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  1. They better do some really cool shit with fain. he's like the coolest bad guy of all time.
  2. ashaman don't glow with the power like aes sedai do.
  3. this is a great question. can we get some more posts of pics or aniimations here?
  4. I think the warp in the air is just hiw intense powerful taveren twisting the threads of the world around him.
  5. Imagine reading WH with this great ending, then waiting years for CoT to come out, and when it does... it barely deals with rand or the source... and then you wait another couple years to finally see what happens, and then insstead a prequeal is released to the series... also not dealing with the major cliff hanger, then another couple years and you finally start getting a feel for what happened. that was probably the worst part.
  6. I thought book 7 was pretty good. for me jordan falls off a bit after that.
  7. Jordan = Epic Writer with amazing poetries Sanderson = Knows how to put a nail in a coffin, finish a subject, MOVE ON of course that's what he's paid for. Just think if they had been friends. "No jordan! you can't keep going, f'ing kill somebody!"
  8. Mat kills Dumbledore and Snape.
  9. OMG dude, i could barely read that and stuff! POETRY!!! *claps*
  10. he doesn't have all the original seals. this book is going to be a tragedy, about love and heart ache as darkness swallows the light.
  11. No. There couldn't. It was called the Breaking of the World for a reason: it broke the world. All of it. Besides, we know from the BWB what the world contains, large landmass-wise: The Westlands, the Waste, Shara, Seanchan, Isles of the Sea Folk, and the Land Of Madmen (so named because no one ever managed to fully contain male channelers there). The rest is just ocean and small islands, and two massive ice-bound regions in the north and south. Seanchan BTW more or less "never heard of a Trolloc". More precisely, they all got wiped out so long ago that until recently nobody believe
  12. i was told the same thing when i first started them like 10 years ago. haha! "just getthrough the first 100pages dude, it get's pretty good after that"
  13. Yeah, I was keen on that too...until Egwene made her gateway in T'A'R. The female version just looked like a cloudy door in the middle of the air. You are entirely correct there. I just explain it away like this: Egwene figured that weave out all by her own self, She didn't yet know how to travel, or skim, so it wasn't a bastardisation of those weaves. In fact, she figured out travelling from the weave she used in that instance. It was something she pulled out of thin air, and it worked. That doesn't imply that it is the same weave used for travelling into TAR that the Forsaken w
  14. I completely agree with you, and i was a bit annoyed with the skooby-doo-like after math. Mat should have beat him self up over it for a second or 2... like "if only i had just thoguht of this like 7 min ago, i wouldn't have had to throw my friend to the finns. He doesn't even recant, he just mentions "man, that guy is a hero... or is he... is moraine the real hero???" then... clapping on the backs... "hey hey, i never knew you 2 liked eachother... wowzers! zoiks!"
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