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  1. Well it was stated in the book that she had done things to extend her life, was it not?
  2. Can you refresh my memory on the way this Aginor died both times? I completely forgot hah.
  3. May I ask what are the current books released for Song of Ice and Fire? And what type of books are they/are they any good?
  4. I have a difficult time spelling and saying more than half of the names in the series. I pretty much just spell it out in my head the way I want to and go from there hah.
  5. I would have have to say that Moiraine and Lan had me hooked. That and their exit from TR in the middle of the night was a really cool scene.
  6. LOL! Leave it to the dudes of the board to bring up the sexual tones of the series ;-)
  7. I would have to say the first two followed by the newest one are my favorite. Not saying that the others aren't great, but those three really stand out to me.
  8. Hah, im actually kinda glad that the whole sex thing isn't shoved in our faces in this series. I live in a world were sex is just thrown around constantly, everytime you listen to the radio, tv, movies and so forth. When I read I like to take a break from how skanky the world has become lol.
  9. True, but one could also argue that these events performed by these certian characters could have been filled by someone or something else. Did these events really need to happen? If RJ didn't even write about Perrin and the arrow would it even matter? Of course these are things that are only for the sake of argueing. It has been written, and it's done, hah :P
  10. While I do agree that the Whitecloaks are essential in creating the "Good villians", I just had a really hard time with the numorous characters within the Whitecloaks, some I just found useless characters who only served the purpose of filling a chapter. This again is my opinion. But you're right, the Whitecloaks as a group were done well by RJ. And while I love the fact that there are so many characters, sometimes I just get a headache trying to remember those who aren't in the main group. And as a person who is horrible with names to begin with, it's bothersome ;)
  11. I often feel that way whever I came across another Whitecloak that was introduced. Their story never really interested me in the first place because I just found most of their POV's boring. But evertime I came to a chapter when yet another one was introduced to the series I'd always think "Are you kidding me? Another name to remember....ughhh" hah. But I do agree with your Aram view. I thought the whole time he was gonna be awesome, here we have the story of a guy who doesn't believe in fighting and he quickly turns because of tragic happenings. I was very dissapointed to see him just be dispatched so quickly and currupted so easily by a man so obviously crazy anyone should see it.
  12. I haven't had the time span that most of you guys have had on reading this awesome series. I started reading TWOT:EOTW around when I was 25 if im not mistaken, and I am currently 27. I've always liked Perrin, his ability to handle things has always impressed me, he's like the silent warrior, gentle yet kick butt when he needs to be. Moriane has also been a favorite, she's not as pompus as most of the AS, and she always has a plan, she's calm, and collected. I'd say the person I really don't relate to much is Matt. The first few books he really bothered me, he seemed more of a hinderance to the group more than anything else, and he complained a lot. I like however, that over time he's matured A BIT, but I've always viewed the whole drinking/gambling as immature :-\ But I suppose that's part of his charm lol.
  13. I honestly hope that we will get at least something more to the series once it's completed.
  14. I'd really like to see some artwork to see where exactly she keeps all these things lol.
  15. I really would love to see Mr. Fain(Sp?) kick the bucket. I think he is a great character in terms of actually hating his guts. I really would like to see him get what he deserves hah. To hit on the whole subject of Jordan liking/disliking women. I believe he holds a great respect for them, since the series is pretty much filled with head strong, capable, kick-butt women. I do however find it funny that most women in TWOT series seems to have a rather large bust lol. I love the way he makes the women of the White Tower VERY pompus, especially women like Cadsuane, don't get me wrong I love thier characters, but it really makes me want someone to put them in their place hah. I think they need to be humbled, they have a great power, and they seem to use it to bully people around a lot. Then women like Egwene I just think are awesome. I love how she is in the last few books, VERY strong, never gives up and even though she has weaknesses, she just keeps her head up and fights for what she knows is right. I definitly hold a new respect for her after the last few books. - Oh and by the way, this is my first post here. I've been viewing the boards for a while now, and I look forward to being a part of this awesome community.
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