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  1. Thom claims that Mat has the fastest hands he's ever seen. Combine that speed with Mat's ability to declothe women (unlike Perrin, who constantly pops buttons off of Faile's dresses), and I see no reason why Mat couldn't remove a simple necklace. Jewelry is simple to take off compared to shifts and coursets!
  2. I'd like to focus in on this part, as I found it the most interesting (for a side topic anyways). Side Note: I'd like to point out that the pattern itself is neutral, encompassing good and evil and just weaving on... although I can't remember which book it specifically describes that in, I do remember that Perrin feels discomforted to find out that the pattern itself is not good, but throws the cheap metal in with the good, so to speak. Back to What I Was Going to Say: What you said here made me think about the idea of fate and free will within the series. Obviously, this series focus
  3. Hey everyone, I am writing an essay that is due on Tuesday about Fate and Free will in Fantasy novels (specifically, it's about Guy Gavriel Kay's Tigana, but I'm referring to other sources as well). I know there are quotes in WOT about the pattern, most people having control except ta'veren having less control, and such. If you don't mind helping me find those quotes, what books they are in, and what pages they are on, that would help me greatly and I would much appreciate it! Thanks for the help!
  4. Hey everyone, I need help finding a good Timeline of Arda, covering events from the creation to the end of the Lord of the Rings. It must be an image though! I've found many good timelines, but they are just words, I need a picture of one, preferably that only highlights major events that circle around the plots of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings (i.e. Smeagol finding the ring, Bilbo finding the ring, Narsil breaking, and so on). I need this for a group presentation in my Fantasy and the Epic Tradition class on The Hobbit. Any help would be vastly appreciated!
  5. The other day I looked up the release date of A Memory of Light, and was dismayed to discover January 8th, 2013 as the date to mark down, although I will need to buy next year’s calendar to do so. Yet, after my initial disappointment I began reflect. I don’t remember exactly how old I was when I first read The Eye of the World, but I think it was around grade 7 or so, making it roughly 12 years ago when a wind swept across the Rocky Mountains, from the Crowsnest Pass, through Pincher Creek and across the plains of Southern Alberta and into my home. It was a beginning. What I do rem
  6. Ah thanks for the input. Alas, I think the most telling debunkery though is where you would find a barber who would go through with such a haircut, knowing that they would no longer be required for that customer again. It all comes down to money, thanks Karl Marx!
  7. If one loved a haircut so much that one wished to keep their hair in that style permanently, could one visit a Balefire Barber to burn the threads of their hair to a specific point that would never grow? Likewise, could said barber Balefire the face to prevent having to shave forever? Also, could one Balefire fingernails and the like just to make one's grooming that much simpler?
  8. As I was updating my apps today, I noticed the update for Infinity Blade describes something coming up called Infinity Blade: Awakening, an iBook written by Brandon Sanderson. All I can say is...WHAT THE HELL B-SANDS? You are supposed to be writing some Memoirs about Visual Energy, not other ventures! We have been waiting for our final book, and you're dangling pages of unrelated meat before our very eyes! With that said, I'm not actually pissed off. Mr Sanderson (that has an almost Matrix-like tone to it) has done well so far with our beloved WOT, and I look forward to November.
  9. Oh okay, I forgot about Suian's teachings on the return from the Borderlands. However, I am sure that Egwene indeed is a sparker, but I don't have a quote to back that up. I am assuming that Suian in particular was forcing Egwene, because Moiraine's instruction - as far as I know - was to help Egwene begin to learn so she wouldn't succumb to the deaths that plague 3 out of 4 wilders. For some reason, I thought that Elaida had begun to teach Elayne (also a sparker) as well, before Elayne first went to Tar Valon. If so, then that initial teaching wouldn't be considered forcing, because I kn
  10. As stated in several books in the series, a (female only?) channeler can be forced to wield saidar faster than recommended. In Salidar, Suian is noted to have apologized to Egwene several times for forcing Egwene. However, I can't recall Suian forcing Egwene. I thought that Egwene's forced strength came from "studying" with the Seanchean. What am I missing here?
  11. This may have been discussed, but I haven't seen it. I think I may have found the reason why Andoran nobility resemble - to one degree or another - the features of Aiel. When Rand goes to Rhuidean and sees the Aiel history, we see that at one point some Aiel women and children are taken prisoner by people. It can be assumed that this was not the only instance of such kidnapping. Also, in a discussion following the Rhuidean visit, Rand is told that the Cairhienin were the only people to not abuse the Aiel. So, what I think had occurred is that some of the ones who kidnapped Aiel women took them
  12. Stone Dogs act as rear guards, and other societies make fun of their stubbornness.
  13. Found the quote. It's in The Great Hunt, I think the chapter is "The Nine Rings" (a good name for an Inn!) and it is when Rand, with Hurin, Loial, and Selene leave the alternate world via the stone near Cairhien, they go to the Nine Rings Inn, and Rand asks the innkeeper if she has seen a woman (Moiraine) with a fighting man who sometimes wears his sword on his back. That's as close a quote as I'll give, I'm audiobooking it and don't feel like rewinding... ::)
  14. I figured for the longest time that Mat wasn't very good looking. But you said it correctly Beer Rot, beauty is subjective, and I think it is Tuon that states he is good looking. I think though, that Mat may be semi-good looking, but has lots of battle scars (he avoids healing, and has been hung...). Some chicks dig scars. Not Graendal...
  15. Now I could be way off, as I had also thought the voice to be the Creator, but as I read it again, I start to think this is the Dark One's voice. One bad reason is that we witness the Dark One speaking several times throughout the series. A better reason (although very refutable) is the term "CHOSEN" used, as in, "I WILL TAKE NO PART. ONLY THE CHOSEN ONE CAN DO WHAT MUST BE DONE, IF HE WILL." Now I know the terms "the chosen one" make it seem like it will be the Dragon, but what if it meant Nae'blis? Likely the Dark One was thinking Ishy would be a good Nae'blis candidate early on, and perhaps
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