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  1. Remember though, BS said that the DO has orders of magnitude more trollocs than would fit in the Blight. Either they're stationed somewhere else in the world (and where else is hundreds of times bigger than the Blight-even ruling the Isle of Madmen wouldn't really help much) or they're in other worlds.
  2. Verin miscalculated. That's understandable-everyone makes mistakes. The odd part was that she felt she needed to be calculating in the first place: Mat isn't crazy, and she doesn't need to manipulate him to get him to do the right thing! Aes Sedai schemes become a way of life I guess, and she was too much in the habit of tricking everyone into acting that she forgot that sometimes honesty actually works better.
  3. After the Taint. The Asha'man finally realizing that they could LIVE now. "The others fought for life. The Asha'man had fought to die. That's how Rand feels..." Something about that scene just felt right.
  4. The Seanchan have much to recommend them-a more organized (at least pre-Semirhage!) infrastructure than the Westlands, a skilled and flexible military (when they lose, they LEARN from it-what a novel idea ;)) and the stability to bring significant improvement to places like Ebou Dar. However, they also have a brutal, totalitarian government complete with secret police and professional tortureres, the practice of enslaving their most capable people as damane, and the practice of enslaving others as da'covale. Don't tell me da'covale isn't slavery. In the Old Tongue, the word means "one who is owned"-the very definition of slavery. Now, enslaving those guilty of major crimes is a great idea: why keep a criminal idle in prison when you could have them work their keep? Those who moan about the cost of keeping criminals locked up should maybe consider this... However, da'covale do NOT consist merely of deserving criminals. Descendants of da'covale are in the same boat. They may be treated better (or worse; we've seen how much a da'covale's life depends on the whims of their master), but they're not free by any stretch of the imagination. Also, given the insanely strict and arbitrary nature of Seanchan law, one could easily be condemned to that life because of something silly like looking at the Empress, may she live only if she gets her head on straight. The Seanchan appear to be set up by RJ as a mixed culture, full of good and evil alike, a moral dilemma with which to confront the Westlands. They can be very commendable at times (think Tylee or Egeanin), but they're also rife with blatant fascism and complete slavery. If you think all of this is OK, well, you're in the same boat as the Seanchan and there's not that much more to discuss. This is the internet, not the killing fields of Almoth Plain, so we don't really need to worry about it :) But just consider before you start trying to support these invaders who are already responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths-what would you think if you saw the Seanchan in the real world, instead of admiring them from the safely of the printed page?
  5. RJ already answered that one. The Aiel have a thing for being forged (they view the three-fold land as a way of forging their entire people), and that a man would give up being a soldier that others may fight seems to them a rare and wonderful thing (since they're extremely into warfare). Put those together and blacksmiths become a pretty big deal.
  6. @ Crael Couldn't have said it any better. Bravo Brandon, and take all the time you need.
  7. Lol. I think it was just a story telling effect, like the heroes of the Horn mirroring Rand/Ba'alzamon as has been mentioned. Remember, this is a fantasy world-not all events have a strict logic to them, particularly in the early books, and some stuff just happens because RJ thought it would be cool. The Blight's retreat certainly was cool. Also, I seem to recall reading that RJ wasn't sure if WOT would be well received, so he wrote TEOTW so that it could be interpreted as either the beginning of the long story arc or as something relatively self-contained. You notice that a lot of the events in TEOTW are replaying now on a much broader scale: the unnatural season length (though it's summer rather than winter this time), the threat to the Wheel itself (you'll notice there's a much stronger emphasis in TEOTW that THIS IS IT, that we could lose everything right now), even the DO's lieutenant in Rand's dreams. It's meant to be a climax, not the full Tarmon Gai'don, but enough that it could stand alone if there wasn't enough demand for the story to write the other books.
  8. Beautiful review, and it sounds like TOM is going to be exactly what I'd hoped-a sweeping climax that covers the HUGE scope of this world complete with powerful scenes and unpredictable twists that manage to fit right into the story's arc. Can't wait for November! :-)
  9. How is Rand able to channel the True Power? BECAUSE I SAID SO.
  10. TGS-Awesome in that it moved the plot along so much (the nearer things get to TG, in many ways, the more interesting the story gets) and really well paced. Also, I just loved so many of the scenes: Rand talking with Moridin and actually noticing that the Wheel's mechanics seem set up for a DO auto-win (something that's been bothering me for Ages and no one in the story seemed to realize), Rand turning cuendillar, Egwene blasting the Seanchan, Verin being Verin ;D, I could go on and on... TGH-I wonder if RJ really got his pacing off (we know he origionally intended a much shorter story), because this book feels closer to the Last Battle than any other, even TGS (except perhaps the prologue with the storm). The portal stones were truly epic and the Battle of Falme has to rank as one of the best scenes in the series. LOC-Lots of fun plot twists. TSR-Ditto, and the best glimpse into AoL history we ever really get. Fifth place is harder-a toss up between TEOTW, TDR, TFOH or maybe WH (primarily for the Cleansing)
  11. Quote: why is anyone afraid of TGS spoilers? The spoiler ban was lifted months ago. By now anyone on this site should have read TGS on hard or soft cover. OK, I wasn't sure. Better safe than invoking the wrath of Luckers ;) Exactly: it ALMOST worked, while taking Rand to SG and turning him via Myrdraal would be an instant win. It's foolish to persue a strategy that has a 90% chance of working when there's a 100% option in the works. Though it is a valid point that the DO might not have given Rand TP access knowingly/willingly.
  12. While I have loved these books (as we all probably have on a site like this :)), one thing has truly mystified me about them. What the heck is the Shadow thinking? The prophecies state quite plainly (if I recall correctly) that if the Dragon does not show up at Tarmon Gai'don, all is lost. Now, turning Rand will win the battle for the DO, and he has certainly been trying! But why not kill him, or capture him and turn him by force (13 myrdraal, anyone)? Ishy plainly states that he wasn't really trying to kill Rand even as far back as TEOTW, before the link would have given him a reason to be careful of the Dragon's health. "I sent a single fist of trollocs when I could have sent a hundred." Maybe he was hoping for more power over the other Forsaken by having Rand as a servant, but wouldn't followers of a cause that has lost time after time know to be a little careful? The oddest part of all though is in TGS, chapter 22. I'm not going to post a spoiler since this is the general board, but to those who have read it: do the DO's actions in that scene make any sense at all? You'd think he would have left well enough alone long enough for the situation to play out... I'm wondering, maybe TG can't happen without the Dragon's presence, or that his ta'vereness makes it imposssible to kill him or turn him by force. Perhaps that explains the Shadow's seemingly self-defeating plans-the wheel protects its champion unless he freely chooses to forgo that protection. Or maybe not. Any thoughts?
  13. If I remember correctly, RJ said that the last word of the series might be something like "wheel" or "turn". (Can't recall the link, sorry.) I'm guessing that that means the final lines will be something like "And the WoT continued to turn", though it might be more interesting than that. Before reading that though, I always had the idea that the epilogue would mirror the prolouge, with Rand confronting a defeated Moridin. "It is not done between us, Betrayer. It will not be done until the end of Time."
  14. Min ;D I'd always pictured her as looking rather like Keira Knightley... Also, unlike far too many of the Randland ladies, she isn't always trying to control everything and assuming she's right all the time. Rand had better appreciate what he's got!
  15. Basically, the Shadow has a VAST advantage in everything except channelers. With at least an order of magnitude more trollocs than the Blight could sustain (and the guy who reported the quote couldn't remember if it was an order or orders plural, which means we could be talking 100-1,000 times as many trollocs as expected), monsters that we don't even know about (what exactly do Worms turn into, and what scared them off? What are Bloodwrasps? What ELSE is there?) and the Dark One's touch, there is virtually no chance for the Light toe-to-toe, sword-to-misshapen fang. Channelers are a big question though. RJ definitely intended for the Light to be the underdog; it's confirmed by his interviews and makes a much better story anyway. So, is Shai'tan pulling a bunch of Dreadlords out of his Shadowy ear (Black Asha'man maybe?), or are the "conventional" Dark forces going to be enough trouble on their own?
  16. Amen to that! So good to have a book a year *thinks of the lag after KoD* ;D
  17. How much time has passed since the raid? Egwene has been raised, but have the Seanchan gotten back to their allies? We could (potentially) see some rescue attempts in ToM.
  18. Good theory. It kind of seemed like just a bubble of evil though--didn't that chapter have the "pattern unraveling" icon?
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