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  1. I think that it will not be 'Healed', but that placing the Dreadlords in the Stedding is a good way to bring some peace to the ones who were Turned. With the bore sealed and not being able to touch the Source, I see this as something close to how Bilbo went to live with the Elves when he gave up the Ring. Probably not the best comparison, but there it is.
  2. I very nearly chose Daved Hanlon, because he was just so fun. Brandon really picked up on the chaotic evil nature of his character and his scenes in AMOl were the only ones that made me legitimately uncomfortable. I squirmed. But in the end, I chose Moridin. He was many times more interesting than any of the others, and the interactions he had with Rand were pure gold.
  3. Is Peter trolling us now? Edit: Nevermind. If he had left us with just the first post, it would have been a brilliant jibe.
  4. The seed represents the Seanchan. Burning the tree is their occupation of Tarabon. 'Again the seed slays ancitent wrong' is a reference to the eradication of shadowspawn from the Seanchan continent. Now that the Last Battle is here, they again fight Trollocs.
  5. I am okay with the letters being left open (also, she didn't send the other letter, she had prepared another but wasn't able to give it to him because of her oaths), and to a lesser degree Moiraine's wishes/questions can be at least potentially/partially inferred. Even Taim's backstory can be mostly pieced together from the bits in the novel.
  6. The circumstances that surround Verin joining the Black Ajah were RAFO'd by Maria in an interview @ 13th depository. It acutally has a lot of information in it that would be great to have. http://13depository.blogspot.com/2011/03/verin-q-with-maria-simmons.html
  7. They are all in the same boat, like the saying. 'We're all in the same boat'.
  8. The words come with the viewing; that's in the books. I don't see any reason to believe it had anything to do with Compulsion. To be fair, she did love Graendal. Edit: Why/when did the quote function stop displaying the quoted poster's name? Edit 2: Also, Greandal's Compulsion was likely tempestuous given the way things were described in the book. HA!
  9. I thought it was the most natural conversation we've seen between Mat and Rand since they unloaded the Brandy in Chapter 1 of TEOTW.
  10. My immediate response when she gave the dagger to Rand was , 'Oooh, B gonna die!'
  11. Wasn't that just to show Perrin that dying in the dream world was a true death?
  12. This must be the scene that made Brandon feel like GRRM. It's totally Galad to Elayne.
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