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  1. I figured that Ishamael going insane and thinking himself Shai'tan would be insulting, in addition to him supposedly being the strongest of the Forsaken, getting beaten pathetically every two seconds, and therefore making Shai'tan look bad. But then, sure, it is true that I don't really know much about Shai'tan's personality. I figured that, being some giant as well as terrifyingly evil dude, he would possess most of the negative emotions, jealousy included. But mayhaps no. Towards new bodies for those lucky Forsaken, yes, I suppose that I was figuring that they were given bodies that Shai'tan chose for specific reasons. Whoops. Hmmm... I hadn't really thought about where the bodies came from. So, they are unlucky Darkfriends? Seems as if detaching a Forsaken spirit from a body that wasn't originally made for it would be a lot easier than detaching the crazy from the male half of magic. That would be a pretty cool way of dealing with one of them. "Rand detaches Moridin's spirit from its unwilling host body. Shai'tan, the Lord Of The Grave, notices his spirit pop up back in his bin of souls that he is allowed to play with, and growls, "Argh! You again? I look away for two seconds! oh well. You are very flattering, so I'll grab another body for you." Towards Ajah-specific Weaves, I would like to see more and am currently speculating on what they would be like. I would think that the Gray would be plenty likely to be fans of evil brain-warping abilities, like that fear one, since they are primarily about dealing with people. Not enough has been written about those guys or the White, who I figure should have stuff along the lines of seeing through illusions or being better at checking out the Pattern. Towards the tragically traditional Aes Sedai mindset, I doubt that there is any malicious reason for it, besides mayhaps some Black ladies finding some stuff out and keeping it for themselves. It makes plenty of sense for them to merely have become plenty blind due to arrogance over the years. Whenever the Forsaken types talk about Aes Sedai, they always look down on them and call them half trained and such, inferior descendants of their Age. I would have thought that they, Mesaana in particular, would have mentioned something along the lines of, "Muahaha! They are refusing to step outside of the box that we crafted for them so long ago! How they get so blind?" Towards Padan Fain, well, I was hypothesizing that he might have become more of an agent of Shai'tan again, now that Shadar Logoth is gone, but I am not sure what its destruction did to him, if anything. Padan Fain is sneaking around, manipulating some other powerful dude into helping him out, suddenly, Shadar Logoth is wiped out, and he hears Shai'tan, "Wazzup, dude! Where you been at? Garn, via what means did you become such a failure, even after I dosed you up with awesome? Do you need another visit to the Bore? No? Good. Then get back to work." Padan Fain whimpers, goes back to pathetically stalking the main character, and wonders if he is awesome enough to give birth to another Shadar Logoth. Towards the Seanchan, I was just reminded by the fact that they have those weird animals at least one of which was found in that creepy dimension where the main character was able to save some time and hang out with Lanfear, Loial, and Hurin, some characters that I miss. Mayhaps the Seanchan are adept at messing about in such dimensions? Mayhaps they can only get to that one with that one weird animal, or mayhaps they can choose between plenty where they have gathered plenty of weird animals. But then, if they could do that, they would also be adept at saving travel time. So mayhaps they are superly different because they originally came from some crazy other dimension where such animals and such customs are common, and their prophecies concerning the main character would have been true.
  2. Am I missing something that makes it seem obvious that one or two need to be removed? I would guess that you are merely typing about keeping such romantic relationships a one on one thing, as per some tradition, but, hey, check out how at least the Aiel in these books are and how accepting all of these character are about the situation. I see no storyline problems with it. Anyways, who seems most likely to be removed, if any would be? Well, I'll disagree that Elayne's character has gone downhill. I've never been an especially large fan of the lady, but at least she is currently on a track towards doing what she was made to do, rule a country. I figure that she will be kept fairly busy with that, and when her mother shows back up, she'll be plenty surprised that she gets to keep the throne. She has no problem with Traveling off to do whatever pleases her, so her queenly duties shouldn't be so much of a burden that she won't have the time to hang out with the boring old main character. I doubt that Min will get some cool plot about explaining her power. She's just a weird thing. And I doubt that she would be removed, since she is the one that has been attached to the main character the most tightly. She'll stick with him even after the capitalized Last Battle, and have all kinds of fun with sticking her tongue out at the other two for having stuck with him through thick as well as thin. Although, also because she has stuck with him the most tightly, because she seems to be the most popular, and because she might be killed for figuring the stuff out that that one scholar dude figured out, it would be awesome for her to die tragically. ::) Why does Aviendha seem to be the best choice for survivability? As was mentioned, she's already died once, and, although she's probably the best in a fight, she isn't the most careful or intelligent. oh well. I think that she is a plenty cool character, but she would most likely be relegated to dealing with Wise One type business all of the time, so, like Elayne, she'd have to employ a Traveling schedule to hang out with the main character.
  3. Towards Forsaken and the god who loves them so much ---> Sure, I get why he decides to keep these Other Agers around, I was mostly pointing out why these particular Forsaken weren't such great choices. He brought back Ishamael, who went insane, pretended to be him, got very pathetically beaten by the main character three times, and it was apparently considered necessary to hand him the honor of some additional firepower to make him moderately useful. Belthamel, on the other paw, has more of an excuse for dying pathetically, and never insulted his god, but he gets insulted by being brought back to life as a lady, which is something that he wasn't a large fan of, at least at first. Sure, mayhaps Shai'tan knew that he would be the best choice for infiltrating and tricking people as a lady, and Ishamael, although insane and incompetent, was the best choice for becoming Nae'blis, even though that title was supposed to go to the best of the Forsaken. And how was he considered to be the best, after all of his failures and after the other Forsaken didn't even have time to succeed or fail at much? oh well. Mayhaps his spirit was just really persuasive, in the afterlife. ::) Towards Asmodean, ah. I hadn't noticed that balefire was implied. I just read, "He suddenly disappeared. Nobody knows what happened. Shai'tan decided that he was a traitor and wouldn't be coming back." So mayhaps what Shai'tan decided was more of a, "I love my Forsaken so much, but this one can't be brought back, so I'll just have a tantrum about it, then pretend that I never really wanted him to come back, anyways." ::) Towards Aginor, sure, Yay for the Forsaken being from some Other Age and supposedly knowing a significant amount extra of useful magic (although, not nearly enough to beat one punk kid from this Age), and Yay for these guys apparently really knowing how to schmooze to their god, but beyond his touted gene-splicing abilities, he never demonstrated any proficiencies awesome enough to warrant being brought back to life, which was my only reason for pointing it out. oh well. I repeat myself and ramble, it looks like. Towards evil Aes Sedai inducing fear, I was thinking of what Moiraine did in that New Spring prequel thingy. It was one of those particular to the Blue Ajah sorts of evil magics. She employed it to get one lady to admit to something and to make a bunch of horse thieves leave her alone. And it was terrifying and evil. Towards the White Tower apparently as well as intentionally stabbing its own eyes out ---> The Brown ladies, in particular, should have been figuring stuff out. They deal in research of several sorts. They aren't merely librarians that polish off old books and don't even read them to learn about how cool stuff used to occur. They mention things that are known but which are apparently lost, like flying, they test people for lost abilities, like Dreamage, and they are aware that some powers are lost to the Ages, while others from earlier ones with no remaining records can reappear. Shouldn't they be testing for powers that they don't even have names for, then? oh well. Merely me ranting, I suppose. Towards the apparently offhand destruction of Shadar Logoth ---> Got it. Without much in the way of the main character explaining what he's doing, it merely looked as if he was just taking advantage of the extra power to kill two birds with one stone, not that he needed the two birds to kill each other. ::) But then, there was a lot of checking to make sure that the male portion of magic had been de-crazified. Why didn't anyone check to make sure that Shadar Logoth was purged of evil? How deep did the evil go? Could someone walk into the crater and become possessed by a piece of glass? Also, if Padan Fain didn't lose his Shadar Logothiness due to this, he is most probably the last bit of it in the world. It could spread again, or he could have just been really weakened by it and is now influenced more by whatever Shai'tan did to him. Poor guy. Which reminds myself ---> Is not Padan Fain a grand example of how Shai'tan could work with people from this Age? With his Forsaken dropping to the right as well as to the left, even if they know some tricks from earlier Ages, why not employ some raids of his own? Grab some Aes Sedai, pick up a few not-too-crazy-yet males, mess with their brains, then just tell them the tricks from the earlier Ages, so they know them, too. Wait. He doesn't even have to make raids. He has Black ladies working for him already. Just call them up, dude. Tell them to meet you at your place for some reprogramming. Not that hard. Towards the creepy Seanchan ---> Understood. It just seems a bit crazy, to myself. How long did they hold that Amathera lady? Not overly long, and she has been twitching at the sight of them, ever since. There are very good reprogrammers over there, I suppose. Reprogramming via those awesome collars makes sense, at least. And what made these guys become so different from the countries that they left? Eh. Okay. I'll just go with, "They had some really destructive magic-users, so they got really used to controlling them. Controlling those dudes led to them being obsessed with control in other areas."
  4. I shall interpret that as ---> Got it. So the path was metaphorical, since I finished the books and never saw a path made out of daggers. ::) Towards that one Warder bond comment ---> Hm? Not tied off? It doesn't sound as if everyone with a Warder is constantly keeping the bond in place. I thought that there were only two methods. Keeping it up and eventually just running out of stamina or falling asleep or something, or tying it off. Is that incorrect? Yay for the knife that was singled out being important...possibly...at some later time! It got an entire book named after it, but it wasn't very important in that book. Crazy title-crafters. Current Forsaken roster ---> Nah. With lots of strictness towards spoilage on this website and with myself not remembering what happens in which books, I'll just type most of this stuff elsewhere. Towards their reincarnations, though ---> It still makes little sense. Good for Moridin, I suppose, for being intimidating and being given the gift of extra firepower, but I would have thought that Shai'tan would have been angrier at this guy. He messed with Balthamel by turning him into a lady, and I don't even remember that guy making Shai'tan mad. He made Lanfear less powerful than before, which actually does make sense, since she seems less cooperative than others. He might have even delivered her to Moridin, so she couldn't run off to do her own crazy thing. And since Aginor's main contribution to the Forsaken organization was gene-splicing and such, why did he come back? Mayhaps there is still some hidden lab somewhere that I don't know about. ::) Why did Shai'tan overlook Asmodean? That guy actually could have been useful, unlike some, since he might have learned plenty about the main character and could have just been instructed to lie to him or somesuch. Makes no sense. But then, Shai'tan is the Lord Of Chaos, yes? He's just too chaotic for decent planning. Poor dude. On the One Power (although it isn't the only one) ---> I have lots of questions besides that one about keeping weaves up or tying them off. Plenty seem quite properly horrified of Compulsion, but how close are you allowed to come to it? I have noticed some memory-wiping type stuff and some fear-inducing type stuff, at the least. Seems equally evil, to myself, ripping your way into someone's brain and mucking about however you want. Are there no research scientists in this world, or is Research And Development supposed to be capitalized here, since people only attempt some if they have the Talent for it? Argh. All of those Yellow ladies throughout the years, and they only have that one uncomfortable method of Healage until Nynaeve comes along? Craziness, and that is just one instance of a lack of research. The excuse of being arrogant and set in their ways isn't good enough. These people are serious about studying. Why refuse to make things better? Not enough is done about dream-class magic. Those Wise Ones should have the best information network around, at least among the Aiel. And when they leave their country, they should have found reasons to spread their Wise Ones around. When the Shaido got scattered, I would have thought that plenty of those Wise Ones would have still been decently loyal enough to their kind to relate some information. Additionally, what are those Black ladies up to, who stole all of those dream-related thingies? For more Warder bondiness confusion, what happens to be upwards along with the main character and his ladies not being able to employ that trick for hiding themselves from each other? I figure that it is most probably merely that they don't have enough practice or somesuch, but they also could have just made the bond incorrectly. Is not such a bond more of an advanced thing? And Elayne is one of the less formal Aes Sedai, anyways, so she probably didn't know what she was doing either time. Why did they destroy Shadar Logoth, also known as Moria (at least in my brain)? They were de-crazifying the male portion of magic and, as an afterthought, they looked to their right, saw some ruins, and said, "Hey, why not? While we're here, let's just deprive some archaeologists of some fun. We just de-crazified some crazy that a god applied to a world-wide phenomenon, but we're just too lazy to try to de-claw one little city." Also, did they get it all, and did that do anything to Padan Fain? Ah, and, if I did not mention it before, I stand behind Cadsuane and Tuon. Both are several sorts of fun and for the same reasons. Honesty and tricksiness, combined with indomitability. That Amathera Panarch lady, now called Thera. Garn, yo. Via what means did she become so pathetic? Which leads into ---> Okay, she wasn't so great to begin with, I suppose, but she became more pathetic via the Seanchan. How do they mess with people so well, and why are they so different? Sure, they moved to some other land that has all kinds of weird animals, but how weird do the animals have to be to change so much? Okay, so they were gone for a long enough time to change plenty, but I am merely looking for an explanation towards the extremity. There is probably more, but I shall now go into the other threads. I've got to take these books back to library. sorry about not showing up often enough. This thread probably would have been more fun if I did a stumbling chapter-by-chapter thing, but I got plenty busy, towards the end. *hides* ::)
  5. I believe that I have detected an understatement. ::) But he is not so bad. It is plenty realistic, I figure. Besides reading up on all of the cool stuff he's supposed to do, he's posturing due to not being as used to arrogance as his also quite arrogant opponents. Towards Shai'tan being a surprisingly generous guy by bringing two of his pathetic Forsaken back to life ---> Okay, so bringing that Aginor dude back could make some sense, as long as he's cooking up some cool new monsters. Even without the labs, he must be able to do something. Otherwise, only Shai'tan being an overly fond and motherly type of guy could be the reason for bringing those two back to life. Did this now Aran'gar character have any particular skills, besides being creepy and evil? He probably as well as merely hasn't gotten his time in the spotlight, yet. Towards naming characters ---> I am mostly naming them to help you dudes out. I hardly ever think of characters (or people) via names. I just go by impressions, mostly. "Hey, there's that guy that started out a farmer, then, after being dragged around by this one magical lady, finding out that he is the Creator's champion and cursed to clean up his messes, then getting a crash course in Tricksy Diplomacy, he is basically as well as astonishingly easily conquering the world and killing the scariest bad guys in sight. I wonder what crazy he'll do, this time!" <--- Rand. Anyways, I got the rest of the books, finished The Path Of Daggers (I missed the part with a path made out of daggers, though, but mayhaps the path was metaphorical, and I just missed the particular point that the title meant), and am halfway through Winter's Heart (Seems like a title safe from scorn. Dang. ::)). I actually need to rush through these books, now, since this latest book showed up at the library, and I have to have it back sooner, since it's new. oh well. Towards Unweaving ---> A cool skill, whether you know what you're doing or not. If you mess up, wasn't it said that the effects are unpredictable? Does that mean that they are unpredictable, but always in a bad way, or could you fail at it, then end up with barrels full of chocolate pudding? That would be nice. Also, why didn't they think to employ it on Rand's Warder bond? Towards those ter'angreal thingies besides the Bowl Of The Winds that were found ---> There were those three angreal that seem to be passed around a lot, although one was probably unofficially given as a gift to Aviendha, and then there was a dull knife that she was particularly interested in. Is it too much to hope for that that knife is the one from the title Knife Of Dreams? I just like titles of books to matter a bit to the plot. sorry. ::) Poor Galina. Even though she is one of those Black ladies, and probably plenty evil, I am not a large fan of the formidable being brought so low. I am hoping that she gets all kinds of revenge, preferably just after these Shaido types do something interesting, for once. ::) In addition, there are too much of these oaths and collars and capitalized Compulsions and mindtraps and ta'veren and such lying around. Can't there be some significant reliability in anyone without such things? *sniff* Current Forsaken roster ---> Demandred ---> Who knows? But he's cool because of that. Hopefully, he'll be awesome. Semirhage ---> Too boring to get much of a role in the books, it looks like. Graendal ---> Pure evil, due to employing capitalized Compulsion. Otherwise, she is decently intelligent enough that I figure that she could be all kinds of awesome, but, of course, up against the main character, she will die pathetically, like the rest. Mesaana ---> Same as Semirhage. Moghedien ---> Poor Moghedien. That Moridin dude will be easily killed by the main character, and she will be free once more to be possibly interesting? Osan'gar ---> Hopefully, he has a lab. Otherwise, he should be shuffling his feet and promising Shai'tan that he'll be useful again, in a few hundred years. I didn't see him messing around with that one academy with the inventions. He should be, but mayhaps they are just too primitive for him to get more use out of them than out of creepy magic alone. Aran'gar ---> I forget if this was confirmed in the books already, but I am figuring that she is that Halima lady who is supplying headaches and the healing thereof for Egwene. Pretty boring, for someone significant enough to be brought back to life. Moridin ---> Aw. Poor Demandred. This guy is the Nae'blis, in addition to being plenty creepy. I don't remember the actual story suggesting this, but the glossary that I am looking at suggests that he is yet another coddled Forsaken brought back to life by Shai'tan. Craziness. "You were pathetically killed by an inexperienced and at least partial psychotic. Here. Although you were offed and some of my other Forsaken are plenty more sensible than you, I like your face, so you can have the title." ??? ::) Of course, if what the glossary suggests is true, then he is most probably Ishamael, who was supposedly the best, but who was actually pathetic and who I wouldn't think that Shai'tan would be a large fan of, since he actually pretended to be him, but oh well. Cyndane ---> Who knows? She is being plenty mysterious by giving zero clues, as far as I have seen. She could be any of the pathetically beaten Forsaken types, but I would have hoped that she would have provided some clue as to who she used to be, if she isn't just some new Forsaken, which at least isn't what's suggested. Lanfear ---> Possibly trapped in genie world. Extras ---> Poor Perrin. I understand that he is the least beloved of the three ta'veren types. Well, sure, since he's the least crazy and gets the least interesting storylines. Poor guy. I shall be rooting for more interesting to come from his corner. Also ---> Go, Black Ajah-hunting Aes Sedai commissioned by Elaida, go!
  6. Argh. Library is being slow with bookses. oh well. I read that A Crown Of Swords book and kept wondering why it was called that, until the very end, when I wondered why they couldn't have come up with a title that had much to do with the plot. Okay, okay, so it was a large deal, but it didn't seem especially central enough to be the title. I am a crazy person, I suppose, and should get used to the silly titles. Looking at the title of The Path Of Daggers, I would guess that it'll be a bit more relevant. Towards Moiraine and Lanfear ---> You can't be sure that anyone is dead, even if you have the body. It could have been a magical clone of some sort. You never know. Anyways, while thinking about stuff that Moiraine said about the first doorway that they went into, I figure that they could still be alive, but stuck in some alternate reality or pocket dimension. She hypothesized that the people in that first doorway were all-knowing due to mayhaps being able to see and actually learn from the many parallel universes that have been encountered while employing those teleporting stone thingys. Something like that. They could be stuck in some place where all of that knowledge could be available to them. They'll be able to remember all of it, and they'll be able to pop out of some other doorway and be useful and slash or annoying again. Who knows how many doorways like these exist? Towards Lan being snipped from Moiraine as evidence that she died ---> How much information do these people have on what happens when you lose your Aes Sedai in a pocket dimension? If they have a lot, then okay, I suppose that he wouldn't have left if he figured that she could still be alive and he just couldn't be connected to someone in a pocket dimension. I figure that she could pop back out, and he would utter, "Oh! Well, check that out! Kind of awkward, eh?" Towards the Nae'blis ---> I understand the large deal that it is supposed to be, but I don't understand why Shai'tan would care enough about his little Forsaken to bring a couple back to life for Round Two. He doesn't seem the caring type, especially if he set them against each other with the goal of obtaining the Nae'blis title. I understand that these Forsaken types are dying rather pathetically, though, so, instead of feeling sorry for them, shouldn't he be churning out more of these intimidating as well as new sorts of Halfmen? Anyways, towards A Crown Of Swords type stuffs, first out of all of the points to be made, poor Moghedien. She is my favorite of these Forsaken types, so far, possibly because I haven't gotten to know a bunch of them well enough, yet. Semirhage and the one with all the powers of a teacher have potential, and this Demandred dude appears to possess way more caution and tricksiness than that which was touted about for Moghedien. Or mayhaps he's about as effective as the rest of them, and it just wasn't his book to shine, yet. ::) Dang. Poor Elaida, as well! I muchly hope that that the capitalized White and Red lady that she has working for her do a good job. I still feel sorry for Elaida, who was possibly all kinds of manipulated by her Keeper, and who arrogantly figured her way to be best, anyways. Yay for that one Red lady! I was not a large fan of the idea that they were all purely male-haters. Why shouldn't some of them be the sort to join the Red types just because they liked the idea of heroically saving people from crazy males with super powers? The Shaido were pretty boring, and I was wondering why they hadn't merely faded out of the spotlight, but I am now wondering what Sammael and Graendal were up to, with them. Yay for a decent amount of manipulation on some underestimated group! Towards Sammael, I can't be sure that he definitely died, either. Sure, his plans could continue to work with the Shaido, or Graendal could pick them up, but, although Shadar Logoth is superly scary, he didn't actually see the guy get killed, and there are plenty of ways to avoid fog. I thought that these capitalized Kin are pretty cool. All kinds of underestimating occurring over there. I am wondering why that one lady was four hundred something years old and surprising Aes Sedai about it. She seemed to think that it should be normal, so I figure that such would be common, at least among these Kin types. Why? I don't see why it would have to do with how often one employs creepy magic, since there are all kinds of Aes Sedai with all kinds of frequencies of use of the stuff. Well, they knew some different things for healage, so mayhaps they know some different things towards preservation, as well. There was some cool stuff with Mat, and some sad stuff. I said, "Yay!" when past rudeness towards him was brought up, but the method via which Elayne is attempting to make up for it made me shake my head. Purely as well as obviously for Aviendha and Rand. Aviendha has no ridiculously overblown problem with Mat, but I wondered why she didn't notice that Elayne cared nothing for actually making up for rudeness. Most probably, she is just getting soft. I felt several sorts of sorry for those Sea Folk types being ignored. Come on. Bring on the interesting cultures! I've got role-playing game characters to plan! ::) Of course, it's fantasy, so I am disappointed at all of the humans. So boring. I deal with those all of the time. These Ogier types don't even get any page time. Not even halfway cool. *sniff*
  7. Greetings, all. I was away for Christmas. Whoops. The seventh book still hasn't shown up at my library. oh well. Anyways, I was instructed to think about what Moiraine told Rand and Mat, when they all popped out of the creepily magical doorway where everyone knows the answers to everything. What does that have to do with Moiraine and Lanfear possibly popping back out of the second magical doorway? Let me think. She mentioned wanting to bathe, and then there was a bunch about not knowing how those people know everything or why you're only able to use it once. Is there something else that I should be remembering that is a clue towards why they shouldn't have merely been able to pop directly back out? oh well. Towards Mat getting killed with lightning ---> It still makes little sense, but oh well. Sure, I can understand someone being able to kill him with a boulder lifted via magic, but a lightning bolt directed via magic shouldn't be able to hurt him. It is an unnatural lightning bolt. Even the storm was unnatural and shouldn't have been able to rain on him. I figure that granting that the storm can make sense is no large deal, okay, but a lightning bolt would only be able to hit him via a crazy amount of luck, which seems especially unlikely, in his case. I suppose that I shall just go with the idea that the lightning bolt was directed at someone other than Mat, and died via being too close, but I figure that his luck should have helped him there, too. Also, it is no large deal, because Superman spinning the world backwards fixed everything. ::) Towards the sixth book, just as with the fifth, what's with the title? Who is the Lord Of Chaos supposed to be? Is that just another name of Shai'tan, and the title is supposed to be scary, informing me that he is still in the background, being all evil? Towards the tragic return of creepy magical powers to the stilled and gentled ---> Come on, Nynaeve. Okay, good job. You're awesome, but I liked non-evilly powered-up characters being important to the plot. oh well. The ladies were less powerful, but was it mentioned that the guy was? He should have been. Also, what was upwards with Siuan asking Nynaeve to see if she could fix her up to be as strong as she once was? She asked once, Nynaeve was tired, and it wasn't really mentioned again. No confirmation that such would be impossible, a guess that she'll just have to retrain her magical muscles, and it's possible for to become as strong as she once was? Nothing? oh well. Yay for Asha'man and the Black Tower! Although I despise magic-users, Yay for some equality. I am hoping for some Aiel who were sent to defeat Shai'tan to be recruited by this group, or at least to be brought up, although I see no indication that such is about to happen. It would merely be cool. I was a bit disappointed when they showed up to help with saving the day, and they easily beat the experienced Aes Sedai, but, besides inexperience being a superpower in this universe, I suppose that they were plenty outnumbered, and the Asha'man had a large portion of surprise with them. Yay for Semirhage! Seems interesting. Evil healers always seem cool, to myself. Which brings up a list of Forsaken ---> Okay, there were the first two that died very pathetically, one of which was mentioned, I believe, as being the dude who invented the Trolloc. Ishamael pathetically down, that one dude hanging out next to the capitalized Sword That Wasn't What It Calls Itself In Its Own Title, Although It Totally Is, Actually down, Rahvin (I only remember his name because Rand kept screaming it) down, Lanfear possibly down, Asmodean tragically down, Sammael, who, at the beginning, Rand cared plenty about scaring with an army, but he was mostly forgotten, later, some terrifyingly evil as well as manipulative lady who is being more careful than Moghedien, some evil lady with all the power of being a teacher, some guy who keeps getting mentioned but hasn't done anything in the spotlight, that I have seen, and Moghedien is back in action! Whee! I hope that she isn't just killed for being pathetic or something. I want her to get some decent as well as supposedly superly careful tricksiness in. What was all of that about some title as a goal for all of the Forsaken? To be the last one standing, or simply the most powerful? I forget which, but they are helping and slash or lying to each other to get that title. It is supposed to be a natural selection sort of thing for Forsaken, from what I read. Shai'tan only cares for the best of the best, is what that tells me, which makes me wonder why he brought some unspecified two back to life. ::) Poor Verin. She was cool, when she first showed up, but now, she gets next to zero page time. Is she just one of the many mostly unimportant characters that merely get a couple of cool descriptions? Alanna is crazy. Also, dang! Scary, as well as, pure evil! Why don't Aes Sedai use that bonding thing on everyone, besides it just being impolite? Thinking about how Rand can get rid of that bond reminds me of thinking about how he can keep himself from going crazy. I think that he was wondering about it, at one point, remembering the creepy things that he cut which kept the male Forsaken from going (more) insane. Where's Nynaeve? Seems as if such would be up her alley. Also, Yay for Rand getting captured, in the first place. That'll teach you to not merely kill anyone who can use magic. Horrible magic-users. ::)
  8. What's with Mat getting killed by lightning, when he had that superly awesome talisman? Wasn't that supposed to prevent the One Power from working on him? Craziness. Edit. I humbly apologise for deleting your post, I accidently clicked the wrong button, and did not notice until it was too late. Should teach me to play here before I have had my morning coffee... /Maj
  9. Towards the evilly usurping Lews Therin ---> From all of you people typing about him, I am figuring that, although we never get explicit explanations for every little thing, it is fairly obvious that Rand is actually pathetic and lucky, and most of the skills come from this Lews Therin character somehow possessing him. Got it. I just like to argue about things that aren't definitely nailed down. ::) I'll probably see how obvious it is, once I'm done. Towards Galad being Rand's half brother ---> I am about halfway through this fifth book, and that has been revealed, but you type that it isn't going to be an especially large deal? Huh. Secrets like that usually are. But oh well. Galad, beyond the creepily as well as mysteriously inserted compulsion to be good, is not that interesting. Towards Mat's messed up brain ---> Sure, he randomly employed the Old Tongue before, but he's employing it all over the place, now, in addition to remembering things from past lives (I assumed that that's what they were, since I don't remember reading anything saying that he got the memories of everyone who ever went into that particular genie gate. What did I miss, there, or is that information clarified later?). I suppose that I should merely figure that the genies were silly in believing that wanting holes in his memory fixed also meant wanting to know everything that past lives knew, too. But I would think that if he got all of the experiences of those lives, he would have suddenly become a lot smarter and wiser. Same for when he and a bunch of others employed a portal stone, and they got to see a bunch of parallel universe versions of their lives. All of them should have learned plenty, but the knowledge seems to have been barely employed. I would think that the blood of Manetheran running strongly in him would actually help him out with not being confused by the sudden rush of information, but oh well. ::) Towards looking at names of threads here ---> Heh. I am not poking around. I come to this thread when I have stuff to report. I shall read a bunch here, when I'm done with the books, but being spoiled a bit in here is not so large of a deal. Towards Rand worrying about some random personality possessing him ---> As a matter of course, I agree that any character worrying about something overly much could get boring. I am a horrible person for making anyone think that I was wishing that Rand started bogging books down with stuff like that. ::) To explain, I meant that I wished for Rand to be sensible enough to be worried about being possessed, even a little bit. But then, he does seem plenty worried about going insane, so I figure that he just doesn't know what's going on and isn't worried about possessions, specifically. Good enough. He was wondering about a way to shield himself from the evil of the male segment of magic. Towards Padan Fain ---> Got it. Yay for unpredictability, I suppose. Towards Moghedien ---> Come on, spidery lady. Don't get obsessed with Nynaeve. You're supposed to be the ultimate cool and calculating the perfect time to strike sort. She didn't seem to have a goal until now, though, but she will probably be killed while focusing on Nynaeve, who isn't as grand a goal as others. But oh well. The cool and calculating sorts of bad guys are seldom the most important. Towards the old Amyrlin Seat ---> I am still quite pleased by her defeat. Yay for superly powerful as well as supposedly good types going down, especially when they're evil magic-users! Now, she is a much cooler character. I was surprised that she was offended easily, when she is supposed to have come from some random wharf, but I suppose that having Moiraine for a best friend and being stuck in that tower could have made her forget plenty. And I am crazy surprised that the retreating Blue ladies are so insanely closed-minded about her usefulness. Sure, plenty even find difficulties with being polite to regular people, but they usually have no problem with employing the useful ones. oh well. Towards the new Amyrlin Seat ---> I am hoping that she either turns out to not be so bad, or she just doesn't get very important, mostly because I have a bit of sympathy for the lady and don't want her to be just another bad guy to be disposed of. I am wondering what'll be so great about Logain. He is mostly in a malaise, unless it's an action scene. Will he be all kinds of useful and gain all kinds of fame in a bunch of action scenes, only to become lethargic and die, once his usefulness is over. Will he find something to become passionate about, like the stilled ladies, only to eventually even grow bored of that and die, as I figure they should eventually do, as well? Will some form of reverse stillage occur? I'll find out. Also, Yay for Tallanvor! Get that queen lady out of there! Superly awesome Tallanvor, with his improbable ability to remain employed in a place where every other loyal soldier has been fired!
  10. Towards this Lews Therin personality making itself known ---> So far, that has only happened once, as far as I can remember, and it wasn't a large deal. It was mostly a, "Do what? Oookay. Past lives are annoyingly possessing my body just to call attention to themselves. I won't worry about it, because I am an idiotic protagonist who just lets things happen to him." moment for Rand. Crazy past lives! It is the new personality's turn! I figure that this Lews Therin dude will be the only one to make his presence known, but I would be unopposed to him only showing up that one time because Lanfear was about, and having other past lives pop in when appropriate. I doubt it, though. Towards Rand's parentage ---> I don't remember anything especially important from the time when he fell into a garden and met Elayne and Gawyn. They noticed that he was part Aielish, of course, and that has been brought up plenty of other times. In that The Shadow Rising book, I learned a bit more, but plenty of reveals are to come. Who the kid his mother abandoned was, and who that kid's father was, but I didn't see any hints about them. Well, have I met either of those mysterious people before, or should I just sit back and wait for them to become important? Towards that Lews Therin personality helping out ---> I don't see that he has. If he had, I would think that something along the lines of, "Rand was in a scary fight. He was blindly thrusting, as usual, until a sudden competence smacked him in the side of the head, or a voice irritably called, 'Do this, this, and this, you simpleton. Ugh. I was once untrained, too, but at least I understood caution.'" would have been written. Sounds as if that personality will butt in more often. Any accidental competence that Rand bumps into might be explained more by him having twenty-seven thousand past lives that have done things like this before than by one particular past life hovering over his shoulder. Towards Mat's luck ---> The primary theories on why it exists both make a bit of sense. I am leaning towards the dagger mostly because it was actually tied to his luck in a theory set forth in one of these books. Even though such theories are not necessarily correct, that just makes one theory hold a bit more weight than others, at least from what I've read so far. ::) Anyways, I finally got the fifth and sixth books in, but here is a bit more from me merely having read up to the fourth ---> What's with the medallion, spear, and Mat's new ability to understand some old language? The book just gave those to him without even attempting to explain their importance, so I am sure that I will learn shortly, but it is a bit annoying. They are stuff that he got from the genies in that second creepily magical doorway that he found. He asked to have the holes in his memory repaired, a way to be unaffected by Aes Sedai or somesuch, and to get out of the creepily magical doorway. Since when did Mat understand that language, before? I call that craziness. Seems as if they handed him knowledge that his past lives would have, but then, he always seems confused by the knowledge. If all holes from all memories of all past lives were filled, shouldn't he be a really messed up conglomeration of personalities? oh well. And I'll find out what the medallion and spear are about, later. Towards Padan Fain ---> Grow some focus, dude. First, he is a somehow-enhanced version of a Darkfriend who is obsessed with finding the three Two Rivers dudes. Second, he becomes something even more unique via the dagger from Shadar Logoth, and, for some crazy reason, becomes obsessed with obtaining the Horn Of Valere and running away with it to some unspecified goal. Third, he attaches himself to some Children that think themselves to be Of Light and ends up attaching himself to some Seanchan dudes, later. I thought that he was eager to check out where they came from and obtain the ear of their leader, but the next time I read of him, he is still attached to Children laughably Of Light and interested in Perrin, for little good reason. The fact that he has conflicting compulsions make him annoyingly random. Poor guy. I love weaselly guys. Towards that one Tinker dude that decided to abandon the Way Of The Leaf and randomly abandon most thoughts and attach himself to Perrin ---> He was mentioned in some prophecies, but he doesn't seem very important. I suppose that he and Perrin could show up and become useful in larger ways, backing up the Dragon Reborn and becoming instrumental enough to be included in prophecies. More to come in later books. Okay.
  11. Towards Mat's luck ---> I shall most probably read all kinds of threads about it, once I am done with all of the bookses. I would not be surprised if evidence pops up for other options. Nevertheless, I don't remember his luck being creepily great until after he was healed. Okay, so he was always lucky, but I don't remember it being portrayed as anything beyond a good streak of luck, or Hurin just being horrible or something. ::) I shall have to see if the library still has those books, so I can look it up really quick. Towards ta'verenness, luck, and me continuing to make fun of the Forsaken ::) ---> On the other paw, since Rand can easily as well as improbably beat the most powerful of these Forsaken people every two seconds, colossal amounts of luck must be the only way for that to make any sense. Since Mat is not as important but still a ta'veren, he gets a bunch of dice-rolling luck. Without luck being the primary reason for winning, the Forsaken types must be terribly inept to be beaten so easily, is all I'm saying. Especially that Ishamael dude. He was only sort of trapped and was able to do some things while everyone else was apparently frozen? He gets all of that extra experience with messing with people and still loses pathetically. ::) I apologize to any fans of his, of course. Set me straight. Maybe something that I read will eventually do so. ::) Towards Rand's parentage ---> Yes, at least some stuff was recently revealed to me about that. I wasn't particularly interested in main character lineages and prophecies inevitably being fulfilled. That's the big and important stuff that gets dramatic reveals and long summaries in later books. Or at least the last one. I might idly wonder about such things, but I am more interested in the little things. Is there some big mystery that I should start trying to solve with what clues I have? Always fun. Towards constant skirmishes of the sexes ---> Eh. It is a little annoying but no large deal, to myself. As was mentioned, it's just a style point. And while the females probably point out that men and women are different more often, the males are preoccupied with the same, ofttimes. It's just that there are more male main characters than female, so they have more main character class concerns to worry about. Anyways, I finished the fourth book and am still waiting on more to show up at the library. Towards what Forsaken types ---> Lanfear ---> Being crazy. She seems pointless, to myself, at the moment. Got it. It's setting up that she is important. I can't take her seriously until she starts doing something, although, yes, she does seem plenty evil and terrifying. It was mentioned that she went to Shai'tan's place before she was Lanfear, but what occurred is a mystery. What I am supposed to assume is what? That she wasn't so evil, but he caught her and gave her a personality transplant, so that I can be sympathetic? I hope not. That totally wouldn't work. That spider lady ---> My first reaction ---> Terrifying! Messing with people's brains is the most evil and terrifying of all evil powerses! My second reaction ---> Oo! Her primary attribute is carefulness. I hope that she dies last. My third reaction, and her last appearance in this book ---> Well, it is implied that she somehow got away, but could she not also have been killed by balefire being blasted around? Well, how did she get away? She seemed plenty helpless. But why would she, the superly careful one, walk right up to someone and allow herself to possibly get killed like that? From Ishamael being so achingly pathetic and Nynaeve supposedly being superly powerful, I doubt that this spidery lady could have been so powerful that she was never in any real danger. oh well. I'll find out. That dude who was pretending to be a gleeman (Possibly not pretending. He might have been one before becoming a pathetic Forsaken type) ---> I didn't get to learn much about him, in this book. Hopefully, he'll be superly awesome, give Rand all kinds of misleading instructions, escape before Rand decides to put him down due to his power returning, then sneak back up and kill him. It probably won't happen that way. ::) But what assurances do Rand or Lanfear have that he won't teach misleadingly? Yay for a teacher for the male half of magic, though. Hopefully, he won't die before he does something interesting. Towards dreaminess ---> Do what? Those heroes summoned by the Horn Of Valere are trapped in the dream world? Quite tragic. Not only are they forced to dance to the Creator's tune of constantly fighting and dying and repeating themselves for his rerun-obsessed tastes, they don't even get a nice afterlife or even nothingness. They have to hide in the dream world from things that could kill them for forever. If it wasn't for the also cruelly (in this case) Creator-given sense of self-preservation, I wouldn't be surprised if some of those heroes wanted to be killed.
  12. Towards Ba'alzamon slash Ishamael ---> If that guy is the pinnacle of scariness for these Forsaken dudes, it sounds as if they'll just be minor enemies to deal with while we're waiting for the final boss. ::) Of course, they might have all kinds of crazy specialties that can make them really annoying. If that guy was the most powerful and most intimidating, apparently experience is useless versus blindly lashing out (of course, Rand's superly-powered ta'verenness helps), and most magical duels are won by the guy who gets the first shot in, since everyone seems to be very delicate (Although, all of the traps that Ishamael had while pathetically running away were easily countered. Mayhaps Ishamael is just horrible at hiding traps and coming up with counterspells of his own?). Mayhaps more information will be given on this Ishamael guy, who was supposed to be really scary. At least Shai'tan still has the potential to be all kinds of actually threatening. ::) Towards dreaminess ---> Got it. The ter'angreal that the Black ladies stole would have been crazy useful, if not for Egwene having one, too. But weren't the uses of most of the ter'angreal that they stole supposed to be unknown? How long have those people had the things as well as the opportunity to test them, they were never able to figure them out, but these Black ladies take them, and they are all conveniently dream-oriented? Well, how long have these Black ladies been infesting Tar Valon? Mayhaps they've had researchers hiding the uses of the things for a while. It merely seems weird, to myself. Towards that crazy as well as merely jesting theory on how Mat obtained Super Luck ---> I don't see why picking up the dagger was what turned his Super Luck on, in the first place. He didn't seem to be very lucky while holding it. ::) Anyways, I was typing that the healing may have caused the luck increase, not the sudden banishment of the dagger's evil. Sure, he was only healed because of the dagger, but I'd say that the Aes Sedai messing with his is as plausible as the dagger leaving something good behind, unless I see evidence to the not that. Is Mat's case the only evidence to suggest that being cursed by stuff from Shadar Logoth also gives you an awesome amount of luck? Oh. Anyways, I'll go read some more of that book, now.
  13. Towards Ba'alzamon ---> Got it. He was just some pathetic human that messed with people in their dreams, ran from any opposition, and would have been killed by the real Dark Dude for his temerity, if he wasn't too pathetic to matter. I read that snip of a page that Verin had on him, and they made the hypothesis that Ba'alzamon was the guy that Rand murdered. Everyone here seems to take as a fact, but I was just waiting for some actual confirmation to show up, since they were clear that they weren't sure about it. I'm about halfway through the fourth book, now, and I haven't seen any confirmations, so I guess that we are to assume that their hypothesis was correct. ::) Towards what science fiction and fantasy I read ---> Star Wars and Tolkien (since it was asked, I'd go for The Lord Of The Rings as my favorite, just because Gollum is my favorite Tolkien character, but I've read all but a few of the Histories Of Middle-Earth that I can't find) are my specialties, but I'll read pretty much anything that anybody tosses at me. I was actually warned away from the Dune series. People told me that it was really boring, with too much political backstabbing and such, but I call those people crazy. I recommend the Dune series all over the place. There are plenty of awesome ideas in there, although I haven't read the books written by the original author's child and Kevin J. Anderson, who is not my favorite Star Wars author. ::) I didn't get much of a picture in my brain when these Nym things were mentioned, but I would guess that they are what the Green Man is, since I was told that I'd find out more about him in this fourth book. Thoughts so far on this The Wheel Of Time series ---> I prefer to toss out all of the harsh judgments at the end. I am having all kinds of fun, though. Epicness and a decent amount of variety. Although, as has been mentioned ---> Okay. I get it. Men and women are different. Authors repeat themselves to drive home points, sometimes. Got it. He has done it enough times, now. ::) Towards Mat's luck being a unique ability along the same lines as Perrin's wolfiness ---> Interesting, but since the books haven't hinted that it could be the reason, the dagger still seems the most likely explanation, since it was hinted at. Of course, I am open-minded. Mayhaps while they were healing him of the evil dagger's influence, they increased the strength of his luck up to full blast and forgot to turn it off. They always tap into a person's luck to help out with healing and such, but they usually remember to put things back to normal. ::) See? That theory has as much evidence supporting it as anything not related to the dagger. Unless, of course, the books deny the existence of luck gauges. :o ::) For this The Shadow Rising book, so far ---> Now, I am really starting to get into the series. The Aiel are interesting, the three ta'veren all have decently-sized roles, at least so far, and there are plenty of mysteries, bad guys, and prophecies cropping up. I am at the point where Perrin's group is about to head back to Two Rivers. He had a creepy wolf dream. There's some guy called Slayer that you need to look out for. There was talk of snakes and foxes, at the same time, which is possibly connected to the creepy dudes that answer questions and grant wishes. Towards dreams ---> I'm still not clear on how exactly that one ter'angreal thingy helps Egwene out. I haven't seen much of a difference when she doesn't use it. But oh well. I would assume that the others like it that the Black Ajah stole help them out with doing much at all in that dimension, while she is one of the few that are naturally gifted in that area. But then, the lady who used that ter'angreal before her was the last Aes Sedai Dreamer, I think that I read, so mayhaps it at least helps her out with having more control. What's so useful about messing about in that other dimension, truly? Sure, I can see that it can be all kinds of useful, but I am wondering what terrifying tricks these Black ladies have planned, since they stole one of those trinkets for each of them to use. Towards Galad ---> He is getting interested in Whitecloak craziness. Before this and to a lesser degree after that, I was wondering if there was something magically messed up about him, since he is always referred to as creepy, due to always doing what is correct. I wondered if he had been placed under some kind of tragic as well as creepy magical compulsion to always follow some particular brand of morality, but it is looking as if he just found this eccentricity in a particularly crazy portion of thin air. Am I forgetting something?
  14. I finished the third book and will have to wait for a bit until more come to my library. In the meantime, I shall re-read these three and probably come up with some crazy ideas. Yay for debates showing up! I am a large fan of them, but I won't be calling people crazy if they disagree with me, at least not until I've read all of the bookses. ::) To your responses: Towards Halfmen and the Gray ones: Got it. I didn't read that it was just a myth that that they could become invisible by turning sideways. Whoops. But then, the Gray dudes are still mostly invisible. It's just a different kind of invisibility. What was that about not typing why Halfmen are rare? I read that they are just a strain of Trolloc in which the human half is especially dominant, but I figure that they should be more than just that, since they're creepily magical, and Trollocs are (as far as I know) just humans mixed with animals via evil magic. They aren't just random as well as mutant Trollocs? So, they must be intentionally baked with eleven evil herbs and spices. This Shai'tan dude is not a god? Huh. Well, I suppose that he could merely be some godling, godlet, or superly powerful thing from a time before mortals. Of course, he could just be some especially powerful human who has nurtured plenty of scary stories about himself. I'll find out. Towards the terrifying Lanfear lady ---> Ack! Shapeshifting? Pure evil. I do not know many honest shapeshifters. If she is in love with Rand, she has no taste and slash or she is just crazy. She barely knows the guy! Sure, he is apparently a reincarnation of a dude that she knew, but is she so crazy that she is unaware that new lives make different people? Of course, I know little of reincarnations in the The Wheel Of Time universe. Mayhaps one way in which his craziness will manifest is becoming just like past lives, so she's mostly leaving him alone and waiting for that to happen. Sounds more sad than evil, to myself. Towards Forsaken in general ---> They were stuck in that prison with the main evil dude for quite a while, so it would make sense for most of them should be crazy, in some way. At least some of these Forsaken dudes can mess around in dreams. It seems to be one of Lanfear's specialties, but others were affecting entire cities merely by not guarding themselves. All should be able to do plenty of scary stuff while actually focusing. Towards Mat's luck, I have not noticed any evidence that supports the idea that he gets it merely due to being a ta'veren dude, although, sure, I agree that it works as an explanation. For the dagger being the cause, I mostly typed it because it was the only explanation ventured in the books so far, that I could see. He wasn't crazily lucky before it, so it must at the least have been a contributing factor. Of course, being a ta'veren does not mean affecting things like crazy at all times. His luck kicked in when it was interesting for the evil Creator pulling the strings. ::) Towards Aes Sedai ---> Argh. When are they going to tell me what each of those colors are for? I only know white, brown, blue, green, red, and black. What would yellow and gray mean? We've got philosophers, librarians, adventurers, warriors, hunters, and evil-oriented ones. What would be useful for terrifying magic-users, that isn't already taken? Although they all seem plenty tricksy, mayhaps one or the other is the one that deserves the reputation of messing with people? They could be the illusion specialists? One could be the arts as well as crafts group. oh well. I'll find out eventually. I am not a large fan of her type of character, but Moiraine is deserving of respect. I feel sorry for the lady, dealing with so many that are so beneath her. Her temper is getting a lot shorter than it was in the first book. Tragic, that Verin doesn't have as large a role as I'd hoped. Brutally objective knowledge seekers are awesome. I am hoping that Elaida doesn't turn out to be much of an adversary. I'd like to see one of those Red ladies turn out to not be so evil, just wanting to do her job. Towards Ogier being like Ents, it looks as if that was explained fairly well. I was mostly typing that they were similar personality-wise. I'd agree that the Green Man looked more like an Ent, although, I'd like to know what was under all of the plants (was he just some pathetic human with some forgotten power from some other Age, or was he just more plants and something unique?), but personality-wise, I'd say that the Ogier were more like Ents than he was. But then, I didn't get to know the guy very well. Also, Darkhounds are crazy terrifying. Are they why some figure wolves to be under Shai'tan's thumb, or was that just people sensibly hating wolves? What do you do versus those things? You can run or hide from anything else. They only showed up that one time, and I read that, once they're after you, you will be caught, no matter what. A superly powerful magic made them incapable of falling into traps or losing the scent or somesuch. Only brute force can save you from canines. At least, as far as I can tell. Hopefully, they are very rare? *hides* Anyways, some other stuff: These Aiel are not as obnoxious as I thought they'd be. Phew. Boo for the ladies being insanely rude to Mat, a guy who two of them have known for a while, who should know how reluctant he'd be to be a hero. Yay for him taking things in stride, allowing the book to end with him planning on getting out of there. ::) I'm rooting for him getting out of there, but I am certain that it won't happen. With Perrin always wondering if that Faile lady is the one that Min told him to run away from, I have to wonder, as well. That Lanfear lady is all over the place, in addition to being a shapeshifter. I am hoping that she isn't evil, since I type Yay for a touch of light-heartedness. Towards Round Three of Rand Versus Shai'tan ---> Dang. I was getting excited when the evil dude showed up and knocked out Moiraine, then announced that he would take Rand's soul, but he disgraced himself like crazy, due to running away for quite a while. You're supposed to be the big bad as well as main antagonist here, and you didn't even stop running in a place that would, at the least, take you down with him? Mayhaps, while being stuck in that prison, the Forsaken grew more powerful, and he lost power? It was hypothesized that the human he was possessing was the most powerful of the Forsaken, but I am hoping that that is incorrect. Mayhaps he's just been so pathetic because he's been possessing people, but they're self-preservation instinct kicks in too much?
  15. I am borrowing them from the library, at the moment, and I am attempting to slow down my reading, to make this thread more entertaining. Still too fast? Well, I wouldn't want to merely show up to report, "Yep. Another chapter about travel." ::) Towards your answers, got it. Evil type characters in these books are either exceptionally crazy (being overly arrogant or obsessed or somesuch), or controlling people is a much larger deal than I figure it should be. Mayhaps the evil dude has gotten capitalized Dragons to work for him in the past, and he just won't be content with destroying the world (or whatever his goal is) without one happy to help. I am about halfway through the third book. Mat met Thom, and they are on a boat and being lucky, which is apparently an awesome (so far?) side effect of being messed with by that dagger. Cool that he beat Gawyn and Galad with a stick so easily. The other books only painted him as decent with a bow. What's with these Gray Men thingies? They have no souls, in exchange for being mostly invisible? But aren't those Halfmen thingies entirely invisible, at least while they're walking sideways at you? ::) oh well. You have to do something with your soulless servants, I suppose. Are there any evil dudes that don't come from humans? Even those Draghkar thingies were, although they didn't sound like it in the first book. Which makes me remember, from the second book, where did those monsters come from, that the Seanchan were employing? They were in one of those parallel worlds, and people were surprised to find them in the usual one. It is nothing that really matters, probably. They might be native to wherever those dudes came from, and they took over that parallel world. Those dudes had lots of fun with controlling magic-users, though, so mayhaps they got them to import monsters in from parallel worlds for them, too. Creepy, that some random dude from some village lost his mind and pretty much became a wolf. That wolfbrother thing is catching, and Perrin has to figure out how to control it. Will there be packs of crazed humans running with wolves? Rand will be a ta'veren for humans (and probably most things), Mat will be a ta'veren towards games of chance (moneymancy is always good), and Perrin will be a ta'veren towards wolves and other unfortunate wolfbrothers? Will other weird types of magic-users from other Ages pop up? Will that Min lady's creepy magic spread to anyone else? Probably not.
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