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  1. Brandon had 3 books to show Demandred's back story. Had he figured out how to structure the books better, he could've had this content as part of the book. I don't plan on buying a book full of authors i could care less about and i feel its an insult for fans to be put in that position (despite the fact that some people don't mind throwing their money away, on something that should have been part of the series anyway).
  2. I just don't understand why she was thrown in the book. We WONT know who she is.. ever. What was the point of putting her in the book. Only crazier thing would be for Sanderson to make a character his own, then have him do all the things that Jordan's characters could've done. (oh wait.. nvm)
  3. I never understood the passion for Bela, to be honest. I wonder if its a PETA thing because those guys are nuts, and so is this obsession with Bela. Guess some people just like to beat a dead horse.
  4. i did like the return of Uno as well. I even thought he was came across as unchanged from the character we all remember
  5. I liked Mat in this one. He seemed more "himself" especially in The Last Battle. It made me wonder if this part was done mostly by Jordan (because Sanderson has done a piss poor job of writing him) I think it would've been cool, if Demandred and Mat had fought each other at least once. ( perhaps with Demandred on the ropes and having to gateway out). Could've done without the Hinderstrap townspeople. That seemed like Brandon being an ass and trying to be funny or something. I would've liked to have seen the Hawkwing and Tuon meeting. Though i believe that, had the outriggers come out, we'd have seen the scene.
  6. So....exactly WHY did Rand need Moiriane to win the Last Battle?? there are only two possible reasons I can think of is 1. her pep talk with Egwene or 2. her having Thom with her as he was able to knife a few DF's while mooning over her and his stupid poem. I said it in the Taim thread and i'll say it in this one(and probably a few others as i think this applies).....Had Sanderson spent less time on his OWN character (Androl) and focused more on Jordan's characters... Moiriane could've been bad-ass (as opposed to being assed-OUT of the final book) Matt should have kept his eye.
  7. Taim's scenes in the books seemed to be less about him and more about how Androl was going to get the best of him. The Taim vs. Logain battle we ALL anticipated was ruined by Sanderson's supered powered Asha'man. Taim doesn't even get a decent last confrontation. Eqwene shouldn't have been the one to kill him, (and with an especially cheesy kill at that.. i mean.. come on.. the flame of tar valon...) had fan boy Sanderson left himself out of the book(masquerading as Androl) and focused on Jordan's characters, Taim's arc would've been better.
  8. fans are also the ones who put money in Tor's pockets, so I think that gives us the right to voice our opinion. And just because a business is entitled to milk a franchise for all its worth, it doesn't mean they should.
  9. So, for starters, let me just say, that i'm enjoying the work Sanderson is doing on these books. I've found that in many places, I couldn't tell what was Jordan, and what was Sanderson. That said.. there are some obvious Sanderson lines, that seem to be out of place. So, i'd be interested to hear from readers, what lines in the book, have you looking up to the heavens, clenching your fist and screeching: "Sannnderrrrsonnnnnnnnnnnnn" !!!!!!!!! My Sanderson Moment was on page 620 of ToM, when Perrin says (to himself, at that): "I'm Perrin Goldeneyes,the man who can speak to wolves. And i guess that's a good person to be." ????? When i read this line, I thought.. wow.. this guy is either high.. or watching the twilight saga right now.(possibly a combination of the two)
  10. This doesn't feel like a Wheel of Time cover. I'm wondering who is responsible for these cover decisions. If its the same person who kept allowing Sweet to produce the covers, they should be fired. Still though it IS better than Sweet's works.. Though to be honest, I'm not sure how they could've been WORSE.
  11. I'm a bit, discouraged to hear the release date being pushed back, but, if its being pushed back to make the book better,I don't really have a problem. If its being pushed back because Tor wants to put out another Wheel of Time project before the last book, shame on them. I have to say the only Wheel products im interested in after AMOL, would be Jordan's notes and outriggers. I think that Tor releasing trade paperbacks with new art is a joke, as i don't think Tor EVER cared how those covers looked. Also, from looking at this thread, whats up with all the corporate stooge types defending Tor and their greed? Tor owes US, NOT the other way around. We put the money in their pockets. Ive heard a few people mention they didn't have to put this book out after Jordan died. Well, yes they did have to release it, as the company would be nothing without the Wheel. Had they not released it, something tells me, you'd have a boycott of their other products. Something also tells me, that even if Harriet HADN'T wanted to release the book, Tor would've done so anyway. There is no reason for a Wheel fan to have allegiance to Tor. Because this book was destined to be published if not by Tor, than someone. And for all I know, another publisher may have done a better job than Tor(after all it WAS Tor who let Daryl Sweet get away with crappy cover after crappy cover.. the very same ones, they want to re-do on the trades)
  12. I hate the Wheel of Time covers, and think they looked liked garbage. I dont know why Tor ever thought Sweet's work was good to begin with. That aside, what author(s) do you think would compliment Jordan's works the best?
  13. I've always thought the propechies were: One Eyed Fool = Mat Fallen Blacksmith = Perrin First Among Vermin = Rand i've been wondering why people think the these prophecies refer to any other characters other than Rand, Perrin, or Mat. Are there any other propechies that have related to characters other than the main three in the series?
  14. sorry about the duplicate posts, my browser was messing up.
  15. We haven't seen or heard from them for awhile, but there are still packs of darkhounds roaming the land. I would think they would figure in Perrin's storyline in TG, but Slayer is also a loose end. I'm thinking that perhaps Slayer will lead the darkhounds and Perrin will lead the wolves in a battle. Since such a battle may be problematic in the real world, I think it would take place in TR. Thoughts and opinions anyone?
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