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  1. I honestly can't point my finger to one single character. I love the series and every character has his/her place in it. If I had to answer that question (because of some improbable threat), I'd pick Mat, because he is much fun to read....but that just wouldn't be the whole truth.
  2. Is it possible to draw the OP from a well while shielded? Does a shield also work on the TP (or can a different kind of shield be woven to block a TP-user)? Ok, that was three questions. Hope someone can spare a few seconds to enlighten me (with quotes, if possible).
  3. Sure! Since I'm a lazy person too, I'll copy paste from the Article on WoT-Wiki:
  4. Is that question so stupid that nobody feels like answering it? Or is it that nobody knows? Is there a general agreement on how it really works? Has BS or RJ ever stated plain-out which version is right and which is wrong? Could anybody please enlighten me?
  5. It might be argued that this question belongs either in the General WoT Discussion part of the forum or should be posted in the Callandor-third-wielder thread, but being unable to decide which was more appropriate I started a new topic here. If any admin feels disturbed, please move this to wherever it fits best. That said, let's start: Does anybody know why there are so many versions of how linking works, i.e. which gender has to lead in which circle constellations? Even some glossaries of different editions contradict each other. AND the forsaken (and Cadsuane) contradict the glossaries. Browsing the internet for this, I find Has nobody ever thought of asking BS to clarify this? Or has it been R(/M)AFOed? This question has been bothering me for a long, long time now, and I honestly have no idea why didn't post it ages ago.
  6. I see that there are a lot of ppl assuming so, but so far I have seen no evidence for this. Can you post a quote (from books or TJ either) where TP-use is stated right-out?
  7. Mat himself uses it that way iirc. Might be him talking third person....maybe to Tuon. Something about Seanchan armies or whatever.
  8. Brandon doesn't give him a chance to get Avi pregnant after AMoL: Does this prove that Rand will not survive AMoL (i.e. be dead at the end of the book without chance for resurrection)?
  9. My guess: Lanfear is quite in the nothing-to-lose position: Best case: Rand comes for her help and kills Moridin. Lanfear is de-mindtrapped and happy and free to bed and/or balefire Rand, maybe even side with him for TG (if the outcome looks promising to her, not that that would change her attitude towards the Light). Second best case: Rand comes and gets blown to pieces by Moridin. She gets credit for her help in eliminating DR and in an overwhelming moment of gratefulness gets de-mindtrapped and is made Nae'blis (or balefires Moridin and makes herself Nae'blis). Those two are arguably interchangeable. Worst case: Rand doesn't show up and the status quo remains unchanged. So I ask you: What reason would she have not to try?!
  10. To my understanding it couldn't have been created from inside TAR, because then it would have only be able to exist in TAR. So it must have been manufactured in the real world, but with the ability to enter TAR in the flesh (or rather, in the metal) and do something there. As to whether nightmares can destroy cuendillar: Might be. If I'm correct with my theory, that someone with great mastery over TAR would be able to do it there, then a nightmare might also work. But then, there is also the possibilty that cuendillar survives nightmares.
  11. Not to trivialise the discussion, but that gave me a mental picture of Fain, confronted with a disk of cuendillar, saying "Hmm, cookie!" and biting it in half.. LOL Trivialisation tolerated and appreciated! THIS ONCE ;)
  12. The one has nothing to do with the other: You can take nothing out of TAR that was made there, but that doesn't mean you can destroy nothing there (except of course, if BS said so right out). You tell me that because I cannot bring a TAR-stone home from there, that I also cannot destroy a stone from home in TAR. That is not logical. Edit: Of course you can't remember any other way, because the only source we have is BS telling us that there is another that we haven't seen as of yet. Just was wondering about theories concerning that other way.
  13. I was wondering: We know that TP can destroy cuendillar and that there is one other way. (And I'm aware this must have already been discussed...somewhere. But I can't find that thread, so I can't check if my theory is old for you, for me it's new). The only other way I can think of is to take some object of cuendillar into TAR while going there in the flesh, hand it to Perrin3000 and ask him to unmake this. What other theories are there?
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