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  1. That is a pretty interesting perspective. I am bummed that this cover will not be improved an released. To get so close and not finish seems to be a curse with this series.
  2. This is amazing! I'm hoping time flies until the release!
  3. How did this news pass me by for almost a month? I'm super excited to see the end date!!
  4. I agree order - I would love to see it or see that incorporated into whelans work. This will be amazing!
  5. Moiraine from EOTW showed such courage standing up to the villagers. There was something about her spinning staff that still makes it her best "scene" to me.
  6. Please once you post pictures/links/interviews don't take down the link this time. I discovered DM two months after the last Dallas showing and no one can tell me where those pictures are :(
  7. Let the nervous waiting begin!
  8. There is not a simple answer for my favorite memory. Dragonmount leaves me with a sense of community, and a sense of excitement. Even though Dragonmount is an online community, it is really a set of friends and family. This is obvious in the way that the administration works so diligently to make this run smoothly. The site redesign has been an immense undertaking in which almost everything you could ask for was covered! I am amazed by the depth of this project where everything from rss feeds to social networking was integrated. It is obvious that Dragonmount is the product of passion and determination. There is teasing, even with other online communities (the outside US questions spring to mind). There are gatherings, there are debates, there is insight into the love of this story. There is everything that you could ask for and more here. It feels like home every time I visit!
  9. That's awesome news! I'll be at the Dallas signing. I can't wait for the application for Tower Guards!
  10. I'm not crazy about this idea. I have books by Brandon Sanderson. That doesn't mean I live in a bookstore. It's possible he mailed it to a fan.
  11. The change is really nice! Thanks for all of your hard work!
  12. My husband asked me the other day how many times I've read the series. I don't think he understands that there is so much to the story you can miss things if you only read it once. I can't wait to see the final copy. I'm dying to know how it ends!
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