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  1. Ahhh missed that first time through, but good to know.
  2. Here's one of many questions i have: would Leilwein have suffered the Warders rage when Egwene died? Sure she would've. Bayle is probably a widower now IMO
  3. In regards to Leilwein Shipless.....wouldnt she have gone into a warder rage after Egwenes death?? We'll never know but it seems to me she'd have the same fate as Bryne. We'll never know but its just another thing ive thought about. Domon SHOULD be a widower now.
  4. @ viperswhip yes thats what i think also. I was waiting to new seals and looking back...they werent needed. Seems to me that in the next LB, it will take quite an extraordinary effort to break through what Rand did with the 3 powers. We'll never know but it did seem like a sealing that is unique and most likely doesnt happen every Age.
  5. As far as the Bore goes....Rand patched it perfectly. As the good as the original by the Creator, am I right? And, it was so good that new cuendillar seals werent needed. Did i interpret this correctly?
  6. @ Sarlic Im 100% with you....on all points. Theres no way though, that I can read anything else right now. Gonna be a lil while first. Im re-reading and taking it slow as far as details and the overall Last Battle. At first i was so damn glad to have the book, now im gonna enjoy all the little details i missed. (Lack of sleep due to the nonstop action didnt help with the little details lol) Another book? Ya for me.....but not for a while.
  7. I got an early copy but my reaction was and is: I absolutely LOVED it. The action had me nervous, on the edge of my seat and I loved all the battles and who fought who and so many things. The epilogue did bug me. After hundreds of pages of non-stop action, I kind of needed more of a "calm down" period with the characters. I mean no disrespect for those who feel utterly let down and disappointed, however I am glad that after this last book, I can close it and re-read the series again with the nothing but positivity and the satisfaction of having an ending that i felt was intense, action packed, exciting and sad. Its too bad others do not have that satisfaction.
  8. @ Magmaros TOM pg 812 In the Chapter The One Left Behind
  9. I just finished chapter 5......then i had to leave to take my kids ice skating. All i can at this point is: Moiraine. I got choked up. Then had to put the book down and leave. Some serious reading comin up tonight
  10. I dont even have an interest in e-books but i can completely, whole heartedly understand why those who prefer those would be pissed...even feel "dissed". They DO make $$ from those. Ive never understood Harriets issue and i think that even from a financial standpoint they would release it the same day. Personally i dont get it. And as i said, i read the hardcovers. I prefer paper.
  11. I totally agree with Arved. Would LUV a few flashbacks, particularly from LTT's pov of the last sealing of the Bore.
  12. Not me bro. Im taking a day or two off work and gonna get myself a nice sweet, slow buzz and slowly digest each and every word from front to end. Just like i did those many years ago when i picked up the first book. Full circle for me. Ill prob read the entire thing straight through but i dont wanna know the end.....til i get there. In fact just before the last climatic scenes, ill probably put the book down and have myself a good shot of somethin, smoke a cig or 2 and regroup for the end. Lol. But very true. Ive been waiting for this for too long, gonna enjoy it in its entirety
  13. Personally, I'd really like to see the rest of the Gholam (what is there 5 others?) come in and wreak havoc against the Lightsiders. Maybe a group of Seanchen with a bunch of Damane getting shredded.
  14. Im wondering why she referred to him as Al Thor as opposed to Lews Therin. Just a thought.
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