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    It will make your heart happy I bet to see the story.
  2. Zaren


    You are not the only one with such a cunning cap.
  3. I have probably read the first three or four books of the series like seven times. The rest probably three. I always start reading and then something comes up. But I have to start back at the beginning because I like the whole story in a line.
  4. Anyone in here a fan of Joss Whedon's Firefly and Serenity? I actually didn't find Firefly until about two years after the show actually went off the air. But boy was I hooked after I got hold of the complete series on DVD. This has to be some of the best written and funniest dialouge I have ever seen. I so recommend that if you havn't seen this, you should and do it fast. Heck just ask for it for the holidays. Sad to think we may never see more Firefly again. But at least we will be getting a new story from Joss next year that is part of the story. It will be in comic form. Also, if y
  5. Why rent when you are just going to like them so much you will want to buy them after you rent them. Save the $10 to rent the set and just buy it.
  6. Zaren

    im curious

    Such an evil part of the internet. You can do one thing one day to completely block them out and then about a week later they have broken down and changed their entrance patterns. Boo on bots.
  7. I am from the nation of Texas....wait it isn't a nation? Funny, everyone there says it is. But yes Texas and the best part of it, Austin.
  8. Good ole Christmas music from launch.com. It is scary what comes on there sometimes.
  9. Sorry to wait so long to answer. But to answer your question, no you do not need to connect with the Java browser applet. From any telnet application you can connect to www.mirrorsmud.net port 2222. Most users who are past the telnet stage choose to use an application like Zmud (www.zuggsoft.com) which is designed to help basic commands and movement in a mud environment. Hope that helps.
  10. Love the show and totally recommend it.
  11. I will definately check it out. Always love roleplay and I am always looking for quality over quantity. I have to say that if you want live interaction with people from across the globe in a realtime Wheel of Time environment you might want to check out Wheel of Time MUD (www.wotmud.org). They are a text based mud, probably the largest WoT based mud in existence, but are not too large.
  12. http://www.scifi.com/scifiwire/index.php?category=1&id=37350 With one book left in the series, Sword of Truth looks like it is going to get a treatment from an established director. Phttphhbbt. I want my Eye of the World miniseries first.
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    Wow, nice to see some fans out there. And don't worry, once you get your hands on the DVD of the series, get through the first disc and you will be hook as ever. I would definately say watch the series before the movie, because after all the movie is set after the series. When I first saw it, I was like oh great, more Star Trek/Babylon5 scifi. But oh was I mistaken. There are no superlasers or aliens. They put it in space but gave it a western motif. The stories told are character driven and afterwards you just sit there and go....Wow, I want more.
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