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  1. In all the 14 pages of this thread, I've seen only 1 reference to the Hawkwing/Fortuona conversation that Mat suggested. I hadn't even CONSIDERED this as a possibility until I saw Mat say that. What I wouldn't give to see how THAT conversation went down. :) I'm surprised there isn't more interest in this thought. As for everything else, the things I would have like to see fall in line with everyone elses. What's in the letters? Who's Nakomi really? There's a lot of things i'd LIKE to know, but overall i'm VERY satisfied with how it all turned out.
  2. JUST finished my series reread by polishing off Towers of Midnight this morning. :) Bring on AMoL!!
  3. While I like this idea, I'm still more fond of one I read on here a while back. The last line of the book being "You win again, Lews Therin." or something along those lines.
  4. You're welcome. The crap I was coming up with was junk compared to this type of stuff. :)
  5. I'm fairly certain this is spoiler free. If someone thinks otherwise, feel free to move the thread, but I"m pretty darn confident in it. Content is about WoT, Mistborn, AND Stormlight, a few questions from each. I'll just post the WoT related ones here. If people want Stormlight or Mistborn questions, let me know and I"ll add those in. Q: "I was thinking about Moiraine's questions to the Aelfinn. We already know what one of them was, is there any hint as to the other two?" A: "If they aren't revealed in the last book, they will probably be in the Encyclopaedia. We want to save a few
  6. Should I just post it here? Or is there's other place on the board that would be better?
  7. Just got done. Will transcribe and post questions and answers when I get a chance later today. He was surprisingly direct at times. :)
  8. I'm going to the idaho falls book signing today in a couple of hours. Any suggestions what I should as our dear Mr Sanderson? WoT or Stormlight related. Mistboenceven if you'd like. I just need ideas!
  9. I guess it could be that they're the first I have ever listened to regularly. Maybe others will grow on me. Lol
  10. So. I'm posting this here because I'm not sure where else to say it, but it's something that's been on my mind Plainly put, Michael Krame and Kate Reading have ruined me for other Audiobook readers. My wife and I have been listening to the audiobooks for a while now, since I do alot of driving for work, and she recently tried to listen to a different story, something called Uglies. The reader for that series, strangely, began to grate on us. She wasn't Kate. It's gonna make it difficult to listen to much of anything else, I think. So my question is that, since we haven't listened t
  11. I didn't mean that THIS site would become a Stormlight-based fansite. Just that many of the fans of this are fans of Sanderson's other works, too, and would make their way to THOSE fanboards in a similar way to how they came here. That's all.
  12. I haven't read through all 4 pages of responses on this topic, so I don't know if it was mentioned or not, but I was kind of under hte idea that, when the series is over, the majority of this crowd would transfer their fervor to the Stormlight series for the NEXT 20 years. :) I am fairly certain that I will be. lol
  13. I'm having an issue. I want to pick up and read AMoL when it comes out. I want to try and avoid prerelease chapters and the like, because I feel like I"ll enjoy the overall story more if I avoid the spoilers. But it's so dang HARD! I want to know, I want to read, I want to finish the damn story! :) Maybe i"ll have to lock myself in a room without internet for the next couple of months...or something. I dont know if i'll make it the whole way. I'll probably crack eventually. But i'm going to hold out as long as I can...lol
  14. I've done some light searching and couldn't find any recent topics on this subject, but that doesn't guarantee this topic hasn't been touched on before. I recently came across a youtube video with an accomanying link which gave me a wonderful idea for how a day can dawn twice. If this idea has already come up, please refer me to the thread so I can see the discussion. The whole video is interesting, but the relevant point is about 5 minutes in. Listen to that whole part. http://www.darylscience.com/downloads/DblSunset.pdf This is the accompanying article they used as a part
  15. I'm planning on starting my reread sometimes in February or March. It takes me between 6-7 months to reread all that's currently out, depending on life activities and current levels of focus. I'm giving myself a bit of leeway to slack off a bit if I see myself getting too close to the mark. My wife started her first read in July of 2011 and is currently on CoS. If she continues at the pace she's on, she will probably be all caught up within a month or two of the release. lol.
  16. If this has already been discussed, someone point me in the direction of the topic, cause I missed it. Anyway, we haven't seen or heard from Loyal Loial since the end of TGS when he was discussing the Book of Translation with those other Ogier (been a couple of months. details might be off.) Where is he? I remember getting the distinct impression he was going to try to talk the Ogier into fighting alongside everyone instead of running away into the other world teh Book would take them to.
  17. Forgive me for not scrolling through 211 pages of posts for this answer...i'm short on time. anyway, in my current ReRead, i've just started FoH. In the prologue, we have Elaida's meeting with some Aes Sedai discussing Tower business and whatnot. At that meeting is Danelle. Forgive me if I'm wrong, cause it's been a short while, but she's the one that was eventually discovered as being Mesaana, right? I assume we don't know EXACTLY when that change took place, from being her to being Mesaana in disguise, but do we have a rough before/after point where the change is sure to have happened? I onl
  18. So my wife is doing her first read-through of the WoT after some convincing from me. She's enjoying it. :) Though, after following her through several different book series, i've noticed that she has a tendency to get VERY attached to characters. When she read Mistborn, she bawled like a baby when she though Elend had died at the end of Well of Ascension. And then again at the end of hte series. She's just past Elaida's overthrow and stilling of Siuan in tSR and again, much crying. This woman, she's adorable. And she's going to have a freakin HEART ATTACK when Moiraine disappears in the next
  19. That's one heck of a set of guesses there, Hopefire... And I would be satisfied with it, for the most part. :D
  20. That seems a bit far fetched, though not completely out of the question. I don't think that I like the idea, though. Gives too much room for changing things that don't need to be changed. But then, change IS inevitable. The pattern doesn't have to be falling apart for THAT to be true.
  21. RIght. I forgot that Thom was there. Dammit. lol
  22. Idaho Falls, Idaho. I'm only about 4 hours away from BS! Not as close as those Utards out there, but closer than most of you! hahaha! ;) lol
  23. I agree with FSM, too, in that Mat will probably be put in a position where he will HAVE to say something. Given his history of womanizing and his pride in that, I doubt it's information that he will outrightly divulge. That being said, there also another possibility. Thom, or some other person with his ear-to-the-ground, will most likely have heard of the Empress' wedding. As someone else said, it's not like it's a hidden fact. Granted it was something of an ordeal to be reached, word DOES tend to get around. But I digress. The scene that I visualize is Thom reporting to whomever h
  24. I started reading TEoTW in HS. Freshman year, so that would be 98/99ish. I almost immediately went out and bought all that were avaliable and have just barely begun replacing books as they're falling apart. what I find interesting about the rereads is how you can pick up on nuances of prophecy and dialogue and immediately make connections to things later in the book that you missed the first times through. I'm STILL doing that after 4 times. :) I want my wife to read them, but she wants to wait until the last book is about to come out. She hates waiting when she's in the middle of someth
  25. haha. I almost missed this as sarcasm until I got to the end. I was like 'whaaaat?' As to the OPs thought, I don't think it's completely outside the realm of possibility. :)
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