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  1. This is pretty much why I thought it would have made more sense for Nyneave to walk out of the Aes Sedai testing and for Rand to make her the first female Asha'man. And then Alivia would have been the second. And the three of them would wield Callandor in the final battle. It seems like those three in a circle, with the boost from the sa'angreal, would be able to turn the entire Blight into a parking lot.
  2. Lews Therin was an Aes Sedai and since Rand and LTT are one and the same now Rand technically is an Aes Sedai. I have a feeling that the Black Tower will be destroyed and Aes Sedai and Asha'man will be working together like the Aes Sedai in the AoL(which is why Egwene saw the Ancient Aes Sedai symbol). I think we'll find that the world is over Aes Sedai. More likely,the men willstart to accept women. The BT is more like the AOL Aes Sedai anyway. They allow families to enter, not just the channelers themselves. Everything Nynaeve said after the testing - the Ashanman have. They just have to clean out the trash first and change some of their more destructive policies. In Avi's vision the BT and the WT remain separate institutions. And Avi's vision might not be entirely true... I think it's fair to assume that the visions are true unless she does something to change them. Which I'm sure she will. But it seems most likely that Aviendha will do something to change the way Rand deals with the Aiel or the Seanchan. I'm not sure what she would do to affect the Black Tower. The fact that the Black Tower is still around after TG means someone went through and cleaned out all the dark friends. My guess is that Logain comes back and has it out with Taim. Again, I don't see any reason why the Black Tower wouldn't start accepting women. Nynaeve and some of those freed Damane would probably get along better at the Black Tower than the White Tower.
  3. I think Nynaeve should have become an Asha'man. When she told the testers that she was going to be with Rand at the last battle whether they raised her or not, I honestly thought she was going to walk out before they even made a final decision. It would have been awesome if she had gone back to Tear, and when Rand found out she hadn't been raised, he handed her the sword and dragon pins. Rand jokingly claims to be an Aes Sedai, and it stands to reason the White Tower will eventually start accepting men again, assuming the good guys win. There's no reason to think the Asha'man wouldn't eventually start accepting women. There are distinct philosophical differences in how the Asha'man and Aes Sedai view working with the One Power, as well as life in general, and I'd argue those differences are bigger than just gender. Many women who end up in the red and green ajahs would probably do well at the Black Tower, just as many of the Asha'man, such as Grady or Androl, might find a better fit in one of the ajahs of the White Tower. Besides, there are significant advantages to having men and women channel together, and neither tower would want to miss out on that. The Asha'man bonding Aes Sedai and vice versa is a good short-term solution to keep the peace, but I don't see that working forever.
  4. I think the entire series since the third book (plus spoilers from The Gathering Storm) implies that Calandor will play a big part in the last battle, if not the actual re-sealing. But Rand's general attitude toward Calandor is a little puzzling to me. He has this disdain for it because he has to link with two female channelers to use it, but he allowed himself to be bonded by two female channelers (plus another one he didn't allow). It seems like they would be logical candidates for his Calandor circle, if he still has that many trust issues with Aes Saedi. However, I'm guessing that Alivia will be one of the women in Rand's circle. I think that's the meaning of Min's viewing. Nynaeve and Moiraine (assuming the latter pulls a Gandalf in one of the next books) are also strong contenders. I think there's also an outside chance of Cadsuane or Egwene, but I would think they might have more pressing leadership duties during the last battle.
  5. I don't think you can completely discount the influences of western theology. Calvinist predetermination permeates the entire narrative. Characters are constantly saying, "the Wheel weaves what the Wheel wills," more or less resigned to whatever fate the Pattern has set for them. And in cases like Elayne, she just takes a prophecy about her children being born as a sign that she can do whatever she wants without any negative consequences.
  6. I'm not really sure what most of this has to do with the holes in RJ's cosmology. But I'll concede that I wasn't quite clear when I said WoT isn't internally consistent. It is UNTIL you try to connect to the real world. If Randland was just some parallel, alternative universe, I'd say RJ does a pretty good job of not contradicting himself. I actually think he deserves a lot of credit for creating a "magic" system that has its capabilities and limitations fairly well laid out. But as soon as you try to connect Randland to our world, then it has to be consistent with that, too. And it's not. So when RJ dropped cute little hints about our own world being a different age in the WoT universe, he essentially ruined his own internal consistency. Again, the narrative is excellent, so I really don't have a problem with little inconsistencies in the cosmology. But all the people that are trying to figure it out as if it can be figured out are just wasting their time. They're like the Star Wars fans who try to make being a Jedi a real religion. Santa Claus doesn't exist. A fairy won't leave you a dollar under your pillow if you put a tooth there. The universe isn't really ordered around a Wheel of Time.
  7. I have a bad feeling that Rand is going to die in the Last Battle and that Logain is going to have to step in and finish the job. Maybe Logain will even do something to bring Rand back to life. Who knows? I'm pretty sure the Black Tower is going to get demolished in a battle between Logain and Taim. But after that, Logain and the other male channelers loyal to Rand will become Aes Saedi. Or it may be the other way around. Maybe Logain and his followers will conclude that all the Asha'man at the Black Tower are loyal to Taim and petition Egwane for acceptance into the White Tower. So the White Tower, with both male and female Aes Saedi, will fight the Black Tower. It would be interesting to see how the ajahs would work out. Would the men start a new ajah (probably couldn't get away with calling it black) or join existing ajahs that coincide with their interests? I would think the latter, but who knows if that's even the direction the story would go?
  8. But that's kind of my point. People discuss this stuff like it should be rational or at least internally consistent. But it's not. Because it's make believe. It's just like any other myth or religion. It kind of sounds good at a glance, but it doesn't really make any sense if you study it too closely. But in all fairness to RJ, he wasn't trying to sell a new religion. Rand's universe is sufficient to lay out the WoT narrative, and that's all it needs to be. Trying to make it be more is a waste of energy.
  9. I think Ephemeral is right, though, about people over analyzing this stuff. RJ knew his cosmology was horse crap, so he provided vague explanations in the actual books and ducked fan questions with answers like, "It's the past and the future." The most you could do to make any kind of sense of it is to read up on eastern philosophies that view time a circular, but even that doesn't really apply to the WoT universe. Not completely.
  10. I think saying the series takes place in the past AND the future is kind of a cop out. Maybe the wheel will get back to out age eventually, but Ishamael mentions thousands and thousands of ages, so it's probably going to be a while. On the other hand, our age is close enough in the past that the WoT characters know "legends" about things we view as historical fact. Examples are the Cold War and the moon landing. If our age was too many ages in the past, it's doubtful if even the legends would still exist.
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chekhov%27s_gun She's going to get healed. She wouldn't be in the story if she wasn't going to get healed.
  12. The practical effect of burning out and severing is essentially the same: a channeler's connection to the one power is damaged in a way that prevents them from touching it. Maybe the specifics of the injuries are slightly different, but I think it would be comparable to the differences between a broken arm and a broken leg. Besides, the narrative is building toward Mistress Anan being healed. The question will be what she does about her family if the Aes Sedai want her back. I guess her kids are grown, but what is she going to do with her husband, make him her warder?
  13. Brute force : Still them all over again and get Flinn to do the job properly. Like resetting a bone that has broken and healed badly. I'm sure Semirhage could have refined this basic process and made it more entertaining for all concerned. But there's no apparent reason why it can't be done. It would also free Byrne from being owned by a harridan. But would that even do any good? Now that they're healed, maybe Flinn could only get them back to where they are now. And having a woman heal them a second time might make them even weaker. Plus, being severed, even temporarily, can't be something any channeler would necessarily volunteer for without a really good reason. If I were in Siuan or Liane's position, I'd be inclined to let Flinn give healing a shot, and he couldn't find anything to heal, just tell leave it alone.
  14. This is a little different, but I've wondered what would happen if a man tried to re-heal Siuan and Leane. Damer Flinn healed the Aes Saedi severed at Dumais Wells back to full strength and Nynaeve did the same for Logain. After Nynaeve healed Siuan and Leane, they kept asking her to try again to see if she could heal them all the way, but Nynaeve said there was nothing else to heal and that it was healed as much as it could be. This implies that she reconnected them to the Source in an imperfect way. So I'm wondering, did Nynaeve unknowingly screw Siuan and Leane over, making it impossible for a male channeler to finish the job? Or is there still a little something left to heal that a male could find but a female couldn't? Are Siuan and Leane going to be back up to full strength for the Last Battle?
  15. I think somathus' point was how he lined them all up. That's serial killer behavior. But I'm not sure I'd call that part of his hardening. He was just sort of crazy that whole book. I think the point where you really realize this guy isn't screwing around anymore is after the battle of Dumais Well, when he forces the Aes Saedi to swear fealty to him. Remember, those were the ones who had supposedly been trying to rescue him.
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