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  1. What if somehow the wheel split the dragon's soul in three? 1.Rand-The Stone of Tear will never fall, till Callandor is wielded by the Dragon’s hand. The Stone of Tear will never fall, till the People of the Dragon come. 2.Mat-Fortune rides like the sun on high with the fox that makes the ravens fly. Luck his soul, the lightning his eye, He snatches the moons from out of the sky 3.Perrin-When the Wolf King carries the hammer, thus are the final days known
  2. Valere refers to valour.
  3. Rand could defeat Taim because there are supposedly three male sa'angreal equal to or greater then Callandor's power and if Rand links with a woman (Nynaeve) again then he can wipe Taim's sorry face off the world of channelers and darkfiends.
  4. Who is the most important advisor to Rand al'Thor, The Lod of the Morning?
  5. 1. Egwene 2. Elayne 3. Moraine 4. Nynaeva 5. Romanda/Lelaine/Cadsuane/Alanna/Verin/Elaida/Siuan All for 5 are equal for a vareity of reasons
  6. Then rand will lose becuase he can't link a flow to seal the bore and fight the DO at the same time
  7. It is revealed in the books that Mazrim Taim sent the darkfiend Asha'man against Rand in the Sun Palace.
  8. Aiel can be darkfiends if they have toh to another darkfiend. Sometimes, the aiel beleive the only way to meet toh is to become gaishain and what if while gaishain they must serve a darkfiend. Herego, gaishain=servant+darkfiendmaster=darkfiend servant :-X
  9. All souls are rewoven into the pattern. Also supposedly each soul that is connected to another i.e. marriage, bonding, blood will be rewoven connected again i.e. Rand and Elayne
  10. If Callandor was the next physical seal over the Bore then if Rand uses it to reseal the Bore he is just building upon an allready weak layering. For the battle between Dragon and Dark One to happen again then the seal must be completely remade as it was at the beggining of the Age of Legends.
  11. Who was Illyena Telammon reborn as? ???
  12. I thought this was supposed to be a non biast forum. Jesus was ressurected 3 days after he was crucified. Are you saying an age could be 3 days?
  13. By the way the Wheel of Time works it is consistent that we are the First Age of the wheel. People who can channel gained the ability from Tamyrlin who was the first channeler given his power by the Creator. That means that they have to lose their ability to channel before they can get it back. Losing it signals the end of the 7th Age and them getting it back signals the end of the First Age.
  14. Who must be with Rand for him to survive after the Last Battle?
  15. Rand went through the Portal Stone and saw alternate universes. Egwene went through the Accepted Test and saw possibilities of her future. Aviendha and Moraine went through the Rings in Rhuidean and saw every choice she could have made in different ways. Rand and Mat went through the Red door leading to the Tower of Ghenjei and the Aelfinn. RJ could have gone through any of these to gain his knowledge of Randland.
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