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  1. We know the DO is stuck in his fiery toilet pool of lava in SG and his Forsaken minions are breeding Trollocs, bringing them into Randland, recruiting Dreadlords. All of this is to start a mass assault on the world and conquer it. One question has never ceased to bug me: WHY? Why does the Dark One need to conquer the world? Why does he need Trollocs? Let's imagine his armies destroy the light-side armies, what next? How will accomplishing that help him escape his prison? Various possibilities: He needs the remaining Forsaken to perform a super secret dark ritual w/o any interference from the light-siders and needs to subdue everyone first He needs to subdue the Dragon because only the Dragon can prevent him from escaping, after that no one can stop him and he can take his time All-out war is a distraction for the light-side so that the DO can secretly do the real stuff needed to escape his prison He cannot escape as long as there is a sufficient number of people who are "loyal to the light" (they prevent his escape through "belief and order") He needs suffering of common folk as a catalyst to break his prison (i.e. critical mass of suffering in the world will break his prison) He can only escape his prison if the Dragon helps him and converting the Dragon through war is easiest He does not want really to escape and this is all just a huge playground for him (i.e. he is having fun) The whole war idea was created by Forsaken and Dark One went along to keep them happy The whole war idea was created by the Dark One to keep Forsaken occupied until they are his completely, then he can use them to escape somehow He and the Creator have a wager that the DO can turn the whole world Darkfriend, and then the Creator will personally free him (so DO decided to eliminate all non-Darkfriends) Other (post your suggestion in comments and I will add it to the poll if allowed) What do you think?
  2. True. And AS lifespans also reinforce this. Unless all members of the Brown who were librarians in the prophesy section were Black of course.
  3. Well we do have the BA in all levels of AS hierarchy. Yes, but there are not so many of them that they can pull off something like this easily, or at all. Not easily. But a book with the prophesies would be much lightly guarded than a storeroom of ter-sa-angreal. You would not expect people to tamper with them intentionally (remember the AS denial of BA). For most people (incl AS) it is just a book. A dangerous one, but one that you might find anywhere. So no use hiding/guarding it I assume.
  4. Well we do have the BA in all levels of AS hierarchy. So is not an issue process-wise. I always assumed that the prophesy cycles were constant, i.e. you don't add something to it. It would be a different cycle if you do. If we take all recent Elaida's and Nicola's foretellings we would have to call it differently (like the Inflated-Ego-Women cycle or something).
  5. Great read - thanks! Question is: is kneeling to the CT in the Essanik Cycle or the Karaethon Cycle? If in the latter - then the Seanchan may have the less-tampered with version. Regarding pushing a corrupted version in Randland - it would require a centralised effort, which would be possible either through complete anarchy (i.e. when everything gets destroyed and is much easier to plant a dozen of copies here and there) or through a central rule (i.e. "this is the true version of the book - all others are now outlawed - go and destroy them").
  6. Can the Seanchan prophesies be right? Let's look at the facts: Luthair comes to Seanchan with the prophesies Crystal throne does not exist yet It is mentioned in the prophesies though Ishamael has great influence in the Western Continent (where he knows all the LB action will happen at the end of the age), but not Seanchan (even Trolloc wars did not touch them much) ...and most importantly - Avi heard of the "kneeling to the Crystal Throne" in the columns, so we know it gets fulfilled What are your thoughts? Could Luthair have actually brought the last unaltered version of the prophesies before Ishamael tinkered with them on the main continent?
  7. Sorry to start another topic in this area, but during a reread I noticed the following interesting thing: Sammael's messenger to Rand was compelled in such a way, that the Forsaken could speak through him and control all his actions (including making him bleed to death apparently). Theory: could Demandred be sitting in an armchair somewhere and controlling Taim 24/7 through a weave similar to what Sammael used? This would corroborate Rand's (or rather his past memory's) aggressive reaction to Taim as he would be using Demandred's voice and/or similar body gestures (since Dem is in control, it would be logical that these would be similar).
  8. Sul'dam can't channel regardless...You can't cut someone off from something they've never used. The fox-head medallion wouldn't have any affect on a sul'dam apart from protecting her from most weaves. "Forced Circles" are what the damane experience when with the suldam. The suldam must access the power to control it. I guess you mean "involuntary rings" that Moridin refers to. And those are not the A'Dam. Those are the BA forcing channelers into a circle against their will.
  9. She also needs to get married to Gawyn. This will mellow her out some. Those hormones must be overflowing by now - she is a 19 year old girl physically after all.
  10. Agree with the points raised. However the 180 turn in her core values still looks a bit fishy. I mean - you don't see people who give up on their moral values gain completely opposite moral values that often. Usually rejection of moral values leads to depression etc. It similar to an ascetic nun forsaking her beliefs and turning into a decadent mass murderer. Besides - Graendal chose ascetism herself, as written in the BWB. Not that it was imposed on her. We have a similar "transformation" in the series - Rand. However he did not change polarities, he merely changed his modus operandi. Got rid of his youth maximalism you might say. For a young adult it is quite common.
  11. What about Graendal? Isn't she described as becoming the "exact opposite of her former self" (her pets, unrestrained lifestyle etc).
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