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  1. ooc: sorry about the delay... well, I'm trying to get into Noy more again, so here's to posting *raises glass* oh, and for timeline sake, he's not gay yet IC: Noy hurried towards his last class as a Soldier, meeting with the new Storm Leader, Covai. Noy hurried through the woods, wondering why anyone would make a meeting here, and scrambled over a pile of rocks. He then found the Storm Leader, who called out to him, although not before dumping water on his head. Noy heard the man call out to him and tell him to climb the tree. Noy seemed hesitant, and Covai said: "There's some low branches near the base you can use to pull yourself up with, after that stick to the thicker branches to support your weight, and stick near the trunk of the tree where they're stronger." Noy awkwardly climed up to Covai and followed the man's gesture to a branch he could find a woody seat in. "Been a while since you've climbed trees?" Noy waited until he found his balence and answered: "Yes, I used to climb trees all of the time as a child, but it has been a long time since I last did." He seemed satisfied by his answer and moved on with the conversation. "Now tell me Noy, why is it I should allow you to be promoted to Dedicated? What makes you think you have earned that right? Why do you deserve it?" Covai seized the source and made a small blade of fire above his hand. "Oh, and I think i should tell you, I REALLY dont like arrogant people, or suck ups for that matter. So think carefully before you answer" Noy looked at the blade warrily and thought of his answer hard. No sucking up, and no arrogance... so that just left honesty. Why did Noy really think that he was worthy of becoming a Dedicated? Noy took a breath before answering. "Well... I that I think I deserve the Sword Pin because I've given myself to this Tower. I've worked hard every day and deprived myself of sleep to learn how to weild Saidin and a Sword. "I've given myself heart and soul to the Black Tower, and worked my tail off to get where I am now, from a raw recruit to here, petitioning for my Sword. I think that I deserve to be Raised because every breath, and every day that I live is given to further the Black Tower and to prevent the Shadow from winning in the Black Tower." Noy observed Covai, hoping that he had said the right answer.
  2. "I would never hurt Rion." She said through clenched teeth. "Though can you say the same about your wife, pretty boy?" Noy began rolling his eyes, but at the end, his face froze, his entire body froze. It was like being slapped in the face, or getting hit with cool metal, ringing in his head, flashing through his brain. How did she know about Mara? He had only told three people in the entire Farm, Isha, who would never tell anyone, Ged, who was even less likely, and.... RION! Noy was going to hunt that boy down and drag him by his ears before beating him with a whip, Noy swore that he was going to beat Rion until he began sobbing, then beat Jocelyn next to him. Noy staggered. "You know nothing... nothing about me you... you..." It all came crashing down on Noy, the betrayal, the pain that Mara must be feeling. Noy fell to the ground and burried his face in his hands and began sobbing. "Light, I'm such a whore." Noy continued sobbing into his hands, torn between sadness and glee, did she really think that he was pritty? Hehe, it would be so good to get recognition, but no, he had caused mara pain so he was sad. But Jocelyn had said that he was pritty! That was great! Maybe Ged would be impressed? No, it was sad, he was sad. Noy sniffled, light, he was so confused and his emotions were in a whirl. Maybe he was pregnent! No, no, men didn't get pregnent... but Mara did. That brought a new wave of sadness. But he was pritty!
  3. Danian was continuing his report, growing more angry with every word, until some rude person wrenched his parchment away. "HEY!" He saw that it was the witch and was rewarded with a slap on the side of his head. “Quiet, you fool. You are in a library, and if you get thrown out, I’ll give you a workout you never forget, you hear me boy?†Danian simply nodded, knowing that if he started speaking, he would be yelling at the wench, his anger bubbling over. She took a short look at his papper and then returned it to him, saying: “well, i guess its ok so far, but I want it finished in time, or you write another two pages!â€Danian just nodded again, strugling to get his anger in check, although it was curious that she had been holding the parchment upside down. Danian bent over the parchment again, thinking of all the things he would like to do to that woman. He would like to skin her alive then boil her over an open fire, but that didn't seem possible. Danian considered playing a rather nasty prank on her, but that would merely result in his life becoming the Pit of Doom as soon as she found out who was responcible for it. Danian continued his essay, thinking of all the terrible punishments that Deneira diserved. Funnily enough, these thoughts weren't making him feel better, in fact they were doing quite the opposite. Danian's anger was building and building until he heard a throat being cleared behind him. If this was Deneira... Danian spun around and snapped: "What!" It took him only a second to see that it was not in fact, the witch, but an Aes' Sedai. Danian's face paled imidiatly, and he hastily scrambled out of his seat and bowed low, so low that he was nearly touching the ground with nose. He then inhaled a bit of dust from the floor and had to avoid sneezing and falling on top of the Aes' Sedai whom he had just snapped at. He rose at her command and said: "I'm sorry Aes' Sedai, I was not aware that it was you there." Danian felt a blush creeping into his cheeks, heating his face. "Please forgive me." Danian hoped that he would be forgiven, he had heard rumors of the power of Aes' Sedai, and he did not want to experience them first hand.
  4. "Just who do you think you are, a bloody woolheaded man, to give me advice on how to dress?" She demanded, her voice raising in volume. "You, with your lank, greasy hair falling dully over your collar! Ever heard of soap?" She sneered. "And the cut of your pants...please, what woman would look at you twice with them practically hanging off you? Especially when she could be appreciating someone's well turned calves and firm rear in well-cut trousers?" Phaw! Who needed women when there was a hunk of a man waiting for you, who gets sweaty after a day of work and can be easily convinced to take his shirt off and come into his arms... Noy had to hold back these thoughts so that lust didn't take over while he was thinking of his man. Noy wanted to smile but that would ruin it, thinking of Ged scrambled his brains, that boy sure was nice looking. And Ged definately had a nice bottom. "I was learning about fashion when you were likely still putting frogs in girl's dresses." She declared smugly, tossing her hair over her shoulder once more in arrogant satisfaction. "I doubt you would know silk from course wool, you mangy cur." She folded her arms below her bossom and Noy rolled his eyes. "Why don't you just do that again, I think that some men in Carhein didn't see you showing off your bossom. I'm telling you, it's not impressing me, and besides, I wouldn't want to hurt that poor Rion, he's a nice boy." Noy smirked, the last laugh was HIS!
  5. "The Band is not for the undedicated It is an army and discipline is of extreme importance." Carnhain cast another scathing look at the boy. "Please, master, I'm here about the horse, not daydreaming boys." There his father sputtered: "But sir, if you take the boy, we'll give you the horse free, no charge at all!" At that, Harron's eyes widened. Light, they were trying to sell him. It wasn't even putting him into the bargin, they were just plain selling him. Harron felt like snorting but he refrained. If he wanted to live his dream of becoming a great General or Commander or whoever lead the armies, he would have to be a good little boy, very obediant and kind... until they got there. Oh well, he could manage for just a short time. It was not as if it was the worst thing in the world, Harron was sure that he could escape all work at this Band of the Red Hand. Harron made his face innocant and his voice eager. "Yes, sir, I swear that I'll be good." He was laughing internally, what a joke.
  6. Danian was running, running as fast as he could. He didn't know what he was running from, but whatever it was was a monster more hideous and evil than he had ever imagined. As he was running, paddles and metal rods were being thrust from all directions, and they were hitting him, harder and harder, from all directions. Danian wanted to avoid the pain, he wanted to stop running and turn back, but the thing was there, waiting for him. Danian kept running and he wanted to break into tears, the blows coming from all sides, beating him, hitting him into submission. Light, he would do anything to make the pain go away, but it was still chasing him, terrifying him. Danian kept staying a few steps ahead of it, running faster and getting beaten. Light, why did this have to go on? Danian ran still until the beatings seemed to mesh together and pain simply burst all over his body, locking him into the agony. Danian was moving mechanically, running without thinking. All he knew was that he couldn't get captured by the thing, he would rather experience a thousand beatings than be captured by it. The pain kept exploding all over his body until he could not feel anything else. Thoughts fled, sense fled until all there was left was empty space and a thought knowing that the thing must not catch him. What he would experience if it caught him would be worse than this, a thousand times worse. So Danian kept running, he ran and ran, until time left him, and he had no sense of how long he had been running, he had no sense of what was now and what had been in the past. The only things that Danian knew was that he must not stop, and that stopping would make the pain go away. Danian no longer remembered what was chasing him, but he knew that he couldn't let it catch him. He also knew that he was experiencing pain worse than anything he had ever felt before, and stopping would make it disappear. But he must not stop, he had to stay ahead of it. Danian kept on running, he ran until he could no longer feel anything but the pain. Soon, he forgot why he was running. Why was he running? All Danian knew was that if he stopped running, the pain would stop also. Why was he running? Why should he not stop? Danian was confused, he should just stop running, that was the only thing that made sense. Danian stopped running and memory flooded back into him, but it was too late. Soon, Danian was experiencing fear he had never imagined possible. Light, it was going to catch him, it was going to make him feel ten times worse than he had just been feeling. Danian had to escape, he could not let it find him, he could not let it catch him. Danian tried to move but his feet were glued to the ground, he had stopped moving and now he could not start again. Danian felt only fear and there was only one thing on his mind: escape. He had to escape, he had to leave. Soon, it caught up to him. Danian saw what it was, he saw the monster that had been chasing him. It was Deneira. Danian hissed, he would not be beaten by her. Danian drew his sword and charged at her, determined to hurt her, determined to kill her. She laughed an evil, menacing laugh, and slapped him in a cool, shocking slap. Danian bolted upright. Light, six months passed and he was still having nightmares about how Deneira had beaten him. Danian scowled, he would not let it happen again. Danian realized with a shock that he was soaking wet, he also realized that he was sputtering, and the very wench that he had been having a nightmare about was currently yanking him out of bed. “Get up, brat. You have an assignment, and the Mistress of Trainees agrees with it.†Pain exploded as Deneira wrenched his bad arm. Danian yelped in a mixture of surprise and anguish as he fell to the ground, only in his smallclothes. Light! Danian gave a small blush. How dare she just barge in like this! Danian glared at the woman while she began. Light how he hated this woman. “Come on. Because of your display of rude behavior to your teacher, you have a writing assignment, and only until midmorning bell to complete it. I hope you are ready to write.†He had been rude… HE had been rude. This bloody woman had beaten him so badly that he needed Yellow attention or else he wouldn’t have been able to move for weeks, and he was the rude one. That wench. Danian stood while the witch threw clothes at him. Danian sighed as he saw the long-sleeved shirt, this was defiantly not the shirt he would have picked for a hot day like this one. Yet even so, Danian dressed himself while the witch threw clothes and boots at him. He also observed that she had gotten writing equipment out of his trunk. Danian winced, he hated writing, especially because he could barely use his writing hand. “Come on, boy, don’t make me be your mother. I want an essay on respecting authority with two examples of insubordination in history that caused a problem with the battle. Up to the tower with you boy.†Danian winced, not only was he writing, but he was writing about a subject that would likely make him explode with anger. Danian cursed Deneira internally once more and listened as she went on. Danian saw that the witch went to his desk once again to rip off a small piece of paper and write “DS†on it. He assumed that it was her initials. She handed it to him and as she was walking out, she said: “That is your pass. Speak to no one. Now, HURRY!†Danian rolled his eyes, he really hated this woman. He turned to Dorian and said: “Well, I had better get going, see you later.†Danian then walked out and headed towards the White Tower. He got a few dirty looks from people, and was stopped by the Accepted at the Gates, but that was all. Showing her the slip of parchment and explaining that his mentor assigned him an essay cleared up all of that. Once inside the Tower, the Gates seemed simple. He was stopped by many Aes’ Sedai, and got more looks than he could count. Danian was relieved to reach the library, it seemed that the only people in there was a few Brown sisters and some Novices and Accepted doing a few essays themselves. Danian quickly scanned the girls in white for a sign of Faile, but with no luck. Besides, the Browns seemed to be watching his every move, as if making sure he didn’t so much as smudge their books. Danian found a quiet table in an almost deserted part of the library, and sat down, relieved to be alone now with no interference from any other person. Danian took the quill in his wobbly hand, Light, he could barely hold the thing, and grasped his right hand with his left hand and started on the essay. Danian was writing well, it was not the neatest scrawl in the world, but it wasn’t bad. Danian soon started getting angry, why should he have to write this? Danian thrust down the quill and frowned angrily. Of all of the people in the Yards, why did he have to get Deneira as a mentor, why not Corin, he was a nice person, and he didn’t kill his mentees. Danian exhaled angrily, wishing that he could choke her, or kill her in any way. Danian sighed, there was nothing he could do about her. He stared blankly at the essay, he doubted that it was going to get finished any time soon.
  7. "Clearly I am not dressing to impress." She snapped coldly, her emerald eyes flashing. "Though if I was, I doubt I would need the advice of some foolish man." She hissed. "If you could see past your nose, you'd realise that this coat is not mine, I know better than to wear black." Noy sniffed. "My nose is NOT that big! And besides honey, if you keep doing that," Noy mockingly pulled his coat tighter, "Then you're just making it worse. You're such a sop! If you keep acting like this then I might just have to think that you're letting all of those men focus on your bossom, perhaps Rion isn't enough for you!" Noy sniffed again, but the win was in his hands for this round. "Girl, you're going to have to think up some much better insults if you think you're gonna best me. I'm really not impressed Jocelyn, I heard such great things about you... I suppose that they were just rumors." Noy rolled his eyes, why did she think that her fassion sence was better than his? He was so obviously the better. Noy smirked at Jocelyn. He should really take this practice to heart, it would be good for learning how to deal with Ged. He would have to learn that Noy was the boss. Thinking of Ged put a smile on his face; now that was a man!
  8. ooc: yet another thread to make me die of laughter... god, this is great! IC: Noy walked through the farm. He observed himself, and frowned. It was odd, he had always thought that men who liked other men would look like women. Yet, even though his preferences had changed, he had not adopted a swaying walk, nor did he paint his face or anything else a regular woman would do. Perhaps he was the male half of it, and maybe Ged would be the only one who would turn girly... or maybe it was just too soon to tell. When he really thought about it, kissing Ged hadn't really changed anything about him, although he had aquired a tendency to look at men in a different way, especially the half-naked, sweaty ones. Noy shook himself and walked on. What really puzzled him was why he had suddenly become so attracted to men? It was confusing, he had a wife and a child, so it was not as if he had always perfered women... it was just different now. Or maybe it was because of Ged. Noy nearly giggled when he thought of Ged's muscular body. He was such a pritty boy! All that the day was missing was to see Ged shirtless, that would certainly be fun. Noy sighed longingly in anticipation with the thought, he was sure that he could convince Ged to go shirtless, and maybe they should train together. Perhaps he would just say how sweaty Ged looked and make him remove his coat. It's always a pitty to loose a good coat. Noy's head snapped up. Light! What was he thinking. Light, he wasn't feminine, it just wasn't right. The Creator made people a certain way, and men were ment to be with women... but men were so attractive. Noy shook himself agaian and broke into a trot. Light! He had a wife, why couldn't he just remember that? On second thought, that hunk of a man Ged was very distracting. Noy nearly gaped, light, was this what it was like to be a woman? Noy trotted along, going until he found a sight that fascinated him. There, in his sight, was Jocelyn, and not only that, but she was wearing a Black Coat! What was wrong with her? Did she have any sence of fassion. Noy walked up to her in annoyance. How could she bear to wear that, it was disgracing the name of women. "Light Jocelyn! How can you wear that? Black, like, is so not your color. It makes that pritty little face of yours disapear. How do expect to impress any men like that?" ooc: omg.... this is sooooo funny... (but my conversation with kate was funnier)
  9. ooc: your post made me laugh so hard... IC: Noy smiled as he worked beside his only friend in the entire Black Tower, Ged. His eyes were half closed, and the sweat ran down his entire body. Noy swore internally once more at the people who made up the dress code. Light! Why did they have to wear black, and not some other, less hot, color? Still, Noy was glad that his friend had survived the previous night. The armory it’s self was evidence of the damage and how close Ged had come to a premature death. Noy just thanked the Creator that the M’Hael could Heal so well, and Ged was fine. Noy felt sweat drenching his coat and removed it, exposing his bare chest. He noticed with pleasure that he had grown much stronger since coming to the Black Tower. The exhausting workouts were worth something after all. Out of the corner of his eye, Noy saw that Ged was mirroring his actions and removing his own Coat, showing that he himself had grown to be quite muscular. Noy observed that he was not the only one suffering from the heat, Ged had sweat running down his exposed body and making his blond hair plaster to his head and his body shimmering. Noy smiled as he worked on, understanding his one friend perfectly, and noticed his exhaustion with a frown. Noy observed Ged’s weaves. For Noy, working with Air was a pleasure, but Air was one of Ged’s weakest elements. Noy frowned as Ged’s sweating increased, drenching him and making his pants sag. Noy himself was tired, but if this continued, he would have to take charge and relieve his exhausted friend. Noy continued working, but kept an eye on Ged, noticing how his body grew slicker and he was more and more exhausted. Ged probably did not get any sleep the previous night. Noy stood and put his hand on Ged’s shoulder, his sweat running onto Ged. Just at the moment that he was going to relieve Ged, his weave dissipated and caused the platform to fall. Noy groaned and realized that Ged’s sweaty body was pinning his own to the ground, feeling slippery against his own. Noy’s eyes widened as he realized that he could feel every part of Ged on top of him, and Ged sweating on him. A part of Noy liked the feeling, and the other part of him was telling him to get Ged off of him. Noy felt the slippery muscles of Ged un-tense and saw as his face lowered to his own. Noy closed his eyes in pleasure and felt his arms slip around Ged’s sweaty body, as if he was outside his body. Noy kissed Ged in pleasure and felt himself relax under him. Suddenly, Noy realized where he was, and who he was under, and his eyes snapped open. He seized Saidin and wrapped Ged in thick Arms of Air. Noy thanked the Light for giving him such strength in Air, for none of the other Soldiers could match his strength. “Light! Wha-†Light, he had to get out of here, this was wrong. Noy turned on his heels and ran out of the armory, wanting to get as much distance between himself and Ged. Light, what was going on here? ooc: LOL after many failed attempts, I finally was able to write this without dying laughing... although it was hard
  10. ooc: sorry for the wait IC: Danian watched Faile's suffering with dispair. Light! This was all his fault. She was going to be kicked out of the Tower or even worse, becasue of his foolish desire to see her. Danian swore, if only he hadn't made Faile come here, then she never would have gotten caught. He didn't deserve to be her Warder and Danian never should have even thought about ever being with her. Her place was at the Tower and his at the Yards. Going against that only brought them pain. But... but it hurt so much, the notion of never seeing Faile again. It made his chest swell and his head swim. Danian wished that he could ease her pain, and make her happy. He wished that she had never met him, so that Faile would not have had to go through this pain that he caused her. Danian shuddered. He should have known that one way or another, he would hurt her. What was the point of even going on? The pain in his chest seemed to be ripping him apart. Danian was so stupid! What in the world had he been thinking when he decided that a relationship between a Novice and a Trainee could work out? He had been paranoid. Danian did not doubt that Faile hated him now. Faerzyne then turne to him. It was time for his punishment. Was it not punishment enough that Faile was suffering? The look on her face, full of worry and fear, was paining him as surely as any physical injury. The irony of it almost made Danian laugh. It was laughable, everyone near him suffered. By simply romancing and trying to protect someone, he had instead caused her pain and suffering. What kind of person was he. Danian should just detatch himself from people. "I don't care to know why you would know the directions to the Novice Quarters better than a novice who lives there, though I must say the thought is a notion is a distressing one." Said Faerzyne, her voice devoid of humour or warmth. "What I do care about is the training of all the novices, and I will not have you disrupting their studies, or their sleep. Come along, you shall be dealt with as surely as she." For a moment, Danian stared dumb-struck at the Aes' Sedai. Light, he was in so much trouble. With one fleeting glance back at Faile, Danian followed the Aes' Sedai back to the Yards. They were heading towards the Mistress of Trainee's office. Danian hung his head. Light, the woman had given them a chance even though they were crippled and deformed, and this was how he thanked her. Danian felt shame more than he had ever felt before. And... and Deneira was sure to get wind of this. Danian's heart stopped at the thought. Light, when she got wind of this... Danian was nearly at the point of tears. Light, would she beat him again? Danian shuddered, he would do anything to avoid another beating. He could still remember the pain like it was happening at the very moment. Blows raining down from every side, pain exploding through his entire body, wanting to do anything to escape the pain. His mind and rationality had fled, he was in so much pain. Danian stopped and nearly groveled at the Aes' Sedai's feet. "Please.. please whatever you do, don't let Deneira find out about this... please." ooc: poor Danian... I would feel sorry for him, but I lost the ability to pity my characters a long, long time ago. And boy, the time-line's really screwed after this post...
  11. ooc: ok, sorry for the delay everyone *shakes head* lots going on right now. anyway, no idea what how to start the new thread, unless you already have and I just missed it *sighs* IC: Meria was suprised as the Aes' Sedai spoke. "You'll find that when need be I will be strict, child. As strict as you need me to be. Abide the rules and act respectfully and my strictness will subside. Do the opposite and well... You'll discover a whole new Nynaeve." Nynaeve gave Meria a significant look and carried on. "Whenever an Aes Sedai approaches you or even just passes you by you will curtsy and when speaking to an Aes Sedai you will always use title. Remember this and you will be spared many chores and ache." Meria gave as start and was stirred from her sad thoughts. Light, her parent's deaths were spinning around in her head, her father being stabbed, and then her mother. Why couldn't they have killed her too? What life was this? What life where she had to replay the death of the only people she had ever loved over and over again? What was the point in waking up every day to find that her nightmares were not just nightmares? The Aes' Sedai who was to be Meria's mentor stopped beside a door. "This will be your home for a very long time, child. Learn to appreciate it even if it seems small and insignificant at times. I will leave you now to settle in. I will be back at noon to show you around the Tower. There is much I want you to see. Welcome to the White Tower, Meria." Meria snapped out of her depressive thoughts once again and realized what she was supposed to do. She curtsied and murmured "Aes'Sedai," and entered her room and her new life.
  12. ooc: actually, the way that we had planned it, Danian actually did hit Dorian on accident... just to cause strife. “You have the right to train the boy in the laws and rules of the Yard and the Tower. You have the right to teach the boy about our duties and ties to the Tower and it’s occupants. You even have the duty to train the boy and make him in to a useful tool the Tower can use. But you, Deneira, most certainly DO NOT have the right to batter him for your own personal vengeance. Further more, what in the bloody name of the light did you think to gain from that little trick. I should have your butt before the MOT and see how she views your treatment of her charges. if you try that with one of my mentees I will have you publicly drawn and quartered . You think you are so good try someone trained and see how well you fair. you and your brother both report to the infirmary. I will join you shortly, and Dorian. If you ever draw steel on a guard again, this will seem like a stubbed toe in comparison to the justice I will drop on you. Now move!†To Danian, Corin seemed like a hero out of the stories. Not only had he saved him from the witch in disguise as a woman, he had humiliated her too. Danian shuddered in pain. His entire body was throbbing in the blows that he had recieved from the witch. Whimpering, Danian tried to stand. Tried... and failed miserably. He colapsed back on the ground and set his battered body aflame. Danian nearly broke out into tears again with the pure agony that was spreading across his body. This was the Pit of Doom. Danian felt himself being lifted by Dorian. He managed to murmer softly: "Thanks Dor..." Danian was exhuasted and battered, but the worst part of him was his pride. He could never look the witch in the eyes after this. Danian wanted to kill her so badly, end the torture that he had been going through these past months. Every limping step that Danian took, even with Dorian's help, was pure agony. He seemed to be burned and battered and slashed over all of his body. Danian only wished for the pain to end. After what seemed like days, they finally made it to the Tower infirmary. They disturbed a very crabby Yellow sister who demanded to know why they were so battered. Danian made a feeble lie: "Err... I fell down.." She glared at him and said: "Yes, maybe down the Tower!" Danian winced and his heart stopped when she said: "Well, if you don't tell me, I suppose that I just won't heal you. You'll heal naturally... eventually." Danian's eyes widened. "NO! I mean... of course, Aes Sedai, I'll tell you." Danian lowered his head, abashed, and when he finally spoke, it was barely a whisper. "I was... beat up..." The shame of it was making his face turn bright red. Light, what she must be thinking right now. Then his thoughts turned to Faile; she would never want a Warder who got beat up that easily. He looked over his shoulder and got nervous. She wasn't here like... right now. Danian couldn't let her see him like this, he just couldn't. "Can you please heal me now, please," Danian pleaded. She looked at him aprehesively, and then began. "Set him down on the bed." Danian was layed down and then the Aes' Sedai put her hand on his head and it seemed as if a prob was searching him. Danian saw her eyes grow fierce. "Beat up, beat up," Danian shuddered. "You were more than beaten, you were attacked! You're covered in bruises and more than just hurt." Danian winced, "Can you please not say it so loud." He was still looking around nervously for Faile. "The person who did this to you, boy, had better be sent strait to the Tower for punishment!" Danian winced again. "Please, Aes' Sedai, s-" Danian didn't want to admit that he had been beaten up by a woman. "He's going to be punished in the Yards, there is no need to bother the Aes' Sedai with this." The woman glared at him, obviously not liking to be undermined. Finally, after glaring at him for a minute, she spoke again. "Fine, but you are going to need lots of rest after this." The Aes' Sedai grabbed his head with her hands and Danian felt like his skin had been replaced by blocks of ice, and his energy was ebbing out of him. Finally, exhaustion and being healed so extensively crashed down on him, and Danian slept. ooc: Woot! it seems that my posting abilites are returning
  13. roflmao, ok, first what I need to know is have you joined the Dragonmount Portal Stone world yet? I'm an RPer, so if you need help anytime, just give me a PM, or email, or catch me on MSN. Anything works.
  14. Danian felt the tears spill out of his eyes when he was being beaten. Light, I have to beat her, I just have to! Danian wanted nothing more right now that to kill her. Danian wanted to feel her die, watch her die and know that he had caused it. These thoughts scared him; Danian had never felt hate this strong before. This evil woman's tauntings and jeering seemed to make him go crazy. Danian wanted to lunge, and feel his blade rip through her throat, her head, her anything! As long as he hurt her, Danian was ok. Danian was disarmed, and he was furious. She pointed to another wooden blade, and said: "Grab it, now you crippled." Danian lunged for it, and as blows seemed to come from every direction, the evil wench said: “Do your forms. I will block them like I am supposed to. You mess up, and you will get hit. DO IT!†Danian tried to do all of the forms, he really did but is just wasn't enough. Still, he was beaten and beaten. Danian just wanted to curl up into a little ball; blows were coming from every direction. Danian gave a small cry, light, he was in so much pain. Still, Danian resisted, but all of the pain he had ever experianced was nothing compaired to this. Perhaps he had led a pampered life, maybe he truely did not belong in the Yards. He was just a crippled wreck, he couldn't do anything. Danian stood and tried to block the blows, but nothing worked, oh light, now he truely knew what pain was.
  15. ooc: ok, since my mentor (nynaeve) should be posting now, this will just be a short one. (it seems that the MoN is switching very often. IC: Meria listened intently as the Mistress of Novices spoke. "These are yours now child, you are to keep them well mended and clean at all times." Sitting fluidly once more, she clasped her hands before her on the desk. "I have sent a note for your mentor to join us, but until she arrives, let us discuss the rules, shall we?" Meria listened intently and heard as there was a knock on the door. She turned her head to face the door, and the Mistress spoke: "Enter." Meria wished to see who would come in.
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