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  1. It's that Brandon didn't remember anything on Moridin's sexuality either way. This means that there's nothing highly memorable in the notes regarding the Nae'blis in bed, and him being with Cyndane would certainly be memorable. (Also rather gross, IMO). Certainly him not being gay doesn't disqualify him from being with Cyndane (the reverse would be true, if anything), it's the him not having any big notes either way part.
  2. RJ was actually asked this exact question, and he responded that the lack of religion was a deliberate attempt to be more realistic, not less. He regarded organized religion to be largely a system created to maintain and strengthen one's faith, and felt that in a world where religion had been proven true, the rituals of the church (or mosque or other analogous place of worship) would be redundant. Channeling draws power directly from the Source the Creator set up, essentially believing in Aes Sedai implies believing in the Creator. And if you don't belief in the Dark One by now, there's something seriously wrong... Now, one can disagree with him about the purpose of religion or the likely consequences of its "proof" (to be honest, I don't see why channeling really proves the existence of the Creator, but hey, I didn't write the story), but at least RJ considered the matter carefully, and didn't leave religion out to simplify or politically-correctify his books. Sorry I don't remember the exact link, but it should be on theoryland.
  3. I think a lot of people who think this is out of character for the new Dragon have confused Rand's new wisdom and general awesomeness with weakness or hippyishness. The guy is Lews Therin Telamon, for Light's sake, and he was a deadly commander. Honorable, but fully capable of getting the job done. Remember, the goal is to get the world's leaders to agree to a set of terms that Rand considers (and given his new and improved state they probably will be) reasonable and helpful to establish a better world after Tarmon Gai'don. Obviously, refusing to fight and letting Shai'tan burn everything is completely unacceptable, but letting the monarchs THINK you are willing to do that so that they don't screw everything up the moment the Shadow is out of the picture...how can that be considered wrong? Remember, Rand doesn't think that he's willing to not fight, just that he wants to raise the possibility to make the world's leaders more tractable. He even thinks that it's going to be helpful that he has a reputation for irrationality. That only makes sense if he really, really doesn't want to follow through on any threats. I think he's going to flat out blackmail the world and the world will be the better for it. This is perfectly in character for Zen Rand, because he's not so much Zen as pragmatic now. He wants love and hope and general awesome to continue, and that's going to be a whole lot easier if the nations don't return to their counterproductive Daes Dae'Mar the instant he's out of the way. will be just fine fighting even if the peace isn't agreed to, but why not scare the politicians enough to get a better Fourth Age out of the deal?
  4. Never dreamed I was in T'A'R, but I have dreamed about using balefire.
  5. I've been thinking about this for a while, and I'm still uncertain as to why the Shadow was focused on turning Rand to the point of passing up chances to kill him. There's a lot of indication that losing the Dragon Reborn means losing the Last Battle, so why did Ishamael spend so long ranting at an untrained sheepherder when it appears he could have triumphed back in TEOTW had he attacked him instead? Was he arrogant to the point of complete idiocy? Perhaps, but that would make for IMO a much weaker story than the WoT could have been. Also, there has been a long-standing "don't kill Rand" order much later in the series, when the Dark One could clearly make his wishes known to the Forsaken. It seems likely then that the DO himself doesn't want to necessarily finish off his greatest opponent (or didn't; after VoG Rand's probably on the Shadow's hit list). Does that mean that there is a chance for some sort of victory even with the Dragon dead? RJ said that the Champion of the Light has gone over before without the Shadow winning, so it seems at least possible. On the other hand, the Mirror Worlds in TGH seem to make it pretty clear that Rand was crucial. Thoughts?
  6. A Memory of Light The Time has come... The Dragon Reborn has been made new. With his victory atop Dragonmount, Rand al'Thor has defeated the Shadow's greatest plan: to twist him to despair. The world has survived it's darkest moment, and the Lord of the Morning walks the land. It is war, not subterfuge, that turns the day now. Or so it seems. Yet on the eve of the Last Battle, Rand is confronted by dreams of his former lover, Lanfear. Dark prophecy is yet to be fulfilled, and the Daughter of the Night may be more dangerous than ever. Caemlyn is burning, and the weapons Mat created for the Light may become its ruin. The Aes Sedai are united against Rand's plan to break the Seals on the Dark One's Prison, and both sides are convinced the salvation of the world rests on their triumph. They may both be right. And the Seanchan, newly taught Traveling, are ready to launch their last assault on the Marath'damane of Tar Valon. At Tarwin's Gap, the battle has already begun. Lan's forces are desperately outnumbered, and their victory is more crucial than any of them know. If they falter now, Shayol Ghul may be forever out of reach. The Dark One's forces have been unleashed, and nightmares rule the waking world. The greatest peril of all, though, may come from mankind itself. The Black Ajah waits for its final stand against the Sisters who cast it out. In the Black Tower, Aes Sedai and Asha'man must put aside three thousand years of prejudice and work together against a foe that would see both bound to serve the Shadow. And new threats emerge from the Blight that none could have foreseen. The Day of Battle has come, and on the outcome turns the fate of creation itself. Now, the Dragon Reborn must at last bind mankind together, and forge both victory in war and an enduring peace. Yet Rand fears that even winning the Last Battle may not be enough. Moridin's words seem to ring true: can one truly defeat an enemy that endlessly returns to darken the Pattern of the Ages? Now, all the songs of life must join together against a voice that whispers... "I have won again, Lews Therin."
  7. Plot-wise, I would change very little. RJ is an incredible storyteller, and besting what he did storywise would be extremely difficult. However, I would have focused and abridged MUCH more than he did, and put a bit more focus on the awesome parts of the story (the AoL, the tricks of the Shadow, the Portal Stones and Mirror Worlds, Rand learning and growing, the world changing and the status quo being balefired-sometimes literally!) and less on the slow bits (Rand brushing his teeth for three books, etc). World-building adds realism and can make the exciting parts much more meaningful, but RJ IMO took it to an extent that it began to cheapen the climaxes. "The World is changing, Tarmon Gai'don is coming!" sounds pretty powerful at first, but when that's followed by scores of chapters where nothing happens, it starts to sound weak, and that in turn affects how the climaxes feel when they do occur. I'd make the series much shorter to keep the tension from going through CoT-like lulls. 1. The Eye of the World 2. The Great Hunt 3. The Dragon Reborn 4. The Ancient Spears (TSR and TFOH) 5. Lord of Chaos (LOC and much of ACOS) 6. Children of the Hawk (a bit of the ACOS material, TPOD and maybe a little of WH) 7. Crossroads of Twilight (begins with the Cleansing, covers COT and KOD) 8. A Memory of Light (TGS TOM and AMOL) Or something like that. Doubtless there would have to be a few more books to get all the amazing intricacies into the tale, but it would be nice to have each book really feel like something happened, rather than the slow pace we got later on in the series. Once the Cleansing happened, it really felt like the story should be wrapped up soon. Epicness on that scale just begs for the grand finale to follow soon. None of this is meant as any insult to RJ's and BS's wonderful work, I love all of it and am extremely grateful they have written something like this for us. But if the thread title is what would you change, well...
  8. Listening to the actual song you got the rhythms perfectly! Light, that's well done.
  9. Bravo, bravo, bravo! That is AWESOME! Kind of reminds me of a WoT version of "I am the very model of a modern major-general" that Emu on the Loose posted a while back. It was great too, though I don't remember all of it.
  10. As a person I rather like Perrin; he's honorable and kind. As for taking a long time to accept his leader/wolfbrother role, he's had a very difficult position (how would WE react if we thought we might lose our humanity?) and not all that much time to deal with it. The storyline has been so slow that it's easy to forget that in Randland time Perrin really hasn't taken that long to find his feet. In terms of being a good person, Perrin has done quite well. Now, as a character, that's a bit different. He has been stupefyingly boring for far too long, but that's RJ's fault, not his. ToM changed all that. Total Tel'Aran'Rhiod badass! I'd say that ToM made me like him much better as a character than before, but as a person he's always been pretty good. On a rather different note (sorry if this gets too derailing, but I wanted to put it out there), ToM made me hate Elayne. I've never been particularly hostile to any of the characters (well, I want the Darkfriends to die of course, but you know what I mean), but Elayne has gone from an interesting heroine to a serious *expletive deleted*. Threatening to execute Perrin and Faile for potentially invoking Manetheren while she moves to annex Cairhien? Talk about vicious hypocrisy! Power corrupts, but Elayne has truly been twisted. And she used to be so nice...
  11. When Rand first wound up in his "threesome" dilemma, my advice to him was marry Elayne, keep Min as a friend, ditch Aviendha (remember, this was back around TFoH, when Avi was being a bitch to him). That's now changed completely. While Aviendha has definitely improved (skilled and honorable Wise One rather than confused and somewhat annoying fish out of water who doesn't know what to do without her spears), Min has IMO taken the cake for best companion for Rand. She is kind, loving, extremely devoted without being (at least to me) cloying, and has been working as hard as she can to unravel the riddles that may determine the survival of the world while being a wonderful companion to the Dragon. She doesn't get the glory most of the other characters have received (Dragon Reborn, Amyrlin Seat, Prince of the Ravens, Wolf King (and maybe Lord of Manetheren, certainly Prince of Saldea), Queen of Andor, Empress of the Seanchan (may she live forever), the list goes on and on), and she doesn't care. She's content to just work in the shadows for the survival of the world and the man she loves. Admittedly, that doesn't always make for the most exciting character, and I quite understand if someone calls her boring or not the strongest role. However, it seems to me very odd to hate her as a person. Also, at the Harvard COOP ToM signing, Brandon was asked if there were any healthy relationships in the WoT. He responded immediately, "Rand and Min."
  12. Yes, he encountered "the worst it had ever been" when he seized saidin in Ebou Dar in preparation for destroying the Seanchan. The people's compassion towards his distress was one of the things that led him to abandon that plan and head for Dragonmount instead.
  13. Dude, the One Power is SUPPOSED to be overpowered! This was used by the AoL Aes Sedai to BREAK THE WORLD! That a relatively primitive culture has had trouble coming up with ways to fully utilize it should be no surprise-just look at how long it took the people of this age to come up with ways to use gunpowder. The Chinese had firecrackers but nothing else for quite a while, then fireworks rockets. Long after that, war rockets and bombs were invented (the "arrows of flying fire"). The Europeans adopted gunpowder but made very little use of it for rocketry, instead inventing guns (how had the Chinese missed that idea? It's not as obvious at it appears to us who grew up knowing about them.) In turn, practical uses of gunnery took centuries to be worked out, while in the mean time people were trying ridiculous tactics like exchanging volleys in the open field. The OP is meant to have a lot of the potential we're seeing, but it's actually more realistic that the characters are generally missing this. Will such tricks be discovered in the Fourth Age? Will channeling itself die out (too much collaring, maybe?) Will something else entirely happen? RAFO .
  14. You've forgotten the obligatory bedroom scenes with Rand-Avi and Rand-Cyndane (in TAR hopefully). lol I wonder what they could do in a world where one's fantasies are literally reality...
  15. has already started Tarmon Gai'don. He'll have his plate quite full soon, but assuming survival he'll likely be backed up by plenty of Min will figure out something crucial to sealing the Bore, or maybe using . will establish a strong position for Andor, probably claiming Cairhien and allying with Manetheren (the Gryphon Alliance). will desperately try to avoid the future she saw, either preventing from bowing to the Crystal Throne or, tragically, bringing that future to pass by her attempts (depends on if Nakomi was Light or Dark). Fortuona will likely send the reeling, and may be a serious problem. Likely the will be a serious threat early on, but will be rather quickly brought into the fold when the armies show up. Demandred will have a Crowning Moment of Awesome (Brandon said his identity was the biggest secret in the series). The Black Tower will be rent in blood and fire, and Pevara and Androl (and maybe Logain?) will team up to fight for the Light. A wild card or two will be unleashed and resolved, definately the Red-Veiled Dark Aiel, maybe the Sharans (unless those two are the same lol)? may still do something useful. will have to make a final pass at maybe trying to corrupt him, or even turning herself back to the Light? Fain will play Gollum, maybe with that army of Zombie Trollocs. All that, plus the actual logistics of Tarmon Gai'don, which I'm hoping will be truly amazing. That's certainly more than enough for a wonderful, rather long book. Yet it really doesn't seem like they'd have to make it much longer than the others in the series, or worse forbid, split it again.
  16. On a slightly different note, why do people keep saying that AMOL will be difficult/impossible/rushed to fit everything into one (WOT-sized) book? Really, what still needs to happen? is essentially set for Tarmon Gai'don. He needs to make his speech and set his terms (the Dragon's Peace, perhaps?) for the rulers of the world, then the Strike at Shayol Ghul commences. will bring back to the rest of the Light forces; a few awesome reunion scenes will ensue, and she will likely do something changing defeat to victory (my personal crazy theory is that she will warn about Shaidar Haran and his deadly abilities; unless has some kind of Light True Power SH could probably still shield him in combat). And she'll marry is ready at the Fields of Merillor; he may do a little preliminary work (maybe passing out Power-wrought weaponry?), but he's basically good to go. will have an interesting showdown with at the FM. doesn't seem to have a huge separate role anymore; she's basically support, but I reckon she'll have an epic scene rescuing/failing to quite rescue and mourning
  17. Mordeth wanted the dagger; it was his. Mordeth or Fain the Darkfriend stole the horn to use as bait, or to parley with others who might want the horn. The horn was his salvation for being a Darkfriend. He was hoping to blow the horn to redeem himself. He reveals that he's a Darkfriend by saying "The horn was my salvation." Ingtar is given credit for shooting at Rand inside Fal Dara Keep, and accidentally hitting Siuan Sanche, the Watcher of the Seals, the Flame of Tar Valon, the Amyrlin Seat. Correct, as far as I remember, except for one point: Ingtar didn't shoot the arrow; he let in an assassin (Grey Man if I recall correctly, might be wrong about that) to do it. At the end he says he "didn't know what the man wanted until he fired; still didn't know whether the shot was meant for Rand or Siuan."
  18. Yea means yes, it is an emphasizing word like "lo" or "hark". There is literally zero chance of this being another character. This is like looking at the words "Perrin talked to Faile. Then he wondered why she smelled contented." and theorizing that "he" is the name of a new character.
  19. About that... not going to anything too specific since this isn't the spoiler board, but that's not quite what happens in ToM.
  20. Well, I definately use WoT swears, usually "Light!" or "Blood and bloody ashes!"
  21. My best guess is that some of this is RJ not having fully developed the rules of channeling at the time, some of this is trying to keep it somewhat mysterious. "Egwene stared intently at the candle and a flame sprang up" keeps channeling rather hidden from the readers, and RJ loved to hide things and only gradually reveal them, bit by bit. Also, they were in large part going on instinct at first. The same thing happens to Rand: his first time channeling mentions not a single weave just things like "he struck the earth and waves of earth rolled towards the trollocs." They didn't really have a sense of weaves, but their instincts could direct the Power to some degree nevertheless.
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