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  1. Shot to Hell - Black Label Society :twisted:
  2. I'm going to go with Zakk Wylde here. From his work with Ozzy, to Pride and Glory, his solo album, and Black Label Society, the man rarely dissappoints. (There's no excuse for the song You Must Be Blind, though. :lol: ) He also has to be one of the hardest working guys in the business. He's had an album coming out just about every year since 1998, as well as an Ozzy album, touring with both his bands and Ozzy, and a number of guest appearences. So rock on Zakk. :twisted: Also, praise for George R.R. Martin for Song of Ice and Fire. I just finished Storm of Swords and I'm on my s
  3. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Storm in a Teacup
  4. Yeah, I think of it more like we're the first age, then something happens to bring about the ability to channel, and the utopian AoL develops, and so on until it loops about again, with the ability to channel lost at some point.
  5. Interesting. I wonder if we'll ever see just why. Perhaps something to do with aMoL?
  6. I had a well thought out response to why he's one of my favorite characters, despite the whole "Screw it all, save Faile," thing, as it works out in the end, but then I saw your avatar and laughed for about 15 minutes. :lol:
  7. I went with Flinn. Most of my other choices are people I've already voted for elsewhere, and of the Asha'man warders, Flinn's my favorite.
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