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  1. Your blog is totally entertaining, and if people don't appreciate a different opinion, or some funny insight into a book they love, or your silly thoughts about something that is going to be explained later in the books, well they don't have to read your blog. If you enjoy it, keep doing it, because there are people (myself included) that get a kick out of your writings. You're talented and entertaining, so don't tone it down!
  2. This has led me to an interesting thought. Do the Forsaken not know how to make ter'angreal? Or did Semi make the Domination bands and it's copies? Why are the Forsaken unable to duplicate a stasis box, dream spike, paralis-net, or any other ter'angreal they have come across in the 3rd age? They are the ones with all the ancient knowledge.
  3. I find the giggling borderline intolerable.
  4. That is probably the best theory that isn't down right outlandish I have read regarding Callandor. Adding the prophecy in as well it seems to make some sense.
  5. Also, don't forget Taim goes out on personal recruiting missions. It isn't as if he is around all the time anyway. That leaves a HUGE amount of time for him to be back in Moridin persona.
  6. Pretty much said everything I was trying to express and thinking. Just so many pointing, flashing, neon-signs to not consider it. Again, could all be a ploy, but a damn good one if it is. And I agree with the mention about Moridin/Taim hiding his identity from another Forsaken, it isn't like they cooperate or even tell eachother their motives/intentions anyway. Chaos begets chaos.
  7. I was in a hurry last night when I was making the post regarding Moridin possibly disguising himself and being Taim, but in addition to what was mentioned, Taim has very intense reactions to orders from Rand. He gets visibly furious, and then regains his composure (also noted by Perrin and the scents Taim emits). If Taim were to be Moridin, taking orders from Rand would surely enrage him as he is submitting to someone he feels he is an equal or most likely superior to. I KNOW there is a connection between them obviously, but I cannot shake the sensation that it is more than just coincidence that they share so many characteristics, traits, sayings, etc. (or a huge red herring).
  8. I think this has come up once or twice before in this discussion, but after reading ToM, I am more inclined to believe Taim is Moridin. He is using the other Dreamspike at the BT that Moridin mentions, for one. Taim has used phrases that only the Forsaken use such as "so called Aiel" and "Let the Lord of Chaos rule." In a chapter in ToM while at the BT, the Aes Sedai he is speaking with specifically notice he is holding his hand behind his back. Could this not be because of the damage that hand has suffered via the link from Rand and Moridin? Furthermore, at some point in the books there is a point about how there seems a darkness around Taim that someone noticed, thus indicating a possible ability to use the TP. Bashere also doesn't recognize him when they meet. Just many indications that Taim is not who he is accepted to be (proxy or up-and-coming Forsaken) and there are some hints that he is Moridin.
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