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  1. As a matter of fact I have seriously thought about naming my child (if its a girl) Aviendha. Its my favorite name in the series, as for the male names I like Rand but wouldn't name my son that.
  2. Altara- The women are in charge, plus I'd like to see those famous duels they're always talking about.
  3. 19 yrs old when I started, referred by a 35 yr. old and now I am 26.
  4. I like the scene where Mat takes Joline over his lap and spanks her bottom, and gets 3 last slaps in before her he thinks her warders will burst in, and then him thinking to himself, that his hand hurt anyway.
  5. I will go with Long Tooth-Elyas he's awesome!
  6. Definitely Lan, its a close call between him & Rhuarc but I think Lan for sure.
  7. I would have to say Ebou Dar, because as a woman, I would love to be able to kill/maim my husband or any man for that matter and not be questioned! Give me a marriage knife!!! :twisted:
  8. It was tough but I picked Avie, because she kicks ass! My second best would have been Egwene, cuz she's really come into her own and shown that she's got balls of steel! :D
  9. No, I don't like them, and I don't understand why they change the look of the characters with each cover, like how they make Rand look in The Dragon Reborn and how they show him on aCoS is totally different I just don't get it.
  10. I picked Mat because he's a hot ticket and remember how much fun Tylin had with him? Atleast we know we can tie him up if we want!
  11. Hi guys, quick question- I am re-reading the series and just finished LoC. Min has a vision about Berelain eventually going ga ga over a "man in white", would that be Galad? He is a whitecloak and pretty and we all know Egwene will end up with Gawyn so that leaves Galad free, I just can't remember ever hearing/reading afterwards anything about that.
  12. Dude! :shock: Wouldn't he be like a unic (don't care about spelling) or something? I can't say I would even want to think of a myrdraal doing the nasty! EWWWWW :cry:
  13. Definitely Elayne, every time the chapter came to her in KoD I wanted to scream!!!! :evil: I think Brigitte should be giving her daily spankings!
  14. Has anyone thought of maybe somone else leading the BT? All Min says is that Logain will have glory but couldn't that mean he kills Taim and then dies himself? Aren't most heros known as such once they are dead? Who says Logain has to live after the (maybe) dreadlord fight? :? I think Taim is Demandred or works for him so I have to say he is definitely building up the dreadlord army, if its not him, then where will they come from and from who? Remember history repeats itself in this world so just as Taim is building the dreadlord army, I beleive that these "remnants" of Aes Sedai and Asha'man will be the same as what they once were.
  15. I picked Berelain because she needs to get her own man, and leave other women's husbands alone! Although in KoD she does lay off a bit. My second choice would be Cadsuane she's b***y without it being funny, not like Nyneave or say Amys.
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