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  1. What is this encyclopedia anyway? I hear it often, yet have no idea what the contents of it are going to be. Is it going to be illustrated? Extra info.? Is all that info still under wraps?
  2. I don't think Taim was recruited by Demandred until after he had done a few 'good' deeds that helped Rand. Or maybe I screwed up with my timeline and he was a darkfriend all along.
  3. Dumai's wells is THE MOST EPIC battle ever. Rand half mad with rage and ... well madness, asks Taim to destroy and Taim giving the orders for carnage. And then we realise what Rand had created, with an extremely questionable character leading the faction. I really hoped for an equally epic showdown between Taim and Rand, more so than any encounter with the forsaken. I had imagined this great sequence where Rand and Logain work together to take out Taim and his cronies; the dragon and the two most powerful false dragons of the time, locked in battle together. BLOOD AND BLOODY ASHES! Unfortunately did not happen. I was so excited for it when AMoL was released, I expected every following chapter to be about it, until Cadsuane makes a causual remark about the entire thing and made me rage. :P
  4. I'd prefer Aes'aman. :) Some interesting pieces on the Black Tower/Asha'man However, with the Black Tower the only male institute, it will be very hard for any males to establish outside of the BT in any real capacity. Still, I would like to see both parties put away their titles as Aes Sedai and Asha'man and become something different. The Asha'Sedai, I call it.
  5. How exactly is this different from the world we exist in? Just because there are nations around the world where children die of hunger every few minutes doesn't stop you and me doing the few good deeds we are capable of.
  6. Yeah a marvelous way to describe that feeling. A remnant of a bond. :)
  7. To those that disagree with Rand, I'd like to use this analogy. The DO is like a nuclear weapon. Its available to be used by many of the nations in our world. We are all pretty damn sure that none of the nations would actually USE it and trigger another world war. BUT, the bombs [DO] are [is] available. The CHOICE to use it is present. If the presence of the bombs corrupts somebody far enough to convince him/her that, its use would eventually result in complete power in his/her hands at the cost of the rest of the world and humanity suffering, then the bomb [DO] fulfills its purpose. Its stretching it, but I can't think of a better example yet. In any case, I stand with Rand in his decision to leave the DO in his prison.
  8. Thanks for clarifying erdrick, mbuehner, suttree. I'm so immersed into the universe, I couldn't help but start re-reading AMoL the very next day I finished it the first time.
  9. A little off topic I guess, but.... Are there any WoT action figures that were released ? Damn I would pay for those with an arm and a leg. Couldn't really find any with a search.
  10. Before I shoot, I've only very recently finished the book, and therefore have not had the time to read the thread fully yet. So, if these questions are already answered, please excuse my ignorance, and I'll eventually find the ones I'm looking for as I go through the forums. I have a number of questions, not all pertaining to Rand, but Ill post them together anyway. 1. Is Olver, Gaidal Cain reborn? And is Birgitte going to be one of Elayne's twins? 2. Was it Noam who incapacitated Ituralde, to remove him from command? 3. If I remember correct, at some point Rand mentions to Perrin that the taint is what gave him access to LTT's memories, which he believes will help him seal the bore and therefore, the shadow gives Rand the means to destroy it. What I do not have a clear understanding of, is Rand and his madness. I was thinking along the lines that, LTT's memories were always Rand's own since he is not separate from LTT and they are one and the same. However, the taint and the resulting madness made his mind think that they were separate entities, and therefore resulted in Rand's mind thinking that it was competing with the will of another mind beside itself. After Rand's epiphany, he sees through this and is then protected from this madness with the light that counters the taints madness. Am I wrong in my understanding? I feel like Ive completely misunderstood Rand's madness. 4. Could Rand possibly take the role of Nakomi, who in turn provides guidance to the champion of the next age? 5. Are there any other connections/ mirrors between Shayol Ghul and Dragonmount, besides being the respective monuments in reminder of the shadow and light. Ive got heaps of others, Ill post them later when Ive completed a re-read.
  11. I liked the metaphor. I've been having trouble trying to give logic to the scenario, and this makes a good basis for my ideas.
  12. A terrible, amazing, sad, and lonely night. This day marks a point in my life. After it has been years since I have shed a tear for anything, I let myself empty it all. I began when Perrin collapses on the field, despairing for Faile. From then on, as the story moved to it end, I saw myself grieving for all the things in my past, the reasons which lead me to start reading WHeel of TIme to cope, all those years ago. I find great solace in sharing these moments here with you all. Thank You. The imagination of the human mind, I salute you. Jordan is the Dragon to all the darkness in my life. Thank you. Rest In Peace Robert Jordan. May the creator shelter you.
  13. Upon discovering that Suldam and by extension Tuon herself can learn to channel, she gives the excuse to Mat that, while she can learn to channel she 'chooses' not to, and that is the difference. Is that not a shallow excuse? The Seanchan still leash them and make use of their abilities. It would have been a fair argument if the channelers were executed or stilled. Its similar to saying, I'm no murderer, but I'll get a mercenary to do it for me.
  14. I am starting AMoL tonight. I was going through the same emotions that you are. I wanted to make a thread to share the feeling, but I simply couldn't find the words to express what I felt when I picked up the book to start reading. I sat staring at the map on the first page. I remembered all the times I lost myself in that world, all those hours I have sat fantasising belonging somewhere on that map. This series has been the crutch to deal with the disappointment my life turned out to be. Anyway, Ive put off starting the book until tomorrow. I feel so unbelievably overwhelmed starting the final book in the series. I'm glad that I was able to share this with others of a similar mind. The one quote that gets me up EVERY morning, and steels me to plod through yet another day in this endless cycle: Death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain. Taishar Malkier
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