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  1. Ditto. Honestly not sure what they are trying to convey here... I'm working on an article about the Last Battle. There is so much involved that it is going to be very long. Because English isn't my native language I often consult Wikipedia, Wiki Dictionary, Wikisaurus and other articles on Internet for hidden meanings of a word, even if I now the translation already. That costs me a lot of time. In some days I leave home and spend the summer on my boat having incidentally acces to internet and I decided to write a short version of my ideas, hoping that people would ask direct questions, commenting my post so I could explain myself better. Obviously I have done a poor job. I'll try to explain the idea in a few lines. Rand will merge with all the Rands on the mirrorworlds, Ba'alzamon (Moridin) will also merge all the Ba'alzamons and then they will fight like they did in Falme. In Falme Rand sheated the sword and was infected with evil (a part of the Dark One) by Ba'alzamon's counterstrike. This time , when Ba'alzamon strikes back Rand will absorb the complete Dark One. The Creator was probably already a part of Rand, so the three became one. Now the day dawns and all merges end, each Dragon returning to his own world, his own body. Each Dragon containing 1/10,000 of the Dark One and the Creator. Between the two dawns there are the day, dusk and the night. The Dark One is strong during the night , the Creator the opposite. Now the Creator is containing the Dark One, but we can be sure that the Dark One will break free during the dusk. Those parts of Dark One aren't strong enough to destroy the Wheel, but when they can return to his prison and merge they can. The Pattern has to be healed on each mirrorworld to prevent that. In the Wolfdream we saw the Dark One breaking free during the dusk, we saw that the Dark One was free during the night, we saw Rand's revival when the day dawned, we saw that the Dark One was still the strongest during the first half of the dawn, we saw that the Creator became the strongest during the second half of the dawn and and that he defeated the Dark One. And finaly we saw the sun shining, Rand standing again. The Dragon has died and has revived. The Dark One is defeated. The Last Battle has ended. I hope I've done a better job this time.
  2. Terez used this dream to convince us that Rand and Ba'alzamon will merge, becoming two souls in one body. They will merge, yes, but they won't merge in that way. There is much more to be seen in this dream, and if she didn't I advise her to visit the top of Dragonmount. Again, context. Min's viewing says that the merge, such as it is, will result in the death of one or the other. Neither has died yet. Rand has to die; four separate prophecies say so. He has to die in order to survive the Last Battle, which means he'll die before the Last Battle. It's pretty simple, if you don't try to make it fit false scenarios. Yes, context. Reread Min's vision and then you might notice that they seemed to merge. That means that they won't merge, but that something will happen that looks like a merge. Rand will die, but Moridin won't survive the Last Battle. Survive implies that Rand won't expire , nor will he be killed before the end of the Last Battle. Even if he is killed and resurrected, or whatever odd way you can find to bring him back to life, he don't survive the Last Battle. I have already explained how Rand can die and survive. Whose scenario is false? We'll know on 8 januari 2013. Probably I'll know it before you, because that day will start some hours earlier here.
  3. Terez used this dream to convince us that Rand and Ba'alzamon will merge, becoming two souls in one body. They will merge, yes, but they won't merge in that way. There is much more to be seen in this dream, and if she didn't I advise her to visit the top of Dragonmount. When I read this dream I see much more: I see 10,000 mirrors, each representing a mirror world. On each of those mirror worlds I see Rand. And I see all those Rands merge. I see 10,000 Ba'alzamons; merging. I see a ter'angreal that doesn't need channeling, hiding Rand. And finally I see that SuperRand and that SuperBa'alzamon merge. Although opposite, they will become one in battle. Just as Egwene and Mesaana were one in battle, just as Galad and Valda were one in battle. And just as Rand and Ba'alzamon were one in battle in Falme. I do believe they will fight again; a trial by combat. And again I don't think that that Rand can win and that he will Sheat the Sword to end the battle and he will be hurt by the counterstrike of Ba'alzamon. And the three will become one: The Creator, the Dark One and Rand. At that moment the day will dawn and Rand will start to die. Dying of bloodshed from the wound, caused by Ba'alzamon. I don't know what this vision means. I found contradictional information and the text is ambigious. What does "Seemed to merge" mean. Do they merge or don't they. Will one of them die at the the end of the battle or later? How do I have to interpret "die"? Nevertheless we can be quite sure that Rand didn't expire at the end of the battle. To live you must die I concentrated on: Q: How can I survive the Last Battle? A: If you would live, you must die. Because the Aelfinn always give true answers we can interpret it: If you would survive, you must die! The word survive implies that Rand won't be killed. It also implies that he won't expire. The question is now: "How can he die and survive?" As long as someone is dying, one isn’t dead. One can start to die weeks before expiring. (if you want more information, google for dying process and near-death experience). While one is dying one can sometimes be healed! While one is dying one can sometimes be reanimated. It is even possible to revive spontaneously. About Logain's role in this I'm not sure, but the part of Rand is quite clear now. Egwene saw how the SuperRand broke in pieces, each part returning to his own body on his own world. The Creator and the Dark One may have been a part of SuperRand, but if they were they are broken now as well. The first part of the first line can be explained in two ways: Twice dawns the day Emphaisizing the word day give the meaning that most (if not all) people believe : One day with two dawns. Twice dawns the day You can also emphaisize the word twice and than it has a different meaning: Two sequential days and two dawns. The second interpretation is the right one. Now tne Dark One has been freed from his prison, as is predicted in the dark prophecies. But he is broken, broken in 10,000 pieces, and each part has only 1/10,000th of the strengh of the complete Dark One. These parts aren't strong enough to destroy the Wheel, but it has to bee prevented that these parts can ever merge. For that the Pattern has to be healed and I think Logain will do that. Alivia will probably help Rand dying by preventing that he will be healed. This quotation is partly a reflection of Rand's epiphany, partly a vision: a Wolfdream Rand didn't wear a coat of black and red on Dragonmount. It's probably a metaphor for his blood on the rocks of Shayol Ghul Now let's analyse this vision of Perrin in the wolf dream. Something black began to spin around Rand. It wasn’t part of the storm; it seemed like night itself leaking from him. Tendrils of it grew from Rand’s own skin, like tiny hands curling back and wrapping around him. It seemed evil itself given life. This is the dusk. The light weakening, de dark becoming stronger. The Dark One is breaking free, Within moments, Perrin could hardly see Rand through the blackness. It enclosed him, cutting him off, banishing him. The Dragon Reborn was gone. Only evil remained. The night. The Dark One is free. And then ─ from the midst of the blackness, from the center of the uproar and tempest ─ a tiny sliver of light split through the evil. Like a candle’s glow on a very dark night. The light shone upward, toward the distant sky, like a beacon. So frail. The second dawning. Rand's revival The tempest buffeted it. The winds stormed, howled and screamed. The lightning beat against the top of the rocky peak, blasting free chunks of rock, scoring the ground. The blackness undulated and pulsed. But still the light shone. The first half of the dawn. The Dark One desperately fighting his decay. Perhaps I've an odd sence of humor, I had to laugh. I imagined that the Dark One had just discovererd that he was to weak to merge with his other parts, that he couldn't return to his prison because the Pattern was healed. I imagined he tried to drill another Bore, causing another breaking. Failing because he wasn't strong enough. I saw him looking for Rand to kill. Failing again because Rand is hidden by the dull knife ter'angreal. Perhaps it's just wishfull thinking, but I was amused. A web of cracks appeared down the side of the shell of evil blackness, light shining from within. Another fracture joined it, and another. Something strong was inside, something glowing, something brilliant. The shell exploded outward, vaporizing and releasing a column of light so bright, so incredible that it seemed to sear the eyes from Perrin’s head. But he looked on anyway, not raising arm to shade or block the resplendent image before him. Rand stood within that light, mouth open as if bellowing toward the skies above. The sun-yellowed column shot into the air, and the storm seemed to shudder, the entire sky itself undulating. The tempest vanished. The second half of the dawn. The Creator becomes stronger as the Dark One and defeats him. The 'column of light so bright' is the Creator. That column of fiery light became a column of sunlight streaming down, illuminating the peak of Dragonmount. Perrin pulled his fingers free from the rock, gazing on with wonder at Rand, standing within the light. It seemed so long, so very long, since Perrin had seen a ray of pure sunlight. Sunrise. The end of the Last Battle. Rand has survived.
  4. Nothing end of. You're trying to intimidate people with a wrong statement. I once referred on Theoryland to an article on Wikipedia about dawn. You obviously didn't read it, because you still don't know what dawn is.. I noticed before that you start with an idea, and than start to shop selective. And finally interpret prophecies, visions, dreams etc. in a way that suites you for your 'theories'. You have also shown that you don't like to use semantics. because it should lead to ridiculous meanings. With that you tell that you don't understand what semantics is. Yes, you know the word but you don't understand what it is and how to use it. To a scholar semantics is a tool, as important as a hammer is to a carpenter or an anvil to a blacksmith. Of course a hammer can be used wrong and semantics can be used wrong as well. That would lead to ridicilous meanings. I suggest you learn how to use semantics, for you used it wrong several several times in you Twice-Dawning Day 'theory'. As I said before, only the parts you copied and pasted are right. By underlining the word 'the' you emphaised it. Here you used semantics and you used it wrong. By emphaising 'the' you suggest that something else but the day can dawn, and that is ridiculous. For your interpretation you should have emphaised the word 'day'. In your 'theory' you used only the emphaised part, because only that part suited you. If you had analysed the whole line, you should perhaps have realized that 'the land' is a metaphor for 'life'. As I said before, you don't understand how balefire works. Rand nor 'the land' caused the turning of the world, so balefiring him wouldn't have any effect on the rotation of the world. Did you ever hear of gravity. Or will that be reversed as well. Imagine what will happen. Everything that's not attached to the earth will be flying around. People will drop dead when the situation returns to normal. Your fantasy is bigger as your knowledge. Min had a vision about Alivia's help, so it will happen. Not knowing what what a vision means, doesn't make it a red herring. Besides, a red herring to some degree doesn't exist; just as a half full bottle doesn't exist. You told us this is a foreshadowing, but you don't have any proof for that. You only assumed it is a foreshadowing! Can you tell me now, what is the foreshadowing and what is the red herring. In post #40 I already gave my interpretation of the two dawns and of the Eelfinn answer about Rand's dying. I don't intend to comment all of your statements, but there is one more I think is important. I give my comment on that one in another thread, because my interpretation will automatically lead to the last battle.
  5. How so? First of all, neither Rand nor the land causes the rotation of the world, so balefiring Rand wouldn't have any effect. Then, even if they should cause that rotation, there wouldn't be a contra-revolution of the earth. When Rand balefired Rahvin, his thread was burned back to some extend and all Rahvin's actions during that time didn't happen. Matt and Aviendha didn't revive, they weren't resurrected; they didn't die! Now, supposing Rand causes the rotation of the world, supposing Rand's thread has been burned back half an hour, the world would return half an hour and the rotations wouldn't exist anymore. Now, how can something that doesn"t exist be reversed.
  6. There will be a non-litteral dawn as well. In the wolfdream I quoted you can find it. Here you see that the darkness is expelled by the light. Something like that will happen during the second dawn, because the Dark One will be defeated than. Besides, that dawn will also be the dawn of a new age, possibly even the dawn of a new era. I suppose you referred with BF to TheTwice-Dawning Day 'theory'. You are right, Moraine won't balefire Rand. Of that 'theory' only the parts that Terez copied and pasted are right. She also showed that she doesn't understand how balefire works.
  7. Rand won't use the True Power. Would you accept a mine of your ennemy, knowing that your ennemy controls it. You would never know when it will explode. And it is the Dark One who controls the True Power. Rand won't use the One Power either, for that would likely taint the True Source. Rand will only use a ter'angreal that doesn't need channeling to survive. Rand has to die to get rid of the darkness that Nynaeve saw when she delved him.
  8. If semantics isn't used correct it isn't fun at all; but most of the prophecies can't be correctly interpreted without it. Twice dawns the day This line is ambigious and without semantics you can't find both interpretations. Twice dawns the day Emphaising the word day give the meaning that most (if not all) people believe : One day with two dawns. Twice dawns the day You can also emphais the word twice and than it has a different meaning: Two sequential days and two dawns. To live you must die I concentrated on: Q: How can I survive the Last Battle? A: If you would live, you must die. Because the Aelfinn always give true answers we can interpret it: If you would survive, you must die! The word survive implies that Rand won't be killed. It also implies that he won't expire. The question is now: "How can he die and survive?" As long as someone is dying, one isn’t dead. One can start to die weeks before expiring. (if you want more information, google for dying process and near-death experience). While one is dying one can sometimes be healed! While one is dying one can sometimes be reanimated. It is even possible to revive spontaneously. Combining the dawn-prophecy with the die-answer we know: Rand will start to die when the first day dawns, and he will revive when the next day dawns. Perhaps you'll think this interpretation is rediculous, because I found it with semantics, but I can assure you it is right. I've made a study about Rand's role in the Last Battle and most of what is going to happen between those two dawns I've figured out. The problem is that you have to find out what is going to happen before the first dawn. You cannot find the interpretation of one of Egwene's dreams before you have figured that out, but it will be quite easy after. While reading ToM I found information to finetune my ideas, but the most important part to me, was the part that showed that my ideas were right.
  9. I know Tuon is dead, but she didn't die in Ebou Dar. But why shouldn't I use that name; it is still a part of her full name. Or do you prefer a silly abbreviation like Forty. I'm surprised that you didn't realize that I used plane as a metaphor for *raken. Moiraine doesn't know those waves. She doesn't even know that those weaves are (re)discovered. Perhaps Thom could tell her, but then she still has to go to the White Tower, or more likely the Field of Merrilor, to learn them. Besides, inverted waves wouldn't help if she is tested with forkroot! The Dragon won't kneel to her. He will kneel before the Chrystal Throne. Tuon has interpreted the prophecies wrong. I know the Chrystal Throne is still in Seandar, but it can always been trensported to Randland by a gateway. (if Semi didn't destroy it.) A lot of people think that the woman is Morgase and the chair is the Lion Throne. I don't agree with them, because she didn't show any anger. She showed that she hardly cared if Rand sat on that throne or not. If that chair is the Chrystal Throne, it shouldn't be difficult to bind the Nine Moons. If you don't think this is a red herring why didn't try to find out how they can convince the Empress of the truth. It almost seems impossible now they are novices in the White Tower. I have first analyzed what would happen if Kaisea c.s were leashed and send back to Ebou Dar. I think that would be disastrous. They can only reveal that all suldam are potential channelers and that the Empress is one of them. These suldamane behaved themselves stupid. They haven't learned anything, they haven't gathered any information. They only reveal to everybody information that Tuon and Selucia have kept secret. When Joline, Teslyn, Edesina and company arrive in Tar Valon Egwene will soon be informed. We can be sure that she wants a personal report of the Aes Sedai. It's reasonable that she wants to get information of other members of the party as well and it's also reasonable to assume that she will soon know that Matt is married with the Daughter of the Nine Moons. She will also know that Seta, who once was her suldam, is one of the Seanchean novices. We haven't much more information, but we can try to find answers by reasoning. Q: Will Egwene meet Bethamin and Seta? A: Egwene has the most experience with Seanchan. She'll also want to know why 2 suldam came to the White Tower. Q: Will they reveal that eventually Matt send them and why? A: It's hard to hide anything for Egwene. Q: Will Egwene help them? A: They share the same goal. Q: How can Egwene help them? A: Learning them how to hide their channeling abilities. Q: Why would this work with Bethamin and Seta, and not with Moiraine? A: They can return as suldam. No one will force a suldam to drink forkroot. Q: Will the Empress grant them an audience? A: Perhaps. But if she does it will be a very short one. One question; one answer! One answer isn't enough to convince Tuon of the truth, but she cannot question Bethamin and Seta publicly without revealing that all suldam can learn to channel. So I think that Tuon will ask them if they have news about her husband. If that is confirmed, she will have an excuse for a private meeting. By their coming Fortuona already got information. She knows that Bethamin and Seta can channel; she also knows that no unleashed channeler can enter Ebou Dar and reache the palace without being noticed. She will also wonder why none of the damane, who always surround her during an audience, have noticed their channeling ability. I'm not interested in what they will tell to the Empress, for their actions will convince her. They are not mad, they can think, they can even be wise, they came carefully, not revealing any secrets. They can learn and act without being forced with the a'dam. And last but not least they showed their loyalty to the Empire, risking their freedom, risking to be leashed. They have showed they are like ordinary people. They have showed they aren't animals. I don't think Fortuona can be forced, just as Egwene couldn't be forced when she was held captive. These two ladies have a lot in common and I'm looking forward to their meeting. "The Amyrlin curtsies to no one." Neither does the Empress.
  10. Must have missed that. I usually skip topics about Egwene, because I don't want to read again that people hate her, why they hate her and how much they hate her. And now you are speculating about Moiraine, before you have figured out how she can enter Ebou Dar without being leashed and her warder likely killed. You didn't wonder how a marath'damane can ever make an appointment with the Empress. Or didn't you realise that Tuon will probably remain in Ebou Dar until she takes a plane to the White Tower. If you think this is a red herring you could go on with speculating about Moiraine. If you think it is or might be a foreshadowing you should concentrate on Bethamin and Seta. I believe it is a foreshadowing.
  11. Moiraine has a link with the White Tower, she has a link with Cairhien and she has a link with the Aiel, and of course she has a link with Thom. The link with the Aiel might be very important. She and Matt are the only Wetlanders who ever entered Rhuidean. Moiraine also entered the ter'angreal that made Aiel women apprentices of the Wise Ones. Egwene had several dreams that linked her to the Seanchean. In one of those dreams she even receives a complete adam, which means that the authority over the damane and suldam is (freely) given to her. Because of that I don't think Moiraine will have to do anything with the Seanchean. As soon as Grady returns he will make a gateway to Caemlyn and Matt will be very busy there. Moiraine might remain there when she sees the mess. If not, she is going to the Field of Merrilor. One cannot be forced to spark. A channeler is born as a Sparker or as a Learner. Learners must be taught how to touch the True Source and how to control the Power. Sparkers only have to learn how to control the Power. In Seanchean Sparkers are made damane, Learners become suldam. Do you realise what an impact it would have on the Seanchan society if it turned out that Fortuona is a Sparker? That the Empress is a marath'damane! It would surely lead to a civil war.
  12. I agree with Luckers that Tuon possibly is a sparker; she might even have a block. Nevertheless I don't agree with his reasoning. Tuon had to ask to be tested for suldam and her mother gave permission by not objecting. Why did Tuon have to ask, and why did she need her mothers approval, if she was going to be tested anyway. For me there is only one answer possible: Members of the imperial family (and perhaps the high blood) are exempted from the testing. We also don't have any information that Tuon was ever tested with the collar.
  13. I like it. Nevertheless, when I try to imagine the songs of the Aiel I always have associations with Gregorian chants like or
  14. I think "the land" is a metaphor for life. The people of Bandar Eban started to die, when Rand was there ante epiphany and they revived after he returned post epiphany. And what about Almen Bunt:
  15. @ Bob T Dwarf. Where did you find this information. Could you give me a quote?
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