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  1. Through out the AMOL I was waiting for DFs to appear to aid the Shadow - Aravrine betraying Faile was good, Mellar popping up was another good appearance....but what about others that were high up Alviarin (she might have popped up but not memorable - ok I forgot if she did haha). what about Old Tally?? who was suppose to be high up in the ranks - maybe he was caught with the Seanchan clearing them out etc etc..I can not think of any more at this time But I expected an army of DFs to appear along side the Dark or indivduals to rise up with the Lights Ranks
  2. The way you win a battle is immaterial if losing it means the end of existence. Not when it can cost you everything on this earth, stravation, raping, pillaging, more endless killing for survival, diseases...what then is the point of living...to live that life is even worse.
  3. haha it might have...I was wondering was it just so focused on Rand and did not care about anything else...I remember I discussion around 'after the Taint was cleansed what will happen to the Ways' - did anything came out from that disussion
  4. You know what really hurts morale? Losing the Last Battle. Oh, and also loosing an army of trollocs on half of Andor and Caemlyn. I don't think there's a soldier alive that would prefer to keep a city infested with trollocs intact in exchange for their lives and tens of thousands of their comrades. Nuke the waygate, go fight somewhere else... say perhaps saving Lan's army from destruction. Might even have saved Fal Dara and Fal Moran. How was that on morale btw? The way you win a battle is more important than winning a battle - why do you think every army in the world and through out history was to protect there homeland..yes it would be easy for them "nuke it" and move on...but Caemlyn is a symbol to the people...they would fight as much if they lost their morale and they definitely would lose the Last Battle anyway. Think as a solider you just see your home, your future, your life and family destoryed would you really like to move on at full energy and help another nations homeland, as a solider you would be saddened and depressed and lost hope....Plus that would resort to the Dark Ones tactics and that is what they are opposing and Rand has tried to create. Would there be guaranteed victory if they did "nuke" Caemlyn and helped Lan? Then you would have 2 corrupted General Captains leading an army (which would be harder to track and prove there mistakes) and I think the Dark one would then move his forces to counter this and been so close to the Blight etc easier...
  5. My Opinion about the Battle Strategy ------ One thing Channelers have limits they will get tired using that much of the one power and not all Channelers can create gateways or one big enough for an army. and then you also have to keep some aside for healing. you do not want to waste a valuable resources just to move a huge force. which leads into having a huge force from different nations in one area it can cause problems in both coodinations and maneuvers and supplying the army with new weapons or repairing weapons or even food is also harder. To break it down into 4 battlefronts is better for a short term solution. hold off 3 and eliminate one and keep going. Caemlyn is a logical choice as if you destory them they won't spread out and attack nations whose army has gone, create a base in your home territory, and won't attack from behind and join the force either at Tarwins Gap or Kandor. Also with Kandor and Tarwins Gap been close to the Blight they will have an endless supply of reinforcements Someone here suggest to get the Channelers to oliberate Caemlyn - you never want to that it will lose morale and would you like to basically destroy your know Town - if something is lost you can take it back, if something is burned then you can rebuild and regrow....but once people morale has gone then they lose hope and won't know what they are fighting for.
  6. I do not think Galad was fueled by a desire to serve a higher power - I think his right and wrong philosophy played a big part in his chosing the Whitecloaks especially with the Chaos and his missing sister and friends. Charisma I do not think he has due not people liking his nature. He also does have one immature trait/expression that is of tattling - running off to his mum or whoever is in charge and telling on them for doing something wrong. Between him and his siblings it is normal to carry on these feelings into early adulthood, as they still assume the other are still like that.
  7. It was an escaped sharan merchant in the tavern just before they go in the stone. He is trying to get someone to invest in a scheme for silk worms. An undercover spy from seanchan then confirms what he is saying is true and Alivia gets all freaked out by the accent. Its a testament to how bad Graendal threw the country into chaos after kidnapping the rulers. We know how tightly they control trade so things must be seriously awry. Oh yes now I recall that - Thanks Suttree
  8. It was stated early on in the books or somewhere - that Randland was the focus of the Last Battle We did hear about Shara when Avi went through the columns and for the life of me I can not recall in KoD a Sharan Merchant - can you let me know a chapter or a clue to where?
  9. Yep, each one of them is a mixture of familiar traits of our nations, and several new. None of the WoT nations are good matches, just partial ones. I've seen this topic brought up before, and some people try to read maybe too much into it which can result in absurdity or unnecessary arguments. I just try to enjoy the ambiguity of some of these traits.. and I think RJ wanted us to speculate about what was on purpose and what was not. I seriously doubt he wanted to make any unambiguous political statements. There are a few of them that are very close.....Shienar is very much based directly on Japan, with the Samurai like culture for warriors, and public baths. That is one of the few times when a nation is based primarily on a single culture. Except in Japan majority of the Public Baths are separated by Gender, while the Shienar public baths are mixed (recalling this from memory when Rand had women enter the bath). I think Russian Public Baths or Banya is a shared one.
  10. You do realise that the Jews do not believe that Christ was the Messiah??? - The Jews are still waiting for their Messiah. And it was not Jews (Also they were not called Jews back then either) that followed Christ - you got to remember at the time of Jesus Christ he had followers from all nations but they were not called Christians - latter on, centuries in fact, the term Christians came about. And Israelites did not fought anymore then any other nation at the time probably less as they did not have a country at the time. but I also agree that there is a connection between teh 12 tribes of Israel and the Aiel. but the descriptions more fit the Celtics and Picts (Ireland and Scotland - and some parts of the Scandanavian world) but the way they live is Native Amercians - Apache mostly, is the way I pictured them The Seanchan - A combination of Far East (China,Korean, and Japan) Illian totally agree sounds Scotish - but the looks do remind me of Holland
  11. I am stretching the term 'conversation' - Moiraine and Rands 'conversation' with the Eelfinn/Aelfinn
  12. okay - gosh - I have always been into reading i guess and fantasy books have helped balanced my world...anyway a long time ago (I forgot when maybe 10 or so years ago) I was on my way home from Uni and the bus dropped me at some shops before heading back home (its a 15 minute walk to my house from the shops) I went into the Library for a little walk around the place scanned a few books nothing taking my fancy then I came across a book cover that looked interesting it had a man holding a horn and a strange humaniod and girl looking upon him with people in the shadows lurking about - yes it was The second book of the series The Great Hunt and yes I read it first with out realising it was apart of the series (hahaha) - relooked at the book cover and figured out that it was it was the second so went back to Library to look for the first one and it was not there so I ordered it and had to wait a week for it and from that point I have read the series and eventually brought them all :) and read them and reread them
  13. WELL ACTUALLY!!! you can have a process correct and still get a wrong result I meant apart from the obvious - not having the saidar - Did he need a buffer or a sacrifice or a funnel etc basically what did Lews Therin and Rand needs? and is it only that he needed Saidar?
  14. What if there was something in the process?
  15. sorry Xeratul if I sound like a bit gruff - but its getting late and I am getting tired :) I like a good discussion and all that - but the Forum probably can not contain everything we would like to say and things and understandings could be left out so please do take offence in how I write or come off
  16. I too have studied at Uni (I assuming you have a degree in this), Japanese History and lived there for a while - I think the forum is too small to even discuss this and typing responses are not good - as missing points from both sides. I feel you have only half the information. (which you probably feel the same) the Edo/Tokugawa period (1603-1868 - which fits into the FEUDAL PERIOD you stated) was a period of time under a Shogunate and in fact the last one.... A Shogun is basically like a dictator/warlord - Military background and is leading a country - but Shoguns have been around for centuries before the Feudal Period Minamoto no Yoritomo the First Shogun in Feudal Japan came from a Samurai clan (Samurais have been around since 650ad) - you said they were a warrior class not me I was following the term - when he became Shogun he also established that samurai was also an aristocracy at that time (Samurai before the Feudal System were not) they were also not the only nobles as the Daimyo were also (and not all were samurai) during the Edo/Tokugawa period they were mostly civl servants. No one said 1000 poeple would have to commit seppuku - you are mixing up that only aristocrates fight wars and battles and assume that links to a failed samurai master (general) dies and then all the soliders have to kill themselves - well that is frankly stupid...its not romantisied Masterless Samurai (Ronin) were suppose to commit seppuku - this is a master to apprentice training...and if you failed in this then the ronin would have to feel this shame...when the samurai became aristocrates this did not follow so mush in the 'feudal period'...and most were unemployed samurai. Like everything in this world from Christianity/Bushido/Zen/Hippies/Democracy etc etc they are all ideals until they are written down and followed..and it is the code of conduct of the samurai - it means "the way of the warrior" which is where I think you are confusing things. By the of the fuedal period it was taught at public schools
  17. You are wrong about the Feudal Japan Warrior Class and Aristocracy had to wear the top knot - Only the SAMURAI wore the Top Knot, Aristocracy of Japan did not and other soliders or warriors did not either...The Samurai is a way of life and was a separate class. Again you should read the descriptions closer the Cairhien shaved and powdered the front of their scalp again like Ancient China (Manchurian style mostly) while the Samurai in Ancient Japan shaved the whole top of their head and then tied up into a top knot. The Ronin did not shaved the head and top knot tied differently. The powdered head is from a period in France. I never said anything about anyone HAVING to wear the topknot. And during feudal times in Japan, the shogunates and whatnot, almost every aristorcrat wore the hair style and considered themselves a samurai. Things were different during the Imperial times pre-1200 AD, sure, but noone thinks of that when they think of samurai and feudal Japan. A ronin is merely a masterless samurai, the equivalent of a Japanese hedgeknight. The efficacy of the Bushido code binding samurai to a noble lifestyle is as much of a myth as the European chivalric code. 1st. Sorry you never said "HAVING" - I thought it was implied that way - So now are you implying that it was the choice of the warriors, Shoguns and whatnot (I assume you mean soliders/other warriors) could choose what ever hairstyle they wanted - that would be pretty stupid - as no army has that. even back then. and the Samurai were not even an army or part of it. They were esstienally bodyguards. 2nd. The Shogunnates and whatnot -They never considered themselves samurai - Samurai were a different class 3rd. Again the nobles did not copy the samurai - The Samurai were the guards of the Shogun and Daimyo of the time and were cntrolled by them. 4th. by the period of time you are taling about, I think you mean the Edo period, Samurai were not as such a "warrior class" they were now part of the noble ranks and attended court etc. Therefore that is where you mixing things up and by that time the Samurai class was nearly fazed out 6th. How do you know what everyone thinks 7th. Ronin were not like a hedgeknight - a Ronin was materless though but not considered samurai - Once the Master has died the Ronin were suppose to commit seppuku..the ones that did not were Ronin by Samurai and Daimyo - and not honourable. 8th. The Bushiso Code is not a myth but a true way of life and still part the japanese way of life, especially in the martial arts.
  18. You are wrong about the Feudal Japan Warrior Class and Aristocracy had to wear the top knot - Only the SAMURAI wore the Top Knot, Aristocracy of Japan did not and other soliders or warriors did not either...The Samurai is a way of life and was a separate class. Again you should read the descriptions closer the Cairhien shaved and powdered the front of their scalp again like Ancient China (Manchurian style mostly) while the Samurai in Ancient Japan shaved the whole top of their head and then tied up into a top knot. The Ronin did not shaved the head and top knot tied differently. The powdered head is from a period in France.
  19. Nice point - didn't Rand also spot a ploughing machine that can do four or fine at a time?? sorry no reference just a vague memory
  20. I never pictured it as fuedal Japan with the top knot - but more Fuedal China - mostly the Manchurian hairstyle - as they shaved the front of his scalp ..the Samurai shaved the whole top of the head
  21. It fell dramatically over the course of 1,000 years. That's precisely why I term it subtle. Yes, it has a very noticeable effect over a prolonged period, but it needs a long period to become apparent. Over a short period, it is not noticeable. A definition of subtle: "fine or delicate in meaning or intent; difficult to perceive or understand". The population decline is difficult to perceive. It requires centuries of information. The Yellow Ajah are not always available. Only 1% of the population can channel at all, not all of them will become channelers, not all of them have great strength, not all of them will have any noteable degree of skill with Healing (some strong AS lack enough Talent in Healing to Heal a bruise). Unless useful magic is readily available, there is an incentive to find non-magical solutions to problems. While I appreciate these points, I don't believe they would matter to the population of the world at large. Almost every single disease has already been conquered. What is the point of more medical advancement. Medicine akin to our in such a world would really only be seen as the advil of the curative world. It would only be useful for a quick fix. Almost every kind of terminal disease is curable with a pilgrimage to the White Tower in the North and Central of the continent. Those in the South can simply go visit a Ring member near them. I believe this would be similar to the doctor shortage we currently have. Because we suffer from a dearth of doctors, to cure most serious recurring disease takes months. But most people don't see too much with it because we know that if we had a truly large problem, we could get it fixed with enough perseverance. This kind of mindset is endemic. I really think that it would affect a magic using world in a serious way causing lethargy and general malaise with regard to technology. The best and easiest way to advance technology is to identify magic users and utilize them to their fullest the way the Seanchan empire does. Why create a bulldozer when you can leash a woman who can do much the same thing and more. Further, this tool won't break down for 300+ years. In the world of the Wheel of Time, I believe that the Seanchan solution is the most likely progression. Yellow Ajah arrogance - I remember reading that they were the only really useful Ajah (they thought not me) - So over time all the major diseases are cured and nothing else to cure hence the weaves are the same, over time they become arrogant and closed off from anything and only cure major things and let the Wisdom/Wise Women etc to cure the colds, with herbs etc and to keep them informed if any other major epidemic happens. This a reflective theme in the real world as Medivial doctors used leeches to cure everything and anything....they was no other way to cure anyone...then after centuries of time new ways developed. I agree that they have replaced technology with Magic (as with most fantasy themes) because of that very reason, why would they create a bulldozer when you can have a channeller leashed to do it...except that the some of the general popualtion (non magic users) must be thnking it and doing it...as in evidence in the Schools Rand started, and even in the Age of Legends - Jo-cars or Sho-Wings - why create them if magic was all around and gateways could be created???
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