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  1. The first in the Circle series by Dekker was a very pleasant surprise. The second book hasn't been nearly as good but still enjoyable. I suppose I haven't liked some of the directions the story has taken.
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    I can agree with your comment especially about Brooks. I don't know if I could take a step back and re-read Brooks now that I think about it.
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    Well, if you haven't read Lord of the Rings..that's a good place to start. If you want to read something that is extremely similar to WoT, read Goodkind's Sword of Truth series. It's not quite word for word, but close enough. Many like the Shanara (sp?) series by Brooks. I personally like Tad Williams.
  4. I found the TV series unwatchable.. which was kinda similar to many parts of the last 4-5 books in the series.
  5. The first few books are very, very good.. The TV series does not remotely live up to the first few books at all. The TV series is absolutely horrible in comparison. And yeah, I forgot about the torturing of Richard by Deanna.. That was an awesome part of the book as well. It's difficult to believe that a series that was written at such a high level at times just utterly fell apart.
  6. Started Black Thursday morning; right now read through Chapter 25. So far, very interesting. Probably my favorite series behind WoT and LoTR. Ted Dekker is just so good. Reading his latest book in the series Green totally shocked me at points. My favorite author. Interesting thing is is that he went to high school in the same town that I grew up in: Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea. Ok, after much deliberation, I had my decision made for me. Someone got me a couple of Dekker books. I started Black yesterday. I haven't gotten very far, but it's fine so far.
  7. .. it has been awhile, so forgive me if I cannot remember specifics. 1. but, when Rand was playing whatever type of game.. ja la or whatever. At times, that was amazing 2. Nikki's transition... the transitioning part, at least 3. when Rand was deep in enemy territory carving the statues.. I really enjoyed how the populace rose up against the government. But, for every tremendous plot line or moment, there were numerous moments in which the story flat out sucked or became so repetitive that it was almost unreadable especially later and later in the series. I will not lie to you.. I really enjoyed the first few books before the plotlines became repetitive.. and before he spent so much time re-capping what had occurred earlier in the books.. and yes, before he started shoving his beliefs down our throats. As a series on the whole, there really isn't much comparison between the SoT and the WoT. WoT is almost always very, very good and sometimes spectacular. SoT was sometimes spectacular and frequently very mediocre to bad. I can see how someone could start to care so little about the books that they wouldn't like certain moments as much as I. But, certain moments stood out to me as being absolutely wonderful moments and/or plotlines. Early on in my reading of Jordan's WoT, I didn't know which series I liked better. But once I could tell that Jordan had kept the writing at a high level through the duration of the series (as far as we can tell to this point), it became obvious as to which series was/is far superior. That was TG's problem. He wasn't remotely consistent.. he pushed his beliefs.. he was repetitive.. and yes, more than in any other series I have ever read, he flat out stole too many of his ideas from another author. But look at it from my point of view, when I was reading Goodkind, I didn't know that he had ripped off Jordan because I hadn't read WoT yet. So, I probably actually enjoyed the SoT more than I would have if I would have read Jordan first.
  8. Cashel with his staff is superior to Matrim Cauthon although Matrim is a better developed character.
  9. The Sword of Truth has some absolutely tremendous moments. I've got to say that it has more truly tremendous plotlines than WoT. But, it also have about 75 more bad plot lines. WoT is consistently very, very good, many times great, and never truly awful.. SoT is many times great and many times awful.
  10. The Sword of Truth. The first three to four books were very, very good in my opinion. I must say that he had some brilliant moments from time to time from that point on as well. However, book 5 to 7-8 or so were just pretty good. It was an absolute mess as the series concluded. I'd also have to say that David Drake's main series (heck, can't even think of the name of it).. I enjoyed the first 3-4 books well enough, but I'm having a hard time getting through book 5. I've just about kicked the series to the curb.
  11. Some authors I'd check out are: Tolkein Terry Brooks Morgan Llywelyn Tad Williams John R. Erickson (a guitly pleasure from my youth in west Texas) David Drake (great characterization but sometime struggles with plot)
  12. I just didn't like how Goodkind's beliefs didn't fit in with the Sword of Truth until he decided to beat you over the head with it time and time again the last 3-4 books. I just don't see how the dead can play such a major role in his books but he can then later say (I forget which book) that once you're dead, you're dead and there is no after life. Ok, that doesn't seem to fit the rest of your series. How exactly were the mud people communicating with their dead ancestors if once you're dead, you're dead and there's no after life. It is as if he didn't believe in Objectivism until about book 8 or so.. and then he just decided to ramrod it into the Sword of Truth.
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