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    Read the post title and thought "oh no, not another Eragon bashing" - turns out its not :lol: Well, i've read both books (several times), there sitting on my book shelf right next to WoT, so i guess that means i like them Actually, i'm quite looking foward to the film(s) (and the third book)
  2. Rand is still like stone, he fights only because he has to, because there is noone else... ...i suspect his children will play a part in helping to 're-humanize' him. I can see no other purpose for the children at this late stage in the story I could be wrong heh probably am, but thats my opinion :)
  3. I'd say: Yes. The actions of the one balefired would not have happened, however the memory still exist When the darkhounds that slobbered all over Mat were balefired the action was reversed but he could remember it happening, even though it didn't
  4. AcE

    Herid Fel

    We don't exactly know, however the last thing Rand asked him was if he could see any reason to break the remaining seals the only critpic answer was something like 'Must clear the rubble before you can rebuild' (dont have my books with me atm) We can assume he was on to something however, and killed for it
  5. No, he used CPR ... The thought of using the power made him remember the little girl in the Stone when he tryed to bring her back
  6. They have a vague simulatiry i guess, as they do with Orcs... except the Urghals arn't Genetically Engineered killing machines, nor are they 'evil'... infact, one tribe pleadges to Eragon in 'Eldest' for revenge against the Emperor for enslaving them... Would a Trolloc Fist do the same? Your way off base here... It's not even remotely similar.. the 'Power' in Eragon is something within each person and tied to/released through an ancient language *shrug* so he lived on a Farm... thats not uncommon in any Fantasy and certinaly doesn't constitue plagiarism imo
  7. I've read Eragon (and Eldest; both sitting on my shelf next to WoT 8) ) i must say i'm looking foward to the film As for a WoT film... I agree, theres just way to many sub-plots going on that are important to the story as a whole... Thats something i thought about a year or so ago, i think it could work :D
  8. AcE

    WOT Game

    mmmm an MMORPG in WoT setting... There will prolly still be trolloc's/fades/darkfriends about after TG, so an MMORPG set directly after TG 8) I'd play it
  9. Ouch, that throws a nice dent in my theroy :shock: hhhmmm, i could of sworn he was aiming at Sammael who was standing next to the Waygate... *scratches head* lets see if i can find it... ok, i just re-read it (CoS p636/637) Balefire crossing was just before, as you said... He (Rand) was originally about to fire at Sammael, but fired at Liah, and swept the balefire to the square... hhmm, the book doesn't actually state Sammael died, Rand assumes it, which is why i thought he may still be about... However, if RJ has confirmed that Sammael is dead, then out the window
  10. First post ever! gggooo me! *cough* 'cuse me, getting excited, on to my post... As i'm relatively new to WoT i am, by extention, new to Dragonmount, so if the following has been suggested before then i apologize.. I've been thinking for a while now that Taim is Sammael. I have no way to prove or disprove this lets just call it a gut feeling, one that, for me, some things in CoD confirmed in my mind... Firstly Mordin mentions that Sammel "is back", he gave Trollocs orders, the ones that attacked Rand i guess (yeah, theres the possibility of someone using Illusion, but i
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