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  1. Because if holding the copy foxhead medallions doesn't allow one to channel, a Sul'dam wouldn't be able to operate a ter'angreal that allows them to control the flows of a damane. I'd never considered this, but the whole idea of sul'dam being on the cusp of channeling, and that medallion going to Tuon could be a very big game changer, if it was shown that an item that kept a Damane from channeling, also kept a Sul'dam from being able to function.
  2. The TP essentially IS the dark one. How can you use a part of his own power to stop him?
  3. My point, Random, was that to function in place of Messi's alter Ego, someone would have to be compulsed to the point that they believed they were that person. She's gone to the effort to create this false personality.. Putting a Mask of Mirrors on a random sister and having her say she's not BA wouldn't be enough. At some point the fact that they're not who everyone looking on believes they are would come up, and compulsion heavy enough to make them believe they were Messi's persona would have side effects. With what we've seen of compulsion I don't buy it. ( I know you weren't disagreeing, just felt the need to clarify.)
  4. Considering That your going to be having this person take the 3 oaths for you. Compulsion seems like a TERRIBLE idea. Not only would that amount of compulsion leave your victim a simple-minded waste of flesh, but after they've taken the first oath, your done. To Compulsion to the point that they believe the answers enough to be able to pass the oath road would be so invasive that they'd obviously be acting... off.
  5. I'm still waiting for cats to freak out around Aran'gar and be the way she's exposed. For how Arogant she is, getting taken down by something so simple would be hilarious.
  6. Seriously. I don't get why beating the first oath is sticking in everyones brain so hard. We have 30 pages of people arguing that point. That's beating a single oath. The rod itself means she wouldn't be bound to any oath, not just the spoken only. Just because we don't see how doesn't mean it's not possible. Especially considering the context of BS' answer. (TY Sharaman). Look at the title of the thread. A way to evade the oaths. Not "a way to function within the oaths and not be discovered as a Forsaken." She beat it.
  7. On the Mistborn point. The ability to pierce copper clouds was a minor side effect. The major part was that, due to it acting as a hemalurgical spike, the voice of her brother in her head for the entire series was actually the big bad trying to push her in the direction it wanted. It was a MUCH bigger thing than a "minor boost" to her abilities. It was something that helped shape the main character and her actions. That's the scale of what TBUT is supposed to be.
  8. That wasn't a RAFO at all. That was Brandon saying RJ never felt the need to say if The voice was "really" LTT or not, and that it's open to interpretation. Beyond that, don't start up the "is the voice real" conversation here, seein as there have already been 2 threads about it.
  9. Yeah. Brought back within the same chapter. Once a character has been around long enough to grow emotionally attached to them they're essentially "safe" so far in the series. If that doesn't change I'll be disappointed. No one except Mat is that lucky, but somehow everyone on the side of light that has any kind of a role to play always makes it out in time. Always.Hell even Moiraine. The one character removed from the storyline who's death seemed to serve a real purpose at the time... nope. not dead. There's the cynical side of me that wants to go back and point a finger at all the minor characters who died and call them darkfriends, because if they weren't they'd still be alive.
  10. From a literary standpoint, that is both the safe, and cowardly way to go. An author should challenge their readers. Just because a character is towards the forefront of the story doesn't mean they should be safe. If all of the main characters come out alive I'll be dissapointed. I don't want to see any of them gone, don't get me wrong. The idea of everyone coming out though.... breaks the bounds of my ability to suspend belief.
  11. Don't remember where the quote is, but I thought that only heroes souls were "bound to the wheel" and existed in TAR. There's a quote somewhere of RJ saying that for the majority of souls there is a regular afterlife.
  12. I agree entirely, and that's why I called them 'personalities', NOT people. I was trying to explore what was going on within the Dragon Reborn's mind at the end of tGS, using BS's own convention - calling one of these personalities Rand and the other LTT. To date 'Rand' has been the label given to the apparently sane personality, while LTT is the label given to the apparently mad one. It seemed to me that these labels had changed places. The madman had become dominant-Rand; what was left of the sane one, the 'quiet voice in his heart', had surfaced as the construct-LTT. Which is in agreement with your closing sentence. And I do agree with that. the wording you used painted a very different picture in my brain, though.
  13. Does no one remember When Mat was almost murdered by his Shaido DF lover, and one of the Aiel commented that on learning she was a darkfriend her own first sister wouldn't have tried to protect her? DF's are shunned just as badly, if not more so in Aiel society. The main reason you probably don't hear them spoken about by Aiel is just how strictly they society holds them on certain subjects. Acknowledging them as Aiel is probably a self-shaming act.
  14. How do we even know RJ didn't write it? I believe Harriet said most people were getting their guesses wrong on which parts who wrote. Either way, while it is a little "out of left field" if you will, it does make a certain amount of sense. I'm not going to argue that it isn't corny as heck, but it's not complete bs at least. Consider that "LTT" as we know him is essentially Rand's way of dealing with his memories of LTT's life and that that is the reason the LTT in Rand's head is mad, it makes sense that Rand would also have access to the memories of love and LTT's sane moments. Why, then, could "LTT" not save Rand, if he is a mechanism to help preserve Rand's sanity? Maybe LTT had this same epiphany in his life, and the answer was there all along? In his moment of need he reaches out for the answer, any answer, and finds he had been hiding it from himself all along. I don't think that's too random, really. Hmm, I wonder.. In those last few chapters, the distinction between the two voices is blurring. At one point we have Rand saying 'why have we come here' and Rand answering 'because this is where we died'. Were the two personalities meeting, swapping, changing places? At the end there, was it LTT who was preparing to use the CK to destroy everything, and Rand, the saner of the two, whose 'veins of gold' were still shining in him, the one giving the answer? Your still trying to view them as two seperate people and that's the problem. Rand's use of the word we shows the advancementy of Rand's accetance of LTT as a part of himself, and a step towards the reintegration we see.
  15. It doesn't seem like a too perfect theory, it seems like a theory that goes against the very nature of the goal their trying to achieve. You can't use the Dark One to stop the Dark One. The TP is insanely addictive and dangerous, it's only possible role involving Rand could be as a lever with which to try and turn him to the dark. As I've said it before, trying to use the TP in closing the bore would be like handing a thief the key to the house before you lock up. I don't think it's the Rand/Mat/Perrin idea, but the TP is the essense of the Dark One, and thus NOT a tool to be used in any way for good. I personally think this is one of the prophecies that's going to manage to blindside us.
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