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  1. Hurin is definitely my favorite minor character. I'm hoping he'll turn up again.
  2. I'm re-reading the series, and I seem to have read past this bit or something. I've looked through the EncyclopediaWOT, and I can't find a reference. Would someone be so kind as to give me a book & chapter reference for when Sheriam and Carlinya swear fealty to Egwene? Thanks very much.
  3. Hey, this is my first post here. Sorry if this is a question that's been asked over and over; I've tried looking through various FAQs and haven't been able to find an answer. I recently acquired a hardcover version of New Spring, which I haven't read yet. I notice that its ISBN (0641724403) is different from that of the edition of New Spring described as revised. How big are the differences between the two editions? Is it worth returning the edition I have now and getting the revised edition?
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