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  1. hmm, this may seem kind of out there but who thinks that Rand would be tough enough to handle it if Alanna did just take away the bond. I mean he has 3 others in his head, he's not really going to want for company, or that when Moiranie comes back, she just may end up being the one to take the bond from her? Just a thought.
  2. ME? I'm all about the get togethers. 1. Moiraine coming back 2. Rand seeing her again for the first time and thinking that he's halucinating(SP?) then fainting whe he realizes she's real 3. Rand finding out Eleyne is pregneant and fainting(Again) 4. Another meeting with his dad 5. Tam yelling at Moiraine 6. Nyneve and Lan 7. Rand, Mat, Perrin getting together and going home before the battle 8. Tuon getting a kick in the butt when she finds out Mat and Rand are best friends 9. Rand apologizing for being an idiot these last few years 10.All the AS realizing that their problems really don't matter and that they should have been helping out Rand the last few books.... I could continue, with all my hopes for these books but I think I'll stop at 10... :D
  3. You know what, SCREW THE PROPHECY! ;D I just hope that by some awesome random luck that Rand makes it all the way through, that he burns out and can go back to his boring life as a shepherd. I mean the poor dude, hasn't he had enough??? And he's just coming around again, maybe he'll be half the dude he used to be! I think that after all he's been through he deserves to live and have a peaceful life the rest of his years!
  4. ummm... one thing is that Noal isn't Jain Farstrider, he knew him... if i remember correctly Jain was the reason is sister died or some such... i can't really remember for sure...
  5. OK please tell me I'm not the only one to have thought at one point, that the book Loail is writing could possibly be the book that you're reading? So, who else would think that I'd be awesome if at the end of the final book Loial's singnature was at the bottom of the page?
  6. Needless to say it does sound like your one of the few that hates her! LOL!!!! :D
  7. OK no one critise me for this I'm just trying to be honest, but I have to say that this novel was one big refresher from the monotony of Robert Jordans writing, don't hurt me, RJ was one of my ultimate favorite writers I love how engrossing and detailed his writing is.... But honestly my biggest thought through the whole thing was a lot of 'FINALLY' Brandon made a lot of things happen that it seems we've been waiting an eternity for! I have to say that it was more gripping then the others books I've read. I actually have a friend who used to be as into the books as me but has now given them up because he simply can no longer stand the boring detail of Jordans writing,I've told him that Brandons is good but he simply hasn't been able to get himself into them again. I'm so happy, because I've never been that intrested in reading Egwane's POV ever since she became Armylin and I never have been before that intrested in the Forsakens doings, but this is the first time in a long time I've read something about Egwane and actually been intrested! As for favorite scenes I'd have to say the part where Rand meets his dad, I've waited on this reunion for a long time, but it didn't exactly go down the way I had hoped, and then the end, I was so happy that Rand had come to his senses I nearly cried! Not to mention Matt! I found his charchter a huge comedy relife from the seriousness going on around him. I thought he was portrayed diffrently but brilliantly and insanly funny! I was slightly dissapointed however that we didn't hear much from Perrin, and heard nothing from Elayne whatsoever. But at the same time I was extreamly impressed with it over all. :)
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