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  1. Perhaps Moraine. She has referred to him as Mat Cauthon numerous times.
  2. 44, male here and have been reading the series since I saw the first three paperbacks on display around 1995. As for favorite character...for the first 3 books it was definitely Rand. Since tSR Matt has certainly been the best IMHO. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the whole of House Trakand makes me fairly ill.
  3. These are a few of my favorite scenes. Any time Birgitte and Mat are in the same room! Rand at Maradon. Mat hitting Perrin in the head with acorns. Priceless!!!
  4. Unfortunately, Fain is one of the two people RJ has ruled out. Along with Rand, RJ has said Fain did not do it. He said he would have done it, but he was not in Caemyln. Also, for the record, Taim is not Demandred and Olver is not Gaidal Cain Damn! (On the Fain part) He would have worked great with the "3" theory of Fain/Dark One's Hound/Mordeth. Oh well! Thanks for the reply!
  5. Has Fain been ruled out as Asmo's murderer. He states in TSR after the Two Rivers folk fight off the Trollocs, that he is going to Tar Valon but Caemlyn first. On pg 408 of LOC, he is in Caemlyn, wishing "he could feel Al'Thor's pain, surely he had caused him pain at least." (Perhaps killing off his Forsaken teacher?) He says he would be dead the moment one of the Chosen laid hands on him. This thought made him giggle. (Is this because he has already killed one of the Chosen?) On pg 409 he says that he can now tell who is a darkfriend at a glance. (A Forsaken would be easy for Fain to see.) If these points have already been ripped to pieces or Fain has already been ruled out by RJ, just let me know.
  6. I had to chuckle when the dead mules floated by with the dead bodies. RJs can now safely be acknowledged as a "Southern writer".
  7. This could be a stretch but the BIG thing which began somewhere in books 4-6 and has been ongoing but rarely mentioned could be the ongoing recruiting and training of the Legion of the Dragon. If this has been going on since book 5 or 6, how many are there? Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands? And Mat coming to Camelyn with the new crank for crossbows? Imagine of force of that size showing on a battlefield! Just a thought! Flame away!
  8. I'm new to posting but have been a lurker for many years. Could the thing that has been ongoing from the timeframe of books 4-6 be something as simple as the sealing of the Waygates that has been undertaken by first Loial and then Elder Haman? It has been mentioned through the books but is rarely commented on that I have seen. As the Last Battle approaches it would be interesting to see if Rand's concern over them being used by the Shadow to cause chaos in the enemies rear (so to speak). Just a thought...
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