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  1. Anyone seen this? It's basically just Moraine speaking out her letter to Thom. But it's pretty cool. And I wonder if it's just something made for that book, or any kind of prelude into an upcoming movie. Which isn't Book1 supposed to be a movie soon!
  2. I don't think these feelings are uncommon at this point in the story. I know I wanted Rand & Co to just KICK SOME... However, with the details provided so far you should consider the discipline, organization and long long experience of the Seanchan Military and don't forget that the Damane are also very experienced and are focused solely on killing & battle. The Ashaman are relatively new to this game!! Difference is men are much stronger in the power then women. So an army of inexperienced men vs experienced women, even so i see Men having the advantage. And that's because the women are just TOOLS of destruction. Women are better at the more meticulous things then Men, but that doesn't included blowing shit up and wartime etc...Men are just inherently better. Doesn't mean there aren't some women who kick ass(Lanfear!), but on average, men>women at battle.
  3. So Mat finally meets his future wife, who sounds like a B****! Wonder why he has to marry her? I always kind of thought that the Daughter of the Nine moons was a term for the position, heir to the Throne. So if she 'died', and someone else became Heir to the throne, they would hold that position, and Mat would marry them. Doesn't seem likely now. =/ Hopefully some character change happenswith her, or we learn that she's not a stuckup noble B after all! I'm assuming we find out soon, but this thing the wolves are so scared of. Probably that Luc guy? Forget what they call him? WolfKiller! Or was it the darkhounds? I hope Perrin or Elays kicks the crap out of that wolfkiller guy. He is Lan's brother right? Has some weird adaptibility to dreamworld... **EDIT: It is darkhounds, as they are killed and captured souls of wolves** I just wanna know what it's like channeling Saidin now w/out the taint! When do we start hearing about that? I'm almost half way through the book now, i assume soon. Logain going to War, but war w/who they didn't say. My guess is the other half of the black tower. And he's going to recruit Aes Sedai to help him? I dunno. I love these DeathGaurd fellows. So loyal. And Seekers..pretty much the same as Whiteclock inquisitors. I wanna see these guys matchup. 1on1 I wouldn't say thats covered with a block=) Just blurry red text. Anyways not really a spoiler, I figured as much. Thanks for the link though. I glanced at it, but afraid to read anything because i might see a spoiler. One thing I wonder. Why don't the Asha`man group just go WRECK the seanchan. They could just go fullforce at the seanchan and destroy them utterly. I can kind of understand why they don't...too many of their own casualities, too many other enemies to worry about etc...but still. Stupid Seanchan.
  4. Exactly why I post threads like this, instead of researching my own thoughts. I've done that with other books, and been spoiled by simply looking at the name of forum threads...so i just post my own. I'll look through the other topics once i'm caught up! =)
  5. ahhh..makes sense. As I said, it seemed the prologue was that way since logain never mentioned clean saidin. But i wish RJ woulda put dates, or some sort of timeline explination. =/ Confusin me. =)
  6. I said this before and I'll say it again. The end of Book8, Egwene and her whole army went through a gateway into Tar Valon. And in book9 there was absolutely no mention of it. And book10 so far the Tower isn't even aware of it, nor are they aware that the rebels can Travel. I'm confused as to how the tower wouldn't immediately know a huge army stood outside their door? And whether they knew or not, why that army wouldn't begin the assault or at least send an emissary to give an ultimatum to war. Did i miss something?
  7. We'll I'm not just quoting events that happen. I'm posting my comments on such events. To get a rise or reply from various people here. As well as to come back later and read to see if any of my predictions were correct, or how silly my thoughts were.
  8. Not sure if you're talking about me or the OP. But I am definitely not looking for answers to what happens to anyone. I hate any type of spoiler. I just like to talk about possibilities and what I think might happen, to see if I end up being right. And as far as the long journey and if we are going to "stick to the story". I think aftering reading the FIRST TEN BOOKS...pretty evident that a person would finish the rest, considering there isn't many more. =)
  9. Hope I'm not annoying anyone by posting about each book i'm reading. I did skip about 3books tho...anyways. Just into the prologue so far, finished Book9 2days ago. Lots happening though. War with Seanchan, war within the Black AND White towers. War with the forsaken, altho they haven't yet mentioned their status after the clensing of saiden. Nor did Logain or anyone mention the clean Saidin now, so the prologue's diologue was maybe prior to the clensing, or much after when it wasn't such a big deal? Anyways, I like Logain...i hate Taim. I hope they battle eachother for the right to be Rand's 2nd. =) More to come.
  10. That sentence meant, "She just appeared" and "She was weaker". She came out of nowhere, weaker then Lanfear. And when you say healed by a woman...we are assuming men can completely heal a woman stilled, and women can completely heal a man stilled? But same sex healings make the person weaker? It makes sense considering what's happened, but that's never been said or even hinted at thus far. It's a decent theory. And so is Shai'Tan making her weaker because he knew what she had been thinking, and how she acts. The 'finns coulda made her weaker then killed her. Could have stilled her then resurrected and Shai'tan healed her stilling but purposely not the whole way. But if she actually died, then Moraine died too..which I don't want to believe. But if she didn't die, and escaped or was released, where is Moraine? I would assume they would each have the same treatment from the 'finns..tho i guess you can't really assume that, but they don't seem to care if your forsaken or aes'sedai. =/
  11. ohhh, am i caught up to him now, or is he just not posted that he finished Crossroads yet? =) I will start that book tonight. So it makes sense to make a tool less useful to you? Not really. There is no benefit to be gained from weakening her, which is why it is doubtful that was done by Shai'tan. Usual theory is that she was severed, Healed by a woman and thus lost strength from the Healing. Why is that the theory? She just 'appeared' weaker. She mentioned being held by the Aelfinn and Eelfinn. But never mentioned how she got out of that. It was assumed...was it said...by the Forsaken that she was Lanfear reincarnated. Which would assume that she died, and wasn't severed...so it had to be DO that made her weaker. If she was severed and healed, DO never resurrected her so how does Moridin have her?
  12. OK just finished Winters heart. So the obvious..He did remove the taint? They said he did...'probably'... Dashiva was Osan'gar. And he died? He wove balefire, and from what i understand..lifted his hand to cast it? But Elza, killed him with a fireball? Right? Or supposedly did... Elza, BlackAjah, sworn to rand, because she realized he needs to make it to the last battle? Why? DarkOne himself said to KILL HIM before he can clense saidin...yet she is blackajah and fought off forsaken to protect him? Confusing... At least they made it 100% clear now that Cyndane is Lanfear, and Moridin is Ishmael. Where was Mesaana and Semirhage? And Moridin for that matter. If it was such a big deal for the darkone not to have saidin clensed, why didn't he send everything?
  13. haha Ares, i just couldn't figure out how to quote it from a different thread. I do appreciate ppl commenting on my silly thoughts tho =) I've been trying to keep up with that other guys thread: "A First Time Reader's Journey.". But he reads too damn fast, so by the time i go back he's already a book or two ahead. He started when I was on book6...and I believe he's close to done, and i'm on book 9. gg On a side note, since I asked above...the reason Rand didn't use the power to kill those 2 was because apparently you CANT inside that city. Didn't know that, they told me in the next chapter. And am i the only one who reads this with the characters page on my screen. Ever other paragraph i have to lookup someone's name. Soooo many names to remember. I wouldn't be suprised if you could buy a name dictionary for WOT, to have close by while reading.
  14. AH HAH! So Taim did order it. I knew that sneaky power hungry little bastard would. But the 'dark ashamen' met with moridin and demandred too?! But both chosen acted like they didn't know what Taim said, and the ashaman thought they did...so the Asha thought Taim was darkfriend... I doubt Taim is, just too power hungry. Was there a reason I missed as to why Rand didn't kill both of them w/the power. He could have shielded them, and killed them immediately. Sure other power users, forsaken, would have felt it if they were close...but nothing tells us they are. It's fun reading through your previously posts...here's something I said when i was reading book6. then someone else says i reply with Pretty much called it! =) I think it was pretty obvious that Taim was the architect behind the assassination attempt. Just not that whether he did it for power, or because he's a Darkfriend. I think power only. And i think Logain will soon become Rand's right hand man, and prove himself an actual ally rather then some power hungry fiend like Taim was always acting like. It's sad that Rand can't seem to find any man who can wield the power and is for sure an ally. He needs a strong presence that is a sure ally. He thinks he has 3 loyal ppl, but atm, they aren't real big into the story, nor are they as strong as Dashiva Taim Logain etc... Anyways, book is heating up!
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