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  1. so ....the excerpt on lanfear.......I think it implies the possibility that she might get rescued and help Rand out with patching the hole. the excerpt's weird placement stands out, and I know no author writes useless paragraphs. mark my words, she still has a part to play.
  2. If Rand has to patch it, I doubt he has any idea how, which calls to reason why Lanfear is still alive, who I believe would come back to the light and help Rand as she is the only one that knows anything about drilling into the bore; maybe it's just a mirrored image weave of the drilling weave or something of that nature. Oddly, she has a 50/50 chance in finding the darkone's energy and the creator's energy and she manages to stumble upon the dark one's. also, as for the veins of gold in Rand's head, they are probably the opposite of the true source, the creator's source? although I thought th
  3. i'd like to learn healing as well as semirhage without the her uh...fix, and put johnson and johnson, and insurance companies out of business. especially spinal injuries and cancers and car accidents.
  4. I first began to have suspicions about verin after she told matt and perrin that moiraine sent her to them, and later moiraine denies out right; were there other instances where verin might have gave her self away?
  5. i always thought the taint is the creation of simply being human, far worse than the dark one since humans have the ability to become creators.
  6. Hi guys I was thinking about that scholar who was killed by that ghollum; I believe he discovered something very important about Ishamel and the turning of the wheel, which was why he was killed. Later Min ordered the recovery of all of his books so she can try to find out exactly what he discovered before he died. Can anyone tell me what he did tell Rand during one of his visits? thanks. I cant remember the book exactly.
  7. SH is very much capable of destroying weaves; I forget which book its from, but I remembered that Graendal was sitting in her room when a gong like sound resounded to warn her that she had a visitor. she was very much surprised that anyone in this age still possessed such decorum, so she channeled and sounded it too, which promptly revealed the entrance of the new lanfear and Mogi. I recall that Graendal tried to ensnare both of them until SH entered and all weaves disappeared along with the weaves of compulsion on the colorful birds that was supposed to make them sing. I was pretty surprised.
  8. perhaps this evil that they are talking about is simply bred of human beings...its origins are humans, and humans are capable of great evil. the unseeing eyes could be people that stayed in the dream world too long and became less human? and my theory on a different kind of evil has probably to do with the Christian religion, where the creator created Adam and eve in his image hoping to one day culture replicas of god that were like him; the capability of 'human' evil is that they understand a level of good which i doubt the dark one understands. to knowingly be evil when understanding good, i
  9. anyone think the callandor can be used as a filter to separate moridin from rand's consciousness? i am not sure how it would work as a result of what cadsuane said about the magnification the dark energy, but it seems to scream 'filter' all over it...
  10. one of the few things I have come across, though definitely not explicitly indicated in the story, is that the only forsaken to truely understand the mind of the dark one is Ishamel. While the rest of the forsakens battle for power in terms of the idea that when the dark one is freed, they will divide and conquer the lands and govern them--all under the dark one. However, it is my assumption that Ishamel conveys a certain thought long betrayed by the dark one to his Nabelis: that he is the antithesis of the creator, which implies that he wants to undo everything the creator did, whether as a f
  11. does anyone know for sure if olver might be Brigitte's lost love?
  12. May be someone has stated this but i couldnt find anything in the discussion, but is there something between Moridin and Rand? I believe in The Gathering Storm, Graendal thought that Moridin looked a lot like Rand when she was first summoned to his tower. she also thought his hand flexed oddly, the same hand that Semirhage destroyed. Also there were instances when Rand closed his eyes , Moridin's image flexed into his vision. could moridin and rand be the opposite of the same coin?
  13. it was just a theory i read a long time ago.....but since both entered twice, i would say thats what cause the explosion at the door way and their prison.
  14. they are going to lock him up with the DO probably so they spend more times attacking each other, just a theory, he reminds me of ghollum from LOTR, he must serve some purpose in the end.
  15. Knowing lanfear, i believe she would want revenge for what was done to her, it was apparent that the DO is greater in power than those genies. but i think i have heard of a theory that lanfear has entered the doorway once before aleady, her three request or bargains were: 1. inhuman beauty, 2. powerful body and mind, 3. strongest channeler of any age; in exchange for humiliation of never getting the one she loved even with all of her good assets, the Dragon Reborn. in her vanity and pride, she thought they had made the poor bargain...but woe to her.
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