-Avon/The Globe, The 02, The venerable Bede and Lindisfarne, The channel tunnel, Hadrian's Wall, JRR Tolkien (I went the same school as him!), Real ale, Balti's, football hooliganism, Aston Villa FC (My team), Wembley Stadium, The Sex Pistols, Simon Cowell, Winston Churchill, George Orwell and 1984, Tony Blair and his lies, Conkers, Steak and Ale pie, HP Sauce, St Columba and St Augustin, Yorkshire Pudding, Damien Hirst, Camden Town, John Maynard Keynes, the iPod (yep, the designer was English), the world wide web, the Humber Bridge, Strawberry Fields, Cadbury's chocolate), Bertrand Russell, The Office, Dad's Army, Canals and longboats, Charles Dickens, JK Rowling, The Stones, The M25 *shudder*, The Mini, The Somme, The class system, Cider with Ice, Kebabs at 4am, dislike of organised religion, independent, multi-culturalism, Stonehenge, Magna Carta, Charles Darwin, Alan Partridge, www.bbc.co.uk, the BBC in general, Tabloid press, Royal Ascot, Redgrave and Pinsent, Oscar Wilde, The tube, Summer afternoons watching the cricket, Winter nights watching the football, Katie Price, dislike of American sports, distasteful jokes, the Eden project, Trooping the colour, covent garden, Glastonbury (how i love this place), BoJo, Regional accents - cockneys, brummies, scousers, mancs, geordies, brizzolians; Henry VIII and his many wives, Elizabeth the 'virgin' queen, James Tyndale and the first bible in English, The Royal Navy and the rum ration, Wootton Bassett :-( , Rule Brittania, self-deprecation, Bookies, Primark, Gordon Ramsey, Wetherspoon pubs, Stag parties in Bournemouth, Judges in wigs, Oliver Cromwell and the New Model Army, the Queen, rumours about Prince Harry's parentage and that Diana was bumped off, Stephen Fry, a Sunday carvery, butlins, A nation of shopkeepers, Margaret Thatcher, liberty. And relax.
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