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  1. "It's not a tu-mar!" (in Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) But in all seriousness, Nynaeve did basically cut out obstructions in the brain. Good thing Delving works better than Neural Probes that surgeons use. I too was kind of unhappy that Nynaeve joined the Aes Sedai officially. But she was in a bind. Myrelle had Lan's bond, and the only way she would pass it was if Nynaeve was Aes Sedai. Not to mention that if Nynaeve turned her back on the White Tower, that it would've been a major blow to Egwene's authority.
  2. I think I posted this same sentiment. Something about this turning of the Wheel is more important. So my meta-thinking is that this will be the end of the "Wheel." No more cyclic history.
  3. I am disturbed by the number of people on the forums who seem so convinced that he is now perfect and can't make a mistake, and knows everything, and will never be troubled by the Shadow again. I mean...come on! Unfortunately, Rand is the only one alive on the Lightside Roster that has taken any real theory classes on the One Power (although the Wise Ones do seem to experiment a little bit with the One Power). So there isn't anyone else to come up with a way to seal the Dark One up again. The White Tower of today is basically a technical school that teaches known weaves and how to be a used car salesman. All practical, no theory. So there is little innovation (actually there was no innovation until a bunch of girls that didn't study there started playing with the One Power). And those girls haven't spent any time trying to figure out how to reseal the Bore. So here is a summary of the choices: 1. Rand's Plan: Clear the existing seals and start over. And do so on the good guys' time table. 2. Egwene's Plan: La la la la la la la la la la! I can't hear you! Fight the Last Battle on the Dark One's schedule (after he continues to soften the good guys with more bubbles of evil). I don't think Rand is going to show up and say, "Sup folks! Let's all travel to the Bore and get crack-a-lacking!" He is going to allow people to get ready (pack their stuff, get into lines, etc).
  4. The fact is, Verin stressed the importance of the letter. That should have superseded the oath to not read it early. While I accept that Mat is honorable, I don't think he would put honor before the safety of unknown numbers. Anything important could be written in the letter. It could have included instructions to receive the Horn, or (what it turned out to be) warning of an impending attack. A good general knows that learning something earlier is rarely a bad thing. Unquestioning Honor is predictable, and predictability makes for a bad general.
  5. Rand does have a power-wrought sword and callandor (which can still be used as a sword). Plus, he could just walk away and go back to plan "rain of fire."
  6. Obviously the fault lies with Olver, if he had stolen and read the letter earlier, the attack on Caemlyn would've occurred before Elayne had left Caemlyn. *sound in background* What do you mean the Wheel of Time isn't an event triggered RPG where touching the dying guy on the floor causes him to spout box text and die? *more sound in the background* Whatever, that waygate still would've spewed trollocs. [/joke] I honestly think it is Mats fault. Verin left a letter that was important enough that she felt the need to make him promise certain actions. In Mat's place, I would've opened it as soon as Verin left because... 1. Verin set up the letter to be something important. 2. Mat is basically the Extra Prescription Strength General of the world, he should understand the value of getting information early enough to act on it. Any preparation efforts are only made easier if I don't wait 10 days. 3. If the letter ends up being really stupid, I can ignore it. Mat has no forcing oaths. There is a difference between being true to your word (honorable) and being stupid. If I swore service to someone and they gave me an order to kill them, I wouldn't kill him/her on reflex. I don't blame Rand because... 1. If he put a Shadar Logath style ward, it wouldn't kill the trollocs fast enough to stop them from raiding Caemlyn. It might make it a one day event, but the damage would still be done. 2. If he destroyed the waygate it would've had collateral damage. Reports we have of other destroyed waygates include the channeler being sucked out of the world. 3. Rand did have the waygate guarded, but I think the guards were Saldaean or Aiel, both of which left the city as soon as Elayne came home. Also, guarding the waygate wouldn't have been enough. I don't blame Elayne because... 1. I don't think guarding the waygate would've been sufficient. Darkfriends were able to enact an escape from a heavily guarded dungeon, is there any doubt that they would've been able to kill the handful of guards watching the waygate? 2. I don't think Elayne took her entire force. That would be abandoning Caemlyn to mercenaries or Elloriane (spelling?). I don't blame Verin because (as others have said), she had to convince herself that she would be dead or free by the time Mat read it.
  7. I think the clouds parting around the major cities is a direct result of Rand resolving his internal baggage. The Dragon is bound to the land. When he gave up hope, things became extra crappy in Bandar Ebon. The Dragon is also antagonistic to the Dark One (who represents Chaos). Societies represent order, so once the Dragon fixed himself, the various symbols of order in the world were allowed to reassert their resistance to the Dark One. Cities are a major symbol of order. But while this might protect against the more wide spread effects of the Dark One (food spoiling), the bubbles of evil seem to be too potent to stop.
  8. What if Callandor isn't meant to be a power amplifier? What if the aspect of being able to pull more power isn't what makes Callandor amazing? Facts about angreal and sa'angreal: 1. They allow a channeler of the appropriate gender to pull more of the One Power. A lot more (usually the minimum magnitude is a doubling). 2. They have a buffer to protect against pulling too much (except for Callandor). 3. Using an angreal or sa'angreal is more tiring than channeling normally. What if Fact 3 is a result of Facts 1 or 2. What if pulling more of the One Power (or pushing against the buffer) is what is more tiring. Then Callandor's lack of buffer could be a way to encourage a user to not pull much more than they normally use, but to allow them to use as much as normal but with less stress? Think of pulling too much as a frozen lake. A buffer would be marking off the distance onto the lake that can't support human weight. Callandor would have no such markings, so it is foolish to go onto the lake at all. The thing about linking to make it safe makes sense because linking has its own "buffer" (but again, it is extra tiring). As seen in A Storm of Light, Rand is super bad ass without an angreal or sa'angreal, but what he really needs is stamina. Maybe that is what Callandor is, a way for the Dragon to be "Super Dragon" without wiping himself out. I have no evidence to support this argument. Just the meta-argument that Rand doesn't need higher voltage, just a longer battery life.
  9. Was removing the taint from Naeff a good thing? It allowed him to sense the presence of Myrdraal, right? Or at least he thought he did. Yeah, he also complained about difficulty sleeping (because of "Shadowman Sense"/paranoia).
  10. The scene between Rand and Egwene went pretty much the way I expected. Rand showed up and said his piece. Egwene tried to say her's, but she had no leverage to negotiate with Rand. Assuming the Aes Sedai could hold Rand (which they weren't convinced they could), was Egwene going to try to keep him a prisoner? She said herself that the Dragon had to be free to act in the world. Was Egwene going to try to deny Aes Sedai in the Last Battle? No. I was furious at that future, wanting to spit and scream. All the struggles and battles against the Shadow, for the land to turn into something that feels like a post-apocalypiic/Fallout 3 kind of world? I think that was just the Aiel Waste. In a later (but temporally earlier) vision, the Aiel talk about retreating into the Waste. And the Seanchan are waging a war on them, and since the Seanchan aren't military morons, they know to try to deny the Aiel supplies. So anywhere there is reliable water (by Aiel Waste standards!) they strike. No water -> no crops. No crops -> no livestock. The Seanchan turned the Aiel Waste into a weapon against the Aiel (plus they made a deal with Shara to kill any Aiel that came to them). This is actually something of a brilliant decision. If most of the nations can be rallied behind the White Tower, then that helps keep them set against the Seanchan (since the White Tower's ego will never parlay with the Seanchan). That said, making the White Tower the de facto post-Dragon organizer is counterproductive to winning the Last Battle. Even if Rand were to get everyone behind him, he would undo that influence if he said to Egwene "You are my number two." Because number two's always want to have their input heard. I LOL'ed The word is "misandry." 1. The hatred or contempt of men and/or boys. 2. The belief that rights (or certain rights) should be denied to men and/or boys. -------- I disagree with the analogies of a dam to the Dark One's Prison. Rand himself said that even if the seals were broken, the Dark One wouldn't be instantly free. So it is more like a retaining wall for a cliff side. It slows the erosion, but even if it weren't there it could take years for the cliff to drop. However, I am not certain that Rand will try to re-Seal the Bore. Instead he might (metaphorically) grab the sides of the Bore and pull them together to squeeze it out of the pattern. Like smoothing out clay instead of filling in a hole. But as some have mentioned Fain, it makes me wonder, "Why did Robert Jordan choose this turning of the Wheel instead of the one before or after?" Perhaps the Dark One sort of wins (my opinion of the Dark One's plan is to end the cyclic nature of the universe and make things linear from here on out), but the Dark One is gone from the world, and things never again circle back to again. Then it makes sense that this is the turning chosen because it is the last turning of the Wheel. Will it then becomes the "Ski of Time"?
  11. Elayne unifying Andor is preparation for the Last Battle. And I did like that she has finally thought that having the Black Tower in Andor was a good thing. About time (I was wondering why she wasn't pushing for that when she first toured the Black Tower grounds! How far back was that? Crossroads of Twilight?). Upwards of a thousand channelers that are trained to use the One Power as a weapon? Awesome (remember, she just knows Taim is a tool, but not that he is a tool of the Shadow). And all she really needs to do to claim their loyalty is sell food to them at a fair value (or maybe give it and other supplies as payment for reinforcing her armies at need). But it kind of disturbed me that she apparently abandoned the plan to official integrate the Black Tower into Andor as soon as Mat put the Dragon schematics in front of her face. Yeah, the Dragons don't require her to rely on a weapon that thinks (and therefore has to agree with you), but I can't help but think that the Dragons are just going to act as lightning rods for One Power strikes. --------- Elayne couldn't bring back up into the dungeon. Her whole interrogation relied on the perception that she was a Forsaken so that the Black Ajah oaths to not betray their "side" wouldn't kick in. Having the kin and guards at her back would've made it really obvious that she wasn't a Forsaken. At the same time, she had no reason to think the prisoners would escape at that precise moment. When you have someone tied over a barrel, you don't expect them to get up and beat your ***. ---------- The bit about the Two Rivers that bothered me is that I remember Elayne bragging to Rand in The Shadow Rising about Andor's success when Hawkwing's super nation broke up was because Andor didn't try to overextend itself by claiming land it couldn't hold. But now Elayne is doing that with the Two Rivers. And I can't help but believe that if Elayne saw any way to get away with executing Perrin, she would have. Possibly because Perrin was apparently pushed up into his position, while she had to (all but) claw and scrape to be recognized as Queen. Not to mention that he showed up married to the cousin of the Saldean Queen, with the First of Mayene supporting him, her [Elayne's] mother supporting him, and with the Ghealdean Queen as a vassal. And then there are two of Rand's bodyguard Asha'man, the Aiel Wise Ones, and three Aes Sedai. ---------- I viewed the clouds clearing over the various cities being due to the fact that cities represent order, which is anathema to the Shadow. Especially since the Dragon has finally "organized" himself, now the land which is bound to him can benefit from that order.
  12. -- dwn On being cold and lifeless: If being turned by 13x13 recalibrates your moral compass to "ass hole", and you are still asked to pretend to be yourself pre-turning, it may mean hiding extra selfishness and hatred of those that aren't also darkfriends. It might be easier to try to show no emotion than to try to pretend at being friendly.
  13. Huh? Outside yourself? I must've zoned out a lot during my readings and re-readings of the series. The view I have gotten of a mindtrap was more of "voodoo doll." If I caress it, you fell it. If I crush it, you die. Mindtrapping good guys seems kind of dumb. The first thing I would do if I weren't a darkfriend after I was mindtrapped is scream that someone dragged me to SG, cut me, scrapped stuff off my tongue, then made a freaky box that hurts me. Can someone please save my freaky box for me!? Cyndane seemed just as free willed as Lanfear, save for the fact that Moridin has her over a barrel. I think it is pretty clear that the turned guys at the black tower had their moral compasses re-aligned to point to "Shadow." And to be honest, I don't think they want to turn every at the black tower (some are fairly weak). As long as there are some unturned guys, the baddies have to pretend (if poorly) to be on the straight and narrow. But once they are all black hats, they have no reason to not be more violent as they jockey for rank.
  14. But did she see the weaves melt/slide off or did she feel the weaves disappear from Joline's control (was she controlling Joline?)?
  15. Re: Various forms of victory over the Dark One. Holy ****. So the Wheel of Time is actually a Japanese video game and Darth Rand can only get Ending A at best? Can he at least save his character experience for re-plays? 1. A circle might beat a shield, but it wouldn't guard against the ground exploding beneath their feet. Seanchan kill what they can't capture. 2. Freeing a damane can be dangerous. Some strike out frantically to kill whoever freed them so that they can be recollared. 3. Tuon might not be restrained by the a'dam. My theory is that a woman has to be at least on the cusp of embracing on her own to be controlled by the a'dam, that same closeness to saidar is what (I believe) allows a woman to see the weaves of another channeler (a talent found among sul'dam that are more experienced--older--with damane). Controlling an a'dam doesn't require that same closeness (just the ability to one day touch saidar). Do we know if Tuon can see weaves? She certainly reacted when the weaves she sent through one of the Aes Sedai melted on touching Mat, but was she aware of the melted weaves because she left them disappear from the Aes Sedai she leashed or because she saw the weaves melt? Honestly, the real solution to the a'dam is a weave that can destroy them. An "Anti-A'dam Pulse" would be perfect (but I imagine a weave to destroy all ter'angreal in range could also suffice). But you are still left with the problem of what to do about the damane that have been broken. Deprogramming takes time. Even Alivia needed time to understand that freedom was a legitimate lifestyle for herself.
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