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  1. Her book is her life's work on the BA. Not the right place to store that kind of info she would have learned only shortly beforehand.
  2. Why is everybody so eager to put that into Rand's head? As far as I know it would fit more that adequately with the thoughts of some DF Asha'man or other kind of dreadlord thinking about how they managed to blow up a sizeable chunk of Maradon's wall. It could even be a 13x13'ed Logain, or a forsaken.By the way, I'm not sure I remember correctly but I don't think the Ashaman with Ituralde sensed a lot of channeling just seconds before the wall explosion. So it could also be a woman. EDIT: what about a terangreal that hides you from Rand's DF-killer eyes ? Bashere would like that !
  3. It would if she was "one of her incarnations", set to die and be reborn again later with Gaidal. But instead she's the true Birgitte of the legends with memories of all her past lives. Her link to the wheel might be cut, for all we know. It's not **Birgitte** who dies, each time. it's "this particular incarnatino of Birgitte".My2c
  4. Aaaah I had forgotten entirely about Mordeth killing his familly... Yes, if he ever learns that from Dain, the hammer might be usefull agains Fain. But come on, he's supposed have a dedicated target already (Slayer). So ... aaaargh RAFO !
  5. Like Eternal Phoenix, I also believe this interpretation is wrong. Or at least that it is severely influenced by your already-set opinion.I would take what he says far more directly and lightly (don't know if that's the right word...) - He admits most of the critics (about style, events, continuity, fluff, .... you name it) are true - He has every right to point to those saying his books are better than RJ's saying this leads to fan debate. This doesn't diminish your well deserved spite about the "refusing to accept criticism" (sending comments he didn't read or take into account...) but the way I read your comments, you would twist everything he says to fit the way you already have decided it should be understood.
  6. On the contrary. Im looking forward to it. What's so special about it ? Did Birgitte ever mentioned meeting LTT in TA'R ? Where else could they have met ? Did she ever told us about one of her lives at the time of the War of Power ?
  7. I remember an big long theory from Lucker's explaining the fate of Mog's dogs. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I beleive he went on to argue that they were the ones to free Taim and that some of them will have ended up among the 13 that are currently with the Borderlanders. Sorry, I can't find a link.
  8. Yes, and mostly because she's been missing for more than half of the books now. She's been so awsome before going AWOL that I'm not sure we should expect a large influence. I would rather go for small and decisive rather than large game-changing.
  9. It feels like the weekness in his dreams' shields that lead him to watch Cyndane suffering could be a consequence of that TP channeling. My (vague) idea is that there will be a moment when he'll want to save/help/whatever Cyndane and he'll know the only way is the TP.
  10. Galgan has been proposed here and there as a possible Demmy. But it seems hard core fans don't like this idea very much. it seems it never gained much traction. Let's be honest with this: there's so much anticipation going on that whatever Demandred's been up to, we will be disapointed.
  11. I always wondered the same thing - there must have been another dagger or knife, or at least a fork back at SL for Mordeth. I had assumed that "Fain" (i.e. Mordeth + DO-distilled soul darkfriend Fain) would have some trouble, because of the Fain part, to go back to Shadar Logoth. Enough at least to justify going to Tar Valon instead of there.
  12. I wouldn't say that... Avi's kids are the right people at the right moment to make that call (wether to start an all-out war or not), but the way the last battle came and went, the way the peace treaty was written, and thus the way the Aiel spent the next 20 years have nothing or very little to do with Avi's kids. Clan chiefs, other wise ones would have made the same decision at roughly the same time. It seems to me that they all prett much agree on that during that meeting.
  13. Most of this discussion has already taken place dozens of time, but for the sake of it, here are a couple of other ideas/theories I've heard since the nineties. I didn't invent those and I'm not sure I beleive in them either :) :: - Fain will be the one to kill Rand so that Rand can do what's needed in TAR. - Mat's nemesis is Shaidar Haran and we'll have one hell of a blademaster fight between the two. So we need another oponent for Fain. - Don't forget the "Alivia will help him die" thing also. - The actual buffer will be Rand/Moirane/Nyneave with Callandor while the taverness will stich the pattern like new, Fain will play a totally different part. ... Can't remember all oof them sorry :)
  14. That was my thought as well. A fitting way to find glory.
  15. Ingtar comes to mind, yes. We could also have a topic about those we wish would've turned out to be DFs... Asunawa is on the top of my list,
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