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  1. Most of what you said sounds about right except the Aiel. It has been specifically said in multiple places that the Aiel weren't going back, save the Shaido and brotherless. In one area it was said they weren't going back because the Wet Lands offer to much for the Aiel to just leave behind. In the case of Aviendah, it was specifically stated that the Aiel living in the Waste was the Wheel's way of forcing them to meet their Toh until they could pay it back by fighting in the Last Battle for Rand who had been the leader of the Aes Sedai they failed. Now that the Toh is met they were obligated to put their punishment behind them lest they demonstrate arrogance. I believe in Memory of Light it was stated that they were subject to the laws of whatever nation they resided in but were not subjects of that nation.
  2. If memory serves the Black Tower is in Andor. Obviously they want to be equal with the White Tower and will probably want their own nation, just like the Aes Sedai have. Do you think it likely they will try to relocate, possibly using the One Power? I seem to remember Loial mentioning how during the Breaking even cities shifted location due to the One Power. Or maybe they will find humbler means to pack up and leave, possibly to an abandoned portion of the Aiel Waste now that most of the Clans have decided to stay in the Wet Lands?
  3. Anyone have any interesting ideas about where their souls come from? Rand feared they were simply men reborn, but Mordeth/Fain/Shaisam noted how non filling their souls were. Could they be the ground up souls of Dark Friends? I doubt the Shadow can truly create a soul so I'm guessing they come from somewhere.
  4. Then what of the viewing? If I remember correctly in Min's viewing Gawyn had two choices, he could have submitted to her or kill her, which was represented as either kneeling to her or breaking her neck.
  5. I'm pretty sure Gawyn is no one's favorite. I'm only wondering if his death is really as pointless as it seems on the surface.
  6. It drove Egwene to her suicidal last stand that killed all of the Sharans, or so I recall.
  7. Could the forces of Light still have won if Gawyn hadn't gone off to fight Demandred? Min's viewing made it sound like he had a choice given to him by the Pattern to do the right thing, but afterward it looked as if the Wheel hinged on him screwing up.
  8. Except with Traveling her forces are always one footstep away from wherever she wants them to be.
  9. Elaida tried to have it proven that Alviarin was secretly communicating with the Dragon? How did she know about that?
  10. "Beggars could give orders to kings" The Darkfriends have their own hierarchy. We are specifically told at the beginning of the book that Darkfriends who are of a lower class in Light society could hold a great rank among the Darkfriends. Greater than kings even.
  11. I liked it better in the beginning of the series when Lan said something to the effect of "every man dies, except for darkfriends and only a fool would pay that price". Also, wasn't their a girl with a magical knife in the first book? I think the series started to paint darkfriends as people who made a Faustian bargain for beauty, longevity, power, etc.. It would have been really good if they could have kept going with that line of thought. But as the series progressed, only Forsaken really seem to have gotten anything out of the deal.
  12. I disagree. It would expand the world of RJ in new ways as it would explain an important part of it that has always been kept in the shadows. Also, I just think it would be interesting. Mordeth would be cool if we could see him pre-Anakin days, and I would like to know how he ran into something that exists totally outside his universe.
  13. Vader was tricked and manipulated. He was also an emo which made it easy for Siddeous to punch his buttons and play with his emotions. Thinking wasn't Anakin's strong point. Ishmael, on the other hand, was a calm intellectual who followed his own logic to its natural conclusion. Why should humanity torture itself fighting against a darkness against which it couldn't win? Nothing it did mattered since the Dark One would win anyways given an infinite amount of time, and this fact made every sacrifice humanity made in trying to stave off the inevitable that much more tragic and heart wrenching. Ishmael is an Angel of Mercy, come to take the pain of the world away. Your welcome.
  14. I wonder if the Dark One will keep Ishmael around as a sidekick when this is all over and he has won.
  15. Of course that's clearly nonsense, since nothing is stopping the sul'dam from being as destructive and power-hungry as an unleashed channeller. Except most damane are controlled by the state. So while anyone can be a sul'dam and do what they want, if you aren't trusted by the Empire you don't get to channel. I thought damane could be bought? Didn't Egeanin say she owned a damane back home? She said she had to pay a fortune to get her trained or something. Personally if random people can go around owning damane, it kind of defeats the purpose of keeping them chained for "security". Also, just because the state controls a lot of the damane doesn't mean anything much. The state can't keep tabs on the whereabouts of every single damane or her suldam. It probably wouldn't take much for a suldam to sneak her damane out of their training places or whatever, especially since suldam are generally highly regarded. No one would really think to question a suldam about her damane. I also thought it said that almost all damane were owned by nobility or whatever and Egeanin was a rare case. Yeah, maybe you could buy a damane the same way that a rich SOB today might be able to buy his own battle ship, but it would be the exception rather than the rule and so it isn't the kind of thing you have to worry about.
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