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  1. I believe Min could figure it out through her viewings. They would probably show the darkness around Moghedien somehow.
  2. Although I really do like Perrin as a character and the way BS wrote his chapter, it was way too much of his duels with Slayer. And this despite Perrin was sleeping for half the book. In comparison with the Demandred duels, they all added to the story while every new attempt at Slayer felt one too much. I mean, we have already seen Perrin doing this for the last ten books or so. I honestly believed they would do the duel in the first 2-300 pages. Then came the chapter "Wolfbrother" where the duel logically should had been and in the end he fought it really late. And how was Perrin necessary if Gaul and the wolves could endure during all his sleep? A nicer solution would had been to let Perrin finish Slayer early on and then return north to lead the armies there after Rodel Ituralde resigned. I mean, his lightning hammer slaying some Fades and Trollocs at that very darkest moment would indeed had given him some more heroism. Wasn't he the unwilling leader of the common folk? Why then did he sleep away the whole last battle? I really liked the Lanfear and Faile part of the story though. I also liked the character development with Master Luhhan explaining he must not be careful. Was that the final piece of the blacksmith puzzle Perrin has been talking for all along? Still, why did Lanfear feel it necessary to choose Perrin to finish of Moiraine? Wouldn't it had made more sense to preserve Moghedien or Graendal for that purpose (and made sure they were actually saving there entrance until then) or some other random BA DF?
  3. I also loved the unexpected ending with accepting her ugliness and surprisingly turning to the Light under compulsion, seems like a fitting ending as both are really her opposites. Although we will never be able to RAFO, I want to speculate in the future of Graendal. * Being a Forsaken, she should by logic become executed by the White Tower, as were the BA sisters by Egwene. * At the same time, the White Tower could use her present state under compulsion to make her willingly share all knowledge of the Age of Legends to them - a female Asmodean so to speak. * She could stroll about unrecognized as an ugly person becoming low servant at some place. I believe this would actually be most likely. * Or will she somehow break out of the compulsion and become a new beginning as dark force in the WoT? Similar thought för Moghedien. Although they can't easily break the DO free again, the ending with choices and resist from humanity shows that dark forces could again corrupt them despite all that Rand achieved. In that regard, I find it fitting to show that they both survived as it shows that Rands own vision of a world without the DO was not realized and implies that another breaking will come and the Dragon will need to become Reborn anew. And then there are still Alviarin and some other BA/DF that survived but deep down are still evil/selfish to the core. Another thought is that she may well admit that she killed Asmodean during a trial in the White Tower and then all Aes Sedai who could not read the Forsaken POV chapters will also get to know this at last ;) In any case, Cadsuane and her sisters are having some tough decisions ahead of them if they recognize Graendal.
  4. Given Rands weakness, I believe it would had been more fitting with Moiraine killing Lanfear than Perring but that is probably because I once again got bored with Perrins indecisiveness (as experienced in many books before). I would also have wished to see more of her but still I don't see why many complains. Her point was never really to actively destroy the DO or something like it - the prophecies/viewings made pretty clear that Rand needed her to laugh and smile again and to let go (although Egwene took that role now). Moiraine also helped him with the pact to achieve unity at a crucial point which was really necessary to stand any chance in the Last Battle. Although she was passive for 3/4 of the book, she was necessary to help Rand wield Callandor. What other candidates did he have? Egwene and Elayne were for obvious reasons needed elsewhere. Could he trust Alanna or Cadsuane with the task? Although we never get a Moiraine POV, the Nyn POV shows that it takes quite a lot of mental strength and will power to maintain focus in a situation like that and although it is not written out, Moiraine is doing it all well. And again, why having Perrin jumping around chasing Slayer when Thom could just so neatly have finished him in stealth while composing another ballade? And although the Thom POV seemed a bit weird given the total chaos nearby and his easy with killing BA, I really liked it nevertheless as it was one of a handful of well written moments in the book where the author blinks to his readers. It is a way of BS to show humility over the momentous task he was given and the difficulties for him to carry it out in a sufficient way. That was a beautiful scene indeed.
  5. Although I also found it a bit pathetic with Demandreds loud yelling after LTT/Rand, I really liked his arc overall and did not at all find him a robot as some claims. The yelling makes sense with Demandreds character and I loved how Mat tricked him into believing Rand/LTT was there fighting him (after all, he knew Rand had been spotted in the north too but could not imagine any of this age with that superior skill which adds to Mat's storyline too). That he comes about as a bit pathetic is rather poor writing and BS should perhaps have let him yell once or twice instead of trying to make Mat joke about it. His constant use of balefire was also a bit inconsistent. With a full 72 circle and a strong artifact, he could basically have wiped out most of the army in no time but that is not really BS fault - RJ set this trap already in Rand's deathgate fight agaist Semirhages trolloc hordes. Demandred not wielding balefire would also have looked silly... As stated by others, Demandred comes about as a supreme chaneller with supreme power, as a supreme leader, achieving something through the Sharan army and his Bao the Wyld outfit is quite ok and finally his three duels, all of them greatly written with unexpected outcomes. I would have wished for another Forsaken chapter where we could have had more info on their whereabouts but that would also have spoiled the surprise and we had enough hints regarding Demandred and the Sharans earlier on.
  6. Although I also would want to know what Verin wrote to Alanna, I am not as curious as to why she was there. Being one of the main Green Ajah characters, her whole purpose is to be there during the Last Battle and fight. This is probably also why Rand is not surprised when he feels Alanna in the north or doesn't react when he notice that one of his bonded females are in pain (although he doesn't know it is her). I don't believe she is BA - then we would have had hints and it doesn't match the viewings. Rather I am leaning to a) she was over confident in her Green Ajah role and ability to play a role helping Rand win the Last Battle and easily captured (if one is fool enough to travel to SG alone, that could easily happen with Graendal and Moridin haning around...) or b) the sacrifice lamb theory - this implies that Verin gave her to the DF as they would want one of Rands women in pain during the Last Battle knowing that Rand would not react as strongly to this as if it was Min who would otherwise be the most likely candidate to kidnap.
  7. In no particular order: * Lan kills Demandred * Egwene's sacrifice * Olver plays the Horn of Valere There were many other strong moments too but these three stands out since they were not only well written (ok, Egwene's wasn't that great), but also a total surprise for me which really added to the heroism in all three scenes. Most of my predictions came true - all of them with regard to Rands final battle and survival - but I did believe Rand would kill Demandred, I did believe Mat would play the Horn and I did believe Egwene would be the greatest Amyrlin ever in time, not only in honor. The Bela bit was a nice addition to the Olver arc that really added to the surprise. If allowed to add two more, I really liked the Talmanes scenes in the beginning of AMoL and Rodel Ituralde - his arc was great with his shaking weakness making him more human and him realizing his unability to take the right desicions under compulsion really showed his genius.
  8. I don't think the truce was meant to happen yet. As Tuon says herself, she was then not the Empress but still the Daughter of the Nine Moons. As I interpreted it, Rand can't kneel to the crystal throne before she is the Empress. With Rand's newfound self and positive image of the Seanchan rule, he'll probably return to Tuon in ToM.
  9. But what about the Seanchan failing to understand the nature of Traveling? Perhaps they don't realize the limitations regarding knowing the place well enough and thereby assumes they can't use traveling? Perhaps traveling won't work through the a'dam somehow as another person is controlling. Would both persons then have to know the place well enough? But if some of the captured AS gives away traveling I also believe Elaida would be the first to do it :)
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