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  1. Throught the series, Rand's discomfort over being responsible for / causing the death of women seemed to progress and be tied to some of his mental instability, like the list he started to say, etc. When he is almost compelled to kill Min, and taps into TP, he is at his 'darkest'. And of course since the end of TFoH we have as readers known the rescue of Moiraine was coming. It seemed like saving her would play in to Rand becoming better in terms of his overall outlook,etc. With Rand having his ephiphany at the end of TGS, and the timeline issues in ToM, I was wondering if Brandon Sanderson has been asked if it was explicitly in RJ's notes that Moiraine being saved would NOT factor in to Rand's change to "Zen-like Rand"?
  2. 1. TSR 2. TFoH 3. LoC 4. TGH 5. TEoTW 6. ACoS 7. TDR 8. TGS 9. KoD 10. WH 11. AMoL 12.ToM 13. PoD 14. NS 15. CoT
  3. 1. The Shadow Rising 2. Lord of Chaos 3. The Great Hunt 4. Fires of Heaven 5. The Eye of the World 6. The Dragon Reborn 7. A Memory of Light 9. A Crown of Swords 10. Towers of Midnight 11. Winter's Heart 12. Knife of Dreams 13. Path of Daggers 14. Crossroads of Twilight
  4. I definitely would have liked to see more Mo reunions. She also off screen convinced Rand not to go to the Black Tower and attempt to deal with Mazrim Taim personally, so that's another way she possibly saved the day. I wonder why at the very end she couldn't have been written as helping Perrin kill Lanfear. Moraine and Perrin spent most of tDR together, she knows about Min's visions of Perrin, etc.
  5. Maybe it's because Slayer pushed Perrin, and helped Perrin get to the point where he could kill Lanfear/Cyndane at the end
  6. All of the arguments over what countries represent the directions makes it seem much more simple if it's the symbol of aes sedai. It would also go with the fact that the physical representation of the seals for the Dark One's prison are that same symbol.
  7. From the phrase it looks like the first two sentences are clearly connected to the third, so unless you have an explanation for how they connect to Rand vs. LTT I don't think this development, while obviously important, is what this Aelfinn answer is referring to.
  8. If Aviendha's vision is what will occur, it could still be that the WT and BT are unified for the Last Battle, and following that they go back to being separate. The question Rand asked the Aelfinn was * "How can I win the Last Battle and survive?" * "The north and the east must be as one. The west and the south must be as one. The two must be as one. If you would live, you must die." It could still be that unification of both sides of channellers is the an agreement made just until after the Last Battle.
  9. As people have said above, RJ likes using red herrings, and having characters act on false assumptions, and here thinking north and east and south and west in terms of geographic locations is incorrect. It goes with much of RJ's overall themes for the series that men and women have to work together in order to maximize potential. The White Tower is finally unified after the split, and with Egwene's dreamworld agreement with the Aiel Wise Ones and the Windfinders, as well as finding the Kin, the female channellers are more unified then they've been at any time since the Breaking. And the fact that there is a Black Tower makes the male channellers far more unified then they've ever been since the Breaking as well. Sure, Taim has his evil faction, but however painful it will be to get him and his cronies out of the BT, there are a fairly unified evil group rather than the Black Ajah being secretly dispersed throughout the ajahs. It wouldn't be farfetched to see Logain, who Egwene let go from Salidar, work with her to forge together an agreement between the WT and the BT once Taim and his cronies are removed or simply go over to Moridin's forces outright
  10. Yeah I'm talking about the symbol, I think the geography thing has been a big red herring and Rand's mistake
  11. I don't know if everybody already figured this out, but I just realized it today rereading KoD. "The north and the east must be as one. The west and the south must be as one. The two must be as one." That's referring to the symbol of the aes sedai. The north and the east is the male side, what's known as the dragon's fang, and the west and the south is symbol of the female side, the flame of Tar Valon. So the Black Tower has to be there, a unification of male channellers,the White Tower has to be whole, and the two towers must be joined as one.
  12. I started when TEOTW was first in paperback, I was around 13 y/o
  13. Gawyn, liked him up until after the Tower split and his obsession with killing Rand and basically being annoying as crap for 8-9 books
  14. I think her character was supposed to have been changed, now being "Elayne the Queen" It made her more annoying than usual to me, I don't know how much of an improvement it would have been if RJ was writing instead of BS.
  15. I think the working through proxy covers why he doesn't recognize Flinn, I don't think he's posing as another Ashaman a la Mesanna he just runs things through Taim, so he wouldn't recognize Flinn. Demandred is a possibility for being behind the red veiled killers we see, but so is Moridin. I just think that from Demandreds POV starting in LOC, those 4 possibilities fit best rather than something new.
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