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  1. I really liked the Androl scenes. They were well-written, balanced characters (as such things go in this series), he's a solid character, definitely not a Mary Sue. I do agree that he was overused a bit. BS could've cut back on his scenes, and given other characters we didn't see much of more space. Those that he writes well. I felt that some characters should've had a bit more presence (Cadsuane felt very much in the background, which isn't really her personality), and I think that might be because he realised he doesn't write them very well? It makes sense that Androl is a character he developed mostly on his own. It shows. Which is good. So, a bit much screentime ... but it's understandable. I liked what he did with the Gateways. It might've felt a bit extreme at some point ... but not so much that it annoyed me. It certainly didn't feel unnatural. It felt like a good development of the way Gateways are used. Afterall, that's all he's got, which gives him a good motivator for actually utilising Gateways in unconventional circumstances. Other people can use other weaves for battle, that don't require as much of the OP (for them). Also, RJ was the one who introduced Deathgates. That's a good basis for doing fancy reworks on Gateways.
  2. In a way, I agree with this. I would've loved to hear more about them. But ... I think what you write points to the very reason it wasn't included. "Tell me about Lan, Nynaeve, Galad, Thom and Moiraine" ... Why Galad? I assume because you like him, but he's not one of the most major characters. And you've excluded Elayne and Aviendha, who are very major characters, as well as multitude of characters with the same level of importance and screen-time as Galad. Even if they'd done only the original first-book characters, there would have been a lot of things not getting covered at all. And I think doing that in a satisfying way would've taken up a lot of space. It would have been very nice ... but I can understand why it wasn't done. And it feels like cramming everything together in a few pages would've make an abysmal epilogue like the one in Harry Potter.
  3. It could also be that he simply missed that point. And I would imagine that, apparently, those who proof-read it also missed it ... When I've read BS's other books, I've always felt that he's good at sticking to the rules he's creating, unless the exceptions make a lot of sense. This felt like a mistake, and I can definitely forgive it. It just ... breaks immersion. Something as little as Egwene getting her sa'angreal knocked out of her sands would've made it better. Then she could've just drawn too much because she needed it to win. You can obviously, as previously established in the books, draw an insane amount of Power unaided, but dying as a result of it. Like LTT did creating Dragon Mount, or Eldrene in Manetheren.
  4. I don't think we could've been given answers to these questions without cheapening it. Would a sentence stating "The Asha'man set up the Black Tower and eventually they started working together happily with Tar Valon" had satisfied everyone's curiosity? It would have felt like too little. Adding more than that about everything would've made another book entirely, though. I am insanely curious to know what happened, for instance, to the White Tower and the Aes Sedai and Asha'man. I don't feel that it woul have been necessary to add to the book, though. I think the hints provided are sufficient. There is never an end to a character's story, unless we actually follow them to the death and see how their entire lives play out. Regarding Logain's glory, I assumed that it was his actions raising the esteem of the Black Tower, as people obviously adored him at the end, when he saved those innocents. To me, that clearly indicates that he'll be integral in restoring the world's faith in male channelers. That's one heck of a glory.
  5. Isn't it established that a compulsion put onto someone in TAR is carried back to the waking world? We do not know when or how Graendal actually Compelled them. Talking to them in their dreams might just have been a way to convey information that would be filtered through an already woven Compulsion weave and then be interpreted in the "right" way. Graendal is a master of Compulsion, after all. Which rules did it break?
  6. I almost feel that the authors felt that in order to remain relevant the books had to continue to add to the rules of the universe during each book. The gateways did immediately remind me of BS Mistborn trilogy and their impressive three dimensional battle scenes. Androl in general I could have done without for the same reasons the gateways were annoying to you. One couldn't help but feel annoyed at the time wasted on a character who wasn't going to do anything that couldn't have been done by other already developed characters. Also, the Magma gateway's (demandred's and Androl's) raise serious questions as to why the likes had not been seen before. On first read 15 years ago I thought envisioned most of the uses gateways eventually were put to use but then dismissed them because their rigid nature would only be possible if there was some unspoken rule or if every person EVER in the Age of Legend was specially inept. And Deathgates, which were clearly invented by RJ, didn't "break" the previously established usage of gateways? I thought this new use of gateways, from battlefield observation to unleashing a torrent of lava, felt like a natural development. Why wouldn't the lava thing work? Is there a single reason why it shouldn't? I've always imagined that being one of the reasons why the weave for Travelling was lost during the Breaking - because it was useless. You didn't know if the gateway would open to a place that was still safe, or if it'd open into a vulcano or an ocean, and thus killing you. Why weren't these things widely used in the AoL? Most people couldn't create gateways large enough for unleashing large torrents of magma There are perhaps better ways of killing people, unless you happen to be very Talented with gateways. And it was basically the only thing Androl could use as a weapon. Other people could rupture the earth, call down lightning, use balefire, and so on. I imagine that battlefield observation wasn't used that way because during the AoL there were other means available to observe things from afar. Ter'angreal, for instance. I don't see it as flawed in any way. I found the little inconsistencies annoying, though. Like, how could Egwene draw too much of the One Power while channeling through an ordinary sa'angreal? That's not supposed to be possible.
  7. I would like to add, concerning the dresses that Moiraine and Siuan bought, that those were from one of the best seamstresses in Tar Valon. The best seamstress, in the largest city in Randland, which also happens to be a commercial center. To me, that's like paying over $1000 for a suit, which some people do, but it's still possible to get away with much less. I doubt that all Aes Sedai buy the most expensive clothes that exist.
  8. Well, the living rooms of the Aes Sedai seemed quite crowded with 3-4 people in there sitting around a table drinking tea. And when Egwene got her dream Ter'angreal in Verins study I hadn't the impression the room was bigger than 2x3m, big enough for a table, two chairs and a shelf.I would say more of a 36-40 m² appartment. Verin had her apartment in the library building, not in the Tower. It could be that those rooms are smaller and not intended to be apartments, but offices. Anyway, Verin's room: If anything, it's described as cluttered and filled to bursting with stuff - that gives it the feeling of being "small". But there's a lot of stuff. There are lots of shelves, but also rooms for plenty of maps and charts, and there are actually piles of things strewn across the room. I doubt it's 3x4 meters. It probably isn't huge, but ... There's also a door leading to inner chambers. That could well be a sitting room, a living room, a dressing room ... and potentially anything else.
  9. that is literature. it is described in text, you paint the image in your mind, in my mind it is actualy a very graceful peice of architecture that appears impossible because of a mix of ogier work and the one power. it looks massive yet delicate. we keep thinking of this in terms of real world architecture, and forget that it was built by extremely skilled stonemasons working with people who can do things that can only be described as magic. what we work toward is only finding out how much floor space is needed, and basing the size on the known height, a 600 foot building that is 400 feet in diameter could easily be beautiful, and you can adjust those values wherever you want, with the people who worked on it, it can be breathtaking. i think you just think of it as clunky because you aren't imagining a world without our towers like the empire state building, or the chrystler building. steel frame buildings in general. 600 feet is HUGE if you are not using steel i beams. Yeah, I know it's huge ... it's jus that I've always imagined it as being several times as tall as it's wide - at least twice as tall as it's wide. I'm sure it could look elegant 180x120 meters, but ... not how I imagined it :P I've imagined it looking more like it'd be 250 meters tall, or something along those lines.
  10. It's in the guide, which I don't own, so I can't quote it directly ... it's referenced here, though: http://library.tarva...tle=White_Tower, and tarvalon.net's library is usually accurate. And I know that something tall and round could still be called a Tower ... it just feels sort of wrong, to me :P I really like the proportions here: http://images.wikia....4/Tar_Valon.jpg Just for the fun of it, I did some calculations. If the tower is 180 meters high (590 feet), and it's got 44 floors, that'd make each floor roughly 4 meters (13 feet), which is pretty high, but it'd include the thickness of the floors/ceilings as well. So we've got 22 floors for ajah quarters, and all of them are the same size (New Spring, chapter 3). The Tower can house 3000 Aes Sedai. If each of those 22 floors holds 20 apartments per ajah, that's 140 apartments per floor. That's 3080 apartments in total. Which adds up very well. When me and my friends tried figuring this out the first time, we assume that each apartment had windows (which was incorrect, I realised yesterday, since not all Aes Sedai have apartments with windows). The fact that apartments can be without windows makes it much easier to figure it out, and fit it all in a shorter building. How large would the apartments be? My apartment is 63 sqaure meters (678 square feet). I've got an average living room (which I guess would be "spacious" compared to an Accepted's room in the Tower). A good-sized bedroom, a bathroom, a small storeroom (that could be a dressing room), and a kitchen that could be transformed into a study. So my apartment feels like it should be about the same size as Moiraine's and Siuan's apartments ... just speculation, but it feels reasonable. So if we round down and say that each Aes Sedai apartment is 60 square meters (645 square feet), on average, with some larger and some smaller, that'd take 8400 square meters (90416 square feet) per floor. And then we have to thrown in space for corridors, stairways, common rooms ... If the White Tower were 120 meters in diameter (393 feet), that'd give each floor an area of roughly 11300 square meters (121675 square feet). Which would mean that on each floor, there'd be 2900 square meters of space for other stuff. Meeting rooms, stairs, corridors (and there are probably a lot of those). It'd fit. And it feels reasonable ... But I hate that it looks like a refrigerator and not a real, tall Tower :P I drew a very simple sketch of the proportions: http://img.photobuck...tornetshojd.jpg I know that it'd technically still be called a tower, but it's ugly. I've always imagined it being much taller than it's thick.
  11. This is a very interesting topic. I just discussed this with a few friends last weekend. It's stated somewhere that the upper half of the Tower houses the Ajah quarters, and that each ajah has a pie shaped section. If Egwene fought the Seanchan at level 22, that leaves room for at most 44 floors, if she was at the bottom of the ajah quarters section. The Aes Sedai apartments seem to be just that - apartments. Moiraine and Siuan were given very spacious rooms. Those are a lot of large and spacious rooms. I doubt even less ranking Aes Sedai would be stuffed away in some novice-sized chambers; they've got apartments. At least of fair sizes, although I would assume some are more luxurious than others. But they should have to be, on average ... what? 600-700 square feet? That's a decent-sized two-room apartment by our modern standards. And then, aside from those rooms, each ajah section would have to have meeting room, storerooms, etc, that probably takes up a lot of space. I'm having trouble figuring out how to fit 3000 such rooms on 22 floors, with all additional space required, if those 22 floors make up 300 feet ... without getting some enormous block of a building. It's a tower. Look at the Philadelphia city hall ... how do you fit 3000 people in the upper half of that and still call it a tower? It'd be a big block. It's got to be taller than it's wide, a lot, to be called a tower. Even though it's a "thick tower". We did some calculations (and it's too late for me to try and translate them into feet from meters and make sure I get everything right :P), but we reached the conclusion that, according for it to fit with our view of a tower and still be able to house all of those Aes Sedai, it'd have to be closer to 800 feet tall.
  12. While the modern Aes Sedai can't do anything that comes close to what they could do during the AoL, I've always had the impression that they know a lot more than we've seen. There are the Ajah secret weaves, for instance, that we haven't been shown all of, yet. And I'm certain there are a fairly large amount of neat little weaves that just haven't had a narrative value to show so far in the series. But, you know, every now and then, something new is revealed, so I'm certainly not disappointed in what we have been shown. In the greater scheme of things, it seems they can do as much as most magic users in various fantasy books.
  13. I don't think her defeat of Mesaana was especially Mary Sue. That was just her being a better Dreamer, what with her actually possessing the Talent and everything.
  14. I'm curious about something. How do various translations of the series handle Far Madding? Is the "far" translated? Does it actually mean "far" as in "far away", or does it have a more wot-ish meaning? I've always seen it as something connected to the Old Tongue, but apparently at least the Swedish translation thinks otherwise.
  15. Well, the encyclopedia has most of its knowledge chronologically, which isn't always the easiest way to read about something, if you want everything about one particular subject. For that, the wikis are generally better, imo. The encyclopedia is great for finding out where in the books to look for something, though, or if just want to check quick facts.
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