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  1. Most definitely...I'm far more interested in a discussion regarding attitudes towards the genders in a general way...nothing about any specific characters. I want to see how people feel about the characters based on their own gender perspective. I couldn't agree more...
  2. I've been wondering for quite a while about the difference in male and female reader perspective/empathy for the male and female characters in WoT. Obviously, one of the major themes of this work is the dichotomy of the male and female halves of a whole. It seems to me, RJ (and Brandon to a slightly lesser extent) did a wonderful job illustrating this theme. Both male and female viewpoints seem perfectly reasonable to the one holding them...however, I find myself agreeing with one and finding the other contemptuous. I wonder if this is the case among other fans, too. As a man, I find myself more often than not empathizing with the male characters in the story while viewing the female characters as ignorant/stubborn/willful/stupid/etc. I see the male POV scenes as far more reasonable than the female POV scenes, both in the POV character's actions AND their understanding of characters of the opposite gender. I RELATE to Rand and Mat and Perrin (ALL the male characters, really) in a far deeper way than I do with their female counterparts. This hasn't always been the case for me in various books...eg, Mara Jade in the Star Wars EU and Elora Dannan in the Shadow series just to name a couple. My question then is this: Do female readers (by and large) have the same empathy toward the female characters and disgust for the ignorance of males in the series? Do other male readers feel like I do?
  3. They have the same soul, but they aren't the same person. Up until recently, Rand was fighting this dual nature. He is a special case in all the reincarnations spun out by the wheel in that he REMEMBERS everything about LTT's life and experience. The fight between his two personalities may have been a product of the taint, but he actually has a dual personality...unlike every other reincarnated spirit. After his catharsis, he is able to fully integrate LTT into himself...or accept that Rand is LTT, or that LTT is Rand, or that they're some odd amalgam...however you prefer to look at it. Regardless, if the Creator would allow a reincarnated soul (the soul of His chosen champion for all eternity) to retain its memories from a previous spinning-out, who's to say He wouldn't allow that soul to double its strength with the One Power? Like I said, it's a theory, but simply saying Rand and LTT are the same soul doesn't really disprove it...especially when everything else about the LTT/Rand reincarnation flies in the face of every other reincarnation EVER.
  4. I'm re-reading ToM now, and just finished this chapter earlier today...I started thinking about this. I wonder if Rand has now been able to combine his strength with that of LTT, giving him the strength of BOTH the two strongest (probably) male channelers of all time. Now he can do things that no other channeler has ever been able to do, thus giving him the strength to face the Dark One. I may be way off, but there hasn't been any evidence anywhere else in the series of anything but a circle or someone with a super powerful sa'angreal being able to do what he did at Maradon.
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