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  1. I am about 20% into book 2 now, really enjoying it even though I had a major plot point or two ruined for me prior to starting. Awesome series so far.
  2. Yeah it does. I just recently reread ACOS and enjoyed it, I don't see why many people seemed to dislike it so much. I remember disliking the Bowl of Winds story line the first time through but in hindsight it had many good scenes, especially in Mat's case. Not one of the best books of the series by any means but it wasn't a bad book. Except for the cover art which looks like a reject album cover for Thriller. Ironically I have read the series several times and just saw it for the first time recently, my wife's copy had the cover ripped off and the spine bound with tape. Now I know why. In PoD though I find myself skipping scenes altogether at times. I just finally read Elantris and I am about to start Game of Thrones (and the subsequent books of course), I will have to come back to my reread after that. It will be interesting to see how the pacing feels.
  3. So was flipping through PoD yesterday and came across this in the chapter where Cyndane and Moghedien visit Graendal (page 289 in the PB edition). "He would ride horses to death to reach Ituralde,and if that message, delivered by Alsalam's close cousin, supposedly coming from the King himself with Gray Men trying to stop it, did not satisfy the Great Lord's command to increase chaos, nothing would, short of balefire. And it would serve her own ends nicely as well. Her own ends." There is the well known theory of Demandred using balefire for some purpose at the DO's command (a theory that Sanderson said we should all be paying attention to for some reason)so I won't rehash it, it is easy enough to find. I found the thought on Graendal's part to be interesting with that in mind. She mentions the DO's command to increase chaos then thinks of balefire being the best means to do so, the end part implies it is a line she won't or does not want to cross. In the end her own ends mean most to her(Surprise!) than anything else. I thought that bit was a reinforcement of the idea that Demandred is using balefire somehow to create a chaotic effect. And that it is something that not even the other Forsaken are aware of besides Moridin perhaps, we know they fear the overuse of balefire. I am thinking that Demandred's marching orders might have been something even the Forsaken will not like.
  4. Severing and stilling are two words for the same thing. There is no hard answer (at least none that I can find) regarding whether or not burning out can be healed, but it is a different dynamic than severing. Personally I always got the impression that burning out left nothing to heal and was final. Kind of like if I cut an electrical wire in half I could splice it back together, if I stripped out or fried the conductive materials inside however it is junk.
  5. That would be a beautiful scene lol. Done right I might drop the book laughing at the AS reactions.
  6. That was pretty funny. Solid post. When Setalle Anan is healed, with Elayne and Avienda thrown in I doubt any other group in world is more qualified to make the stash safe for general use. It is implied there are other AS that make a study of such things as well. Items of power are not to be messed around with and like it or not the AS are by far the most qualified to deal with such. Well Aviendha isn't an Aes Sedai and she is the only one we know of that has that Talent to identify them, Elayne just knows how to copy/make them which at least several other AS/Accepted have shown a knack for as well. As I said in the above post I don't think Setelle has a Talent, just an interest and curiosity along with the bravery to study them. Regardless it was just something that always amused me about the AS throughout the books, that they believe any OP item belongs to them but they are too scared to even touch most. It just reinforces the Wizard of Oz man behind the curtain thing the 3rd Age AS have going on, being far less powerful and knowing than they project to others.
  7. Cracked me up and It's been a while since I actually LOLed (you know, laughed out loud ). At first words I thought you were serious....anyways...good stuff. Tyvm, I aim to please.
  8. I do not believe you can be healed from burning out like you can severing. Plus I don't think she had any Talent for identifying ter'angreal she just studied them, hence why she ended up running an Ebou Dari inn. Clearly she zigged when she should have zagged with some ter'angreal or another.
  9. I always found that oath to be kind of amusing in it's application. Such as when the Aes Sedai that fought along with Mat against the Seanchan kept saying she didn't feel she was in danger yet so she could not use the OP. The enemy was attacking them en masse with the intent to kill them all, so logically they were already in danger. Given that the oaths restrict based on personal belief, for example an AS can tell a lie if she believes it to be true, an Aes Sedai would have to be pretty dense to not realize they were already in danger the moment the forces engaged each other. Having to wait for the enemy to get in bow range or start swinging a sword at them shows a pretty short view of logical conclusions about what constitutes danger.
  10. I would enjoy that if it were the ending to the series. I have always thought that TG should be an event lasting hundreds of years, like the War of Power (I believe that's the AoL one) did. The DO was unsealed then and the world didn't suddenly end so why would it now? Done in the same style as the glass columns scenes, except extensively for most of a novel. Following high points and low points for Rand and other channellers as time passes, what effects it had on them, building up to the actual battle between Rand and the DO. I think it would be a great way to give closure to most of the characters in the book. You would know how every major non-channeller (such as Mat, Perrin, Min, Lan and many others) died, but it wouldn't be a cliche bloodbath just to kill off main characters for emotional impact. It could easily be used to clear up a lot of speculation people have about the fates of different characters, just not in a post-TG world like everyone expects. I am open to what the ending will be and not tied up in any one theory. The series has often gone in directions I didn't expect for both good and bad so I have always kept an open mind on it. I like stories and endings that have some real surprise to them and are not what you want, as long as it is not clumsy or forced. I don't believe the series will have a shoddy ending, as long as it's good I will be happy regardless of what happens. I am most curious about people's reactions when it hits. I think it will be like the Sopranos or Lost where people are divided fairly strongly for one reason or another, just to a greater degree because WoT has been around much longer and the level of fandom is different. For many people who have waited years or even decades no ending is ever going to be good enough and they will complain, even if they like it later. It is just human nature.
  11. Personally I am of the opinion that Moridin is a Dreamer and primary source of the Dark Prophecies, just seems like his realm of interest and ability. Given he was free of the Bore for long periods it would make sense he was seeding them when out. I am pretty sure RJ confirmed he had an effect on the Seanchan versions, but I could be remembering wrong.
  12. That stash rightfully belongs in the WT. Where it can sit unused collecting dust for the next twenty generations while they have no clue what any of it does and are too scared to touch it. The nerve of some people trying to not give the AS what belongs to them.
  13. I agree. I never really understood the dynamic between them and found it forced. She also lacks the devotion to him that the other two have, I always got the impression she just seemed infatuated with him more than anything. That actually would have been cool imo. She is one of my favorite characters in the series and I thought the Lanfear and LTT/Rand angle was pretty interesting in the early books. It would have certainly changed the arc of the story significantly lol. The end of TOM and Rand realizing he still desired her was one of the most intriguing cliffhangers for me, I am really looking forward to see how it plays out.
  14. That would have just made her death that more impactful, leaving a dilemma about the success of TG. Sometimes killing off a character before they reach the end of their expected arc is just what the doctor ordered. He could have then balefired Cadsuane back to the First Age in punishment for losing the male a'dam as well, learning the lesson to not strike out in grief and anger. Then everybody wins.
  15. I agree with a lot of the points Toy made, she has no regret or remorse for far too many of her actions. Having a good work ethic does not mean a person is not spoiled. A big flaw in the character for me is the way she expects people to allow her to lead them around by the nose. People talk about how Gawyn is mistreated by Egwene but look at how he grew up being an accessory to his sister, it is what he has been conditioned to accept. She won't even acknowledge Galad as her brother for no reason other than he does what is right instead of indulging her in what she wants. She even expects the freaking Dragon Reborn to obey her of all things and talks about treating him like a Warder. She has a general hissy fit any time someone else does not fall into step agreeably with what she wants and has no concept of consequences for her actions. Concerning Birgitte and unweaving the gate I do not think it is a matter of being unselfish in her intentions but rather that she had no thought for what might happen. Demanding to get your own way constantly and not realizing the impact of your actions and decisions are as un-Aiel as anything, hence why I do not find the Avi and Elayne relationship logical at all.
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